Absolutely Stunning Man Of Steel Title Sequence May Be Better Than The Real Thing

When it was announced that Zack Snyder would be directing a new Superman movie, I could just hear the groans from comic book fans and from fans of the movie series (at least the first two) starring Christopher Reeve. Despite this, I think Snyder is one of the better directors when it comes to exploring the mythology of the hero archetype, so I’m willing to check out the upcoming release Man of Steel.

That most recent trailer helped a bunch, I will admit.

But once the film is done and a title sequence is slapped on it will be interesting to see if it bests the one below created by Will & Tale, a creative production company in Los Angeles. In discussing this passion project, producer Patrick Lee explains:

Our vision was to create an unofficial film title sequence for all the Superman fans to enjoy and share. Being one of these fanatics, our team at WILL & TALE took on this passion project to establish a new standard for fan-created artwork. This included everything from writing, directing, producing, leading up to all the 2D & 3D animation and compositing.

Hard to argue. This is a slick opening sequence.

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Source: Pajiba