Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Big Brother Canada‘s Gary Levy

Gary Glitter was known as one of standout contestants on the current season of Big Brother Canada. Last week, when Andrew became the newest HOH, it appeared that Gary wasn’t in danger as the East Coaster initially appeared to be targetting Topaz as being the one responsible for AJ’s exit. To exact revenge on behalf of his ousted best friend, it seemed like Gary would be saved. Eventually, however, reason won out over vengeance and the houseguests quickly realized that eliminating one of the game’s biggest social and physical threats was the only decision.

I had the chance to catch up with Gary Levy right before he was sent to the jury house for a quick interview.

Murtz Jaffer: You had some of the most memorable quotes of the season. I especially liked your line asking where you were going to sleep when you initially saw that there weren’t enough beds or that you were unable to eat slop because you “live gourmet.” Are you naturally quotable or did you amplify yourself for the show?

Gary Levy: I’m def naturally quotable (laughs). I don’t know where the stuff comes from but I don’t have a filter! I just say what naturally comes to my head and it catches on. I’m just being me!

MJ: The biggest question that I have is about Alec and Peter. It’s very clear that most of the guys were working together in general and especially these two specifically. Why didn’t everyone else band together to get them out since on TV it appears like they almost have a free pass to the endgame?

GL: I think it’s just because Alec is such a funny guy and people just forget he’s playing the game because he’s so funny! And Peter is just friends with everyone so they were just so cute and loveable. There’s something to be said about people who can get along with everyone – you want to keep them around. Peter definitely had his hand in every jar except Danielle’s, if you know what I mean (laughs)!

MJ: Many of your allies were evicted early. Danielle. Suzette. Now you. Why do you think you always seemed to be hanging with the houseguest that were in danger?

GL: I don’t know what was up with that. I really don’t. I just gravitate to people I like and would hang out with outside the house. Every week, I just saw friends going out and it was sad because I built emotional connections with these people. But I always had Topaz in the house so I never felt completely alone . I was definitely hard to lose those people.

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