DVD Review: Into the Cold

Is this still a time of adventure? Do people dare the extremes of nature to reach places that are practically geographical legends? There are those that do. Sebastian Copeland and Keith Heger wanted to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Robert Peary and Matthew Henson’s expedition to the North Pole. These 21st men could have easily taken a quick helicopter ride to the top of the world, but they wanted the adventure. The duo headed North on foot for the 400 miles. This hard path allowed them to document the changing and melting landscape. Into the Cold covers their harrowing journey from a very personal perspective.

The first part of Into the Cold covers Copeland and Heger’s preparing and training for the trip. They spend a lot of time hiking and hang out in large freezers. But all the training in sunny California isn’t going to completely prepare the body for the savage conditions. But at least they aren’t as completely bewildered in the environment like contestants on The Amazing Race. When they arrive in the Arctic, they adjust fast. There is eminent danger with the ice no longer stable. Instead of dragging in a pack of sled dogs, the duo are self-powered. The two struggle quite a bit on their skis. They tow their supplies on small boat-sleds behind them. There is no real shelter from the cold. The inside of their tent gets frost covered. The good news for them is they have GPS so they won’t get lost in the barren ice coated land. This will also allow them to know when they are at the top of the world. The views he captures on video and still photos are still majestic even with the giant cracks appearing from melting.

Copeland is worried about the melting of the Arctic. TheHe fears that nobody will be able to retrace Peary and Henson’s journey for the bicentennial. Into the Cold helps viewers why scientists are concerned about the Polar Icecap melting into the sea. Gives you greater sense of the issue than watching a bunch of political pundits in three piece suits recite their speaking point a warm TV studio. Here’s the story from two people who risked their lives to experience and witness the crisis. Into the Cold is an epic adventure captured on camera.

The video is 1.78:1 anamorphic. The transfer brings out the beauty of the arctic. The audio is 5.1 Dolby Digital. You’ll feel the cold wind blowing out of your surround sound speakers.

Trailer for Antarctica: The Global Warning (3:56) is Copeland’s trip to the other side of the world.

Shelter Island presents Into the Cold. Directed by: Sebastian Copeland. Written by: Sebastian Copeland. Starring: Sebastian Copeland and Keith Heger. Boxset Contents: 87 minutes. Released: April 9, 2013. Available at Amazon.com.


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