10 Thoughts On… Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs Favorites 2 – Episode 10 Review

1. While we are coming off the heels of what many are calling the best tribal council of all time, I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was more entertained by the previous week’s dismissal of Michael. While seeing the Amigos save themselves with Reynold winning an individual necklace and Malcolm using his recovered hidden idols to save himself and Eddie, the edit seemed to suggest that this was going to happen throughout the episode (and most clearly after Reynold was declared the victor). In comparison to the previous week, where it was unclear whether Andrea, Malcolm or Eddie would be leave, I still found that tribal council to be more shocking. I know this is an unpopular opinion.

2. While you could almost hear the euphoric universal cheer when Phillip’s torch was snuffed, I believe that this will have a profoundly negative effect on the season as Phillip was the sole source of entertainment, especially post-merge.

3. I was absolutely fascinated by Erik’s vote. Even though they Favorites knew that the captain of the Stealth R Us ship was sunk, they still all voted to keep him in the game. Was this done as a move to ingratiate himself with the 3 Amigos and revert on the error of his ways after not siding with them in the vote that sent Corinne home? Or was it done simply because Reichenbach realized that this was the golden opportunity he was waiting for to finally rid himself of The Specialist. I am not sure.

4. While Jeff suggested that Malcolm’s move might have turned the game on its head, I genuinely don’t believe that it will. The likelihood of the Amigos using three idols in a single tribal council again is almost non-existent. If anything, it only delayed the inevitable and, in fact, made the Favorites alliance even stronger as they have now lost the only member who was driving them apart.

5. Once again, Sherri finds herself as one of the most powerful players in the game. I don’t know what her better move is. She could finally decide to realign with Reynold and Eddie and try to make a play for the endgame. Conversely, she could stick with the favorites knowing that she is on the bottom rung of the ladder. Really, she is at the bottom no matter which side she chooses and in that regard, it might just be better to stick with the Favorites because a majority of them will be on the jury and backstabbing them will result in a guaranteed loss.

6. I am curious to hear what you all think about Malcolm. While I am appreciating his gameplay much more this season, his slight air of confidence/arrogance still comes across strongly in his confessionals. In terms of day-to-day camplife, how do you think his tribemates perceive him?

7. The scene where Brenda rescued Dawn’s teeth reeked of blatant foreshadowing to me. Could this have sealed their bond to each other? It also looked like it had been reshot.

8. If Brenda is going to make her move, now is the time. If she joined the Amigos with Erik and Sherri, the 6-bloc could take over the game. With that being said, I still think her better move is sticking with Cochran, Dawn, Andrea, Sherri and Erik because she could mop the floor with them at individual immunities whereas she would have a much harder time beating the other guys. With that being said, deciding who you will align with based on needing to win immunities certainly means you are not long for the game.

9. What happened to Cochran’s immunity challenge dominance?

10. I am ready for a double tribal council episode.

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