Inside Pulse Best TV Show Couple March Madness Bracket Tournament 2013 – Quarterfinal Round Voting Begins with Top Couples from New Girl, White Collar, Supernatural, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, and More

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The fourth round voting has ended and we have our first voting controversy! At the last minute, hundreds of votes came in for one TV couple. A TV couple that was down by a couple hundred votes a few days earlier was suddenly a few hundred votes ahead in a short amount of time. After looking at the logs and seeing that there was a little bit of scamming involved, I have adjusted the results for one matchup. Lets breakdown all of the round of 16 action!

The ABC Region is where there was controversy. The #1 seed, Castle and Beckett, was losing the entire time to Sam and Dean from Supernatural. But then suddenly in the final day HUNDREDS of votes came in from a couple of computers in a matter of minutes. This greatly skewed the poll results. So when I went back in and eliminated the duplicate votes from these computers, the final result was Sam and Dean pulling off the upset and winning with 60% of the vote. Surprisingly, the other remaining seed in this region, the #3 seeded Elena/Damon/Stefan from The Vampire Diaries, also lost by a even wider margin to Neal and Peter from White Collar. They won with 70% of the vote.

The FOX region also saw the two remaining seeds losing. First, Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother crushed Marge and Homer Simpson with a 70% margin. Even more surprising was the #2 seed, Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl, losing to David and Brian from New Normal with 79% of the vote.

The CBS region only had one seed left. Of course, that seed lost as well. This time it was closer as the #7 seed, Troy and Abed from Community, lost to Kurt and Blaine from Glee with 55% margin of victory. There was a late push by some Community fans, but it wasn’t enough. In the other matchup from this region, it was a battle of Disney animated movies turned into live-action drama television shows. This was a close battle throughout. But after adjusting from any potential scammers, Catherine and Vincent from Beauty and the Beast still was able to pull out the win with 57% of the vote.

Finally, the NBC region saw the closest match ups from this round. The #2 seed from this region, Jess and Nick from New Girl, somehow avoided the upset though. They are the only seed left. They defeated Jay and Gloria from Modern Family with 59% of the vote. Finally, only 32 votes separated the matchup between Santana and Brittany from Glee and Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang Theory. There was a late push for Sheldon and Amy, but in the end, Santana and Brittany held them off and won with 51% of the vote.

We are now down to the final 8 couples. Only one of them was seeded to begin with. But all 8 of these couples have had a rabid fan base throughout this tournament. Most of them have won by large margins. Now is where we will see which couple can keep their momentum going.

If you don’t know what this is all about, go back to the First Round Voting Page, Second Round Voting Page, Third Round Voting Page, and Fourth Round Voting Page and get all of the details there. If you did vote in the first three rounds, you should already know, so go check out the updated bracket for yourself by going here:

2013 Inside Pulse Best Television Show Couple Tournament Bracket

Remember, when you do place your votes in this tournament, you should always vote on who is the best TV couple RIGHT NOW. Some of these couples have been around for years, but some are brand new. This is not an All-Time tournament. This is as of right now, who is the best. And remember, what you are really voted on is which relationship is the best for that show? If you took out these characters from a show, would it be the same? If it wouldn’t, that is who you would vote for.

One last note on the voting controversies. I have no problem with multiple votes from the same person. But if I see multiple votes from the same computer or same location within a short amount of time, I will adjust the results accordingly. I don’t want the results to be skewed by a bot or anything else like that.

Now on with the matchups and let the voting begin!


ABC Region – Quarterfinal Round Matchup


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FOX Region – Quarterfinal Round Matchup




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CBS Region – Quarterfinal Round Matchup




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NBC Region – Quarterfinal Round Matchup



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Each of these polls will stay open for one week. Next week the next round begins and we will continue until the final TV couple is crowned as the best some time around the end of April. Remember to tell all of your friends to vote as well and double check to make sure you voted in all of the polls!

I'm not embarrassed to say that my favorite television show of all-time is The O.C. I live by the motto "you can't fight fate!" More importantly, I watch WAY too much television, but I do so for the benefit of everyone reading this now. So to my mom and my wife, I say thanks for reading! To everyone else that might stumble across this, remember TiVo should be your best friend!