Game of Thrones Episode 3-5 Review – The Marriage Plot

As much as I love an episode that opens with Arya Stark, I spent the beginning of this episode of GoT itching to get to Daenerys. I mean, after that ending last week, who wouldn’t be?

Arya and the Brotherhood Without Banners

Arya accused The Hound of murder – he killed her little friend Mycah. His trial was to fight – he won, and was thus set free. Arya, of course, was crushed. Poor Arya really has no one right now – Gendry was her only friend, and he’ll never be her family.

Come on Baby, Light My Fire

Fans of Jon Snow and Ygritte were likely VERY excited this week when the two finally had sex. They definitely have chemistry on screen, but I can’t help but think this won’t end well for poor Jon Snow. Also, it was weird to see Gwen the maid from season one of Downton Abbey naked.


Robb killed a guy this week, so I had to Google who that was. The man was Karstark, a man who wanted revenge against Jaime Lannister for the deaths of his sons. Since Catelyn let Jaime go, Karstark killed two of Robb’s prisoners. Robb beheaded Karstark, even though Catelyn and Jeyne told him not to. Killing Karstark meant losing his whole army. Guys, Robb really sucks at war.


The friendship between Jaime and Brienne has always been fascinating, and that bath they took together was particularly weird. I didn’t quite catch all of what he was telling her, so feel free to fill things in in the comments section. But Jaime is called “Kingslayer” because he took out the mad king, and he confessed to Brienne that the mad king, Aerys, had a plot to kill a lot of people with wildfire.


It’s interesting to actually see Daenerys with some power now, after she struggled for so long to get anywhere. She obviously wants to rule with kindness, and it will be interesting to see whether she can actually manage that. One problem I tend to have with Game of Thrones is that because I know there are so many books, I often wonder how long it will take for characters to get anywhere. Will Daenerys ever get to Westeros or rule from the Iron Throne? Or are we in for many more seasons of her, Arya and the rest of them just traveling around, trying to reach goals but never getting there?

King’s Landing

Oh, Sansa. She’s grown up a lot since we first saw her, but she’s still a naive girl. She let it slip that Margaery was planning to marry her off to her brother once she was married to Joffrey, and it got back to the Lannisters. Of course, they needed to keep Sansa to themselves because they see her as the key to the war. So they forced Tyrion to marry her – a match that neither Sansa nor Tyrion would want.

That’s where the episode ended – on a less powerful, but more ominous note. Poor Sansa.


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