Age of Ultron Spoilers: Casualty Counts in the Past and Future

Not to say that Age of Ultron hasn’t been loaded with death, but, well, it really hasn’t been. Black Panther got his neck broken, Taskmaster was killed, and Shulkie got her brain fried. Most of the death was front loaded to the time before the book even launched, and we haven’t really had an “OH MY GOD!” moment that would make Joey Styles stand up in his chair.

We didn’t really get one of those this issue, but we did get some name value death that will only create further questions.

Like, for instance, while fighting Ultron in the future, Captain America has his head blown off.

Age of Ultron 006-018

Whoops. That’s pretty clear cut ‘dead’ if you ask me, and adds credence to the term ‘suicide run’. He actually may not have been alone, as we saw Storm get peppered with blasts from the Ultron menace…Iron Man too. Just nothing to say “they’re dead” instead of “they got shot”. There’s a big difference, you know?

Like, take the incident in the past for instance. Wolverine finds Hank Pym and they get into a hell of a fight.

Age of Ultron 006-016Age of Ultron 006-017

Which doesn’t take a breather until Sue stops Logan from making a killing blow, unsure of whether or not it needs to happen.

Age of Ultron 006-019

Thankfully she makes up her mind quickly.

Unfortunately, while Hank Pym may die in this issue, we already know he’s the lead in the upcoming Avengers A.I. ongoing series, so he’ll be back by the time this series wraps up.

Death, so cheap.

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