Shocking News – UFC 159’s Phil Davis Due In Court By Baby Mama On Explosive Allegations


TMZ is reporting that Phil Davis is due in court May 7 by the mother of his child over custody of their child and she’s making some explosive allegations. According to documents obtained by TMZ:

According to legal docs — obtained by TMZ — Vantris Patterson claims Davis body slammed her on a couch with such force … when the couch slid into the wall paint came off. She took pictures (below) which she claims show the injuries.

And Patterson says, Davis — aka Mr. Wonderful — would often choke her during intercourse, and when she’d plead with him to stop he’d respond, “Shut the f*** up, bitch.”

She says Davis has threatened to kill her numerous times if she ever slept with another ma

Davis is scheduled to fight Vinny Magalhaes this weekend on the main card of UFC 159; he is coming off a submission win over Wagner Prado at UFC 153.

Kubryk’s Take: So far all we have are allegations and no statement from Davis and this is from TMZ, a questionable news source at best. We can’t make any conclusions outside of that this is alleged against him and in child custody cases the allegations on both sides can often become quite nasty, as well. Until we know something concrete and finite, not just what’s being alleged, we shouldn’t draw any conclusions about Davis, Patterson or the scenario.