Daredevil Movie Rights Now Back With Marvel Studios

Before Marvel Studios became this monolithic juggernaut with its Phase One, now entering Phase Two, approach to creating a cinematic universe, the company would allow its cavalcade of superheroes to be spread across Hollywood. Spider-Man belongs to Sony Pictures, and both X-Men and Fantastic Four reside with 20th Century Fox.

Daredevil (a.k.a. “The Man Without Fear”) had also been at Fox, but the inactivity between the 2003 Ben Affleck-starring vehicle and a sequel/restart of the character has resulted in the character returning home.

Newsarama spoke with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and Feige confirmed that Daredevil is now back with Marvel Studios.

You may recall that Fox was running out of time and Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The A-Team) made a last ditch effort in getting a Daredevil project going. But when the studio failed to meet its contract obligation and have the production start by October 2012 it meant the rights would revert back to Marvel Studios.

What Marvel plans to do with the Daredevil character is unclear at this point. More than likely he would factor into the studio’s Phase Three plan. Hopefully by then they will be able to do something with him and possibly The Punisher.


Source: Cinema Blend