Blu-ray Review: Pawn

We’ve seen any number of films like Pawn go direct to video over the past couple years. The last notable one was Catch .44, which like Pawn also starred Forrest Whitaker in a bit role. And like that film it suffers from the same downside: being unable to manage a Rashomon style take on events. This one has Michael Chilkis with a bizarre accent, though, to match Whitaker’s from Catch .44 at least.

The film revolves around a hostage situation at a diner. A police detective (Common) is negotiating a hostage situation with an ex-con (Sean Farris) who he thinks is behind it all. It’s really an Irish goon (Chiklis) with a crew looking for something inside the diner. Told in flashback, and from different perspectives, we find out there’s more to the situation than we had previously known.

Unfortunately there’s not much to the story that makes it interesting or new.

We’ve seen every twist and turn in this crime drama before in other, better films and just because Michael Chiklis can pull off a ridiculous accent doesn’t mean its new or interesting. It’s just a rehash of the same formula that Quentin Tarantino rode to fame on early in his career and this lacks nothing new to the equation.

There’s a fairly generic Making Of piece included.

Anchor Bay presents Pawn. Directed by David A. Armstrong. Written by Jay Anthony White. Starring Ray Liotta, Michael Chiklis, Forest Whitaker, Sean Faris. Running time: 88 minutes. Rated R. Released: April 23, 2013. Available at

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