Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Big Brother Canada‘s Emerald “Topaz” Brady

Over the course of this season, Topaz quickly became a household name across Canada and I am not talking about the birthstone. The Big Brother Canada contestant was the victim of one of the most controversial twists in reality television history when her HOH was part of the instant eviction that sent AJ home. In addition to being forced to make her nominations right away, Topaz’s deliberations were seen by the entire house and effectively outted her gameplan to the other contestants and fans of the show alike. While many continue to debate the fairness of the move, Topaz also had a big target placed on her because of her showmance with Alec Beall. While she remained steadfastly loyal to the Sheyld member, he clearly was just using her as part of a strategy and almost as part of a strange homage to Dr. Will Kirby. After she was eliminated as part of the double elimination episode, I had the chance to ask her a couple of questions about what went wrong and how she felt about the twists that seemingly sealed her fate for her. Check it out!

Murtz Jaffer: The biggest question I have is the one that I think Canada in general is asking. When you won HOH, the entire house got to see your deliberations. Did you think the twist was fair and did it cause irrevocable damage to your game?

Emerald “Topaz” Brady: It was fair in the sense that going into Big Brother Canada we know to expect the unexpected, and that they can always throw twists at you! Did it completely ruin my plans, my alliance, my everything? Yes. It destroyed the whole thing for me 100%.

MJ: Do you regret the showmance or not? How do you think it affected your game?

ETB: I did not want to play in a showmance, and for good reason. I don’t want to say I have any regrets in the house, because I don’t. I have to say though that it happened so quickly that it scared me. Looking back I should have worked with it rather than against it – I believed it would ruin my plans and at the end of the day I sort of let it do that. I could have made it stronger and used it to get further if I had trusted it more.

MJ: Do you think Emmett and Jillian or Alec and Topaz are Canada’s sweethearts? Also, if Jillian was a Disney villain, who would she be?

ETB: I think Jillian and Emmett are Canada’s Sweethearts – Alec and I look like a totally dysfunctional couple. They stayed in the honeymoon phase and Alec and I ended up like a couple who had been married for five years and weren’t getting along.

Jillian would be Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty – she is nice to certain people, if they are in her clique, but if you aren’t it is game over for you.

MJ: Thanks Topaz.

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