Inside Pulse Best TV Show Couple March Madness Bracket Tournament 2013 – Championship Round Voting Begins with Couples from White Collar and Beauty and the Beast

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The Final Four round voting has ended and there was no suspense. The two couples moving on to the final matchup ran away with the vote and never looked back. So lets see what happened in the Final Four round action.

In the first Final Four matchup, Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke from White Collar finally eliminated David Sawyer and Brian Collins from New Normal. Both couples dominated leading up to this matchup. But David and Brian were the real underdogs surprising everyone in this tournament with high margin of victories throughout the tournament. But this time they lost by a fairly wide margin. Neal and Peter won with 71% of the vote.

In the other Final Four matchup, the Glee fan base fell off the map. They had been the most passionate fan base when it came to Kurt and Blaine. But after Vincent and Catherine from Beauty and the Beast BARELY defeated Kurt and Blaine last week by just 10 votes, the Glee fans just didn’t show up for Santana and Brittany this week. The Beauty and the Beast fans did put up a strong showing, though. The end result was Vincent and Catherine winning with 98% of the vote!

We are now down to the final 2 couples. Vincent and Catherine look to be unstoppable at this point, but Neal and Peter have surprised many throughout the tournament. Will the Beauty and the Beast fans continue their support or will White Collar fans band together and make one last surprising push? This is it. The final round has arrived.

If you don’t know what this is all about, go back to the First Round Voting Page, Second Round Voting Page, Third Round Voting Page, Fourth Round Voting Page, Quarterfinal Round Voting Page, and Final Four Round Voting Page, and get all of the details there. If you did vote in the previous rounds, you should already know, so go check out the updated bracket for yourself by going here:

2013 Inside Pulse Best Television Show Couple Tournament Bracket

Remember, when you do place your final votes in this tournament, you should always vote on who is the best TV couple RIGHT NOW.

Now on to the final matchup and let the voting begin!


Championship Matchup




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The final poll will stay open for one week.

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