DC New 52′s WTF Certified Gatefold Cover Month Slips FURTHER Into May 2013 With Justice League of America #3! Plus JLA #4 & #5 Pushed, But TRINITY WAR Is OK

For its April 2013 WTF Certfied Gatefold Cover Month, DC Comics has released 50 of its 52 covers thus far.

This is 50 instead of 52 because DC had announced through Diamond Distributors that Aquaman #19 and Justice League of America #3 would be moved from April 24th to May 1rst.

However, since then Diamond has a further update that now indicates that this previous notice was 50% correct: Aquaman #19 still ships on May 1rst, but Justice League of America #3 now ships on May 8th. Special thanks to Tako1337 for the heads up.

There is a bit of a domino as you can see above that pushes both Justice League of America #4 and #5 back as well. However, plans to still ship Justice League of America #6 in time for July’s Trinity War seems secure.

Stay tuned.

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