The Voice 2013 – Knockout Round #2 Review – “Knock ‘Em Dead”

Time for the second part of the knockout rounds! Monday night’s episode was so good, I was looking forward to this one.

Savannah Berry (“As Long As You Love Me”) vs. Justin Rivers (“It’s The Climb”)
It was a battle of tween singers, with Savannah singing a countrified Bieber song and Justin singing one of Miley Cyrus’s more country-pop songs. I really thought Savannah had this. She changed up a song to suit her voice, she’s a cute country gal, and she has a name that could only suit a pop star or an artisan iced tea. I know the coaches liked Justin, but I didn’t care for his performance. It was cheesy. I was disappointed to see Savannah go home.

Josiah Hawley (“Back to Black”) vs. Jess Kellner (“You Give Me Something”)
This was a really tough one. I loved Josiah’s rock-pop take on the Amy Winehouse song. Josiah is VERY handsome and has great stage presence. I can see him fronting a super popular band. I adore the tone to Jess’s voice, but I thought her performance was shaky. I was glad Usher chose Jess.

Holly Tucker (“Live Like You Were Dying”) vs. Luke Edgemon (“Teenage Dream”)
Holly made a mistake with that dreadful song, I think. A young girl singing about being in her early forties? What? It just didn’t suit her. Luke’s song was a little underwhelming as well. Blake chose Holly, which was probably the right decision.

Audrey Karrasch (“How To Love”) vs. Michelle Chamuel (“Raise a Glass”)
Wow, I had no idea who Audrey was, but she was awful. Michelle is so unique and kind of strange, but in an endearing way. I don’t think her performance was great, but it was undoubtedly better than Audrey’s. It was no surprise that Michelle won.

Danielle Bradbery (“Jesus Take The Wheel”) vs. Taylor Beckham (“Russian Roulette”)
This one felt like it was a shoe-in for Danielle. She did a nice job with her Carrie Underwood song, and she’s exactly in Blake’s wheelhouse. I was rooting for Taylor to kill it, but she was too timid and ultimately I don’t think this was the right song for her. Danielle won it, hands down.

C. Perkins (“She Ain’t You”) vs. VEDO (“Everything I Do, I Do It For You”)
I really liked Perkins’ energy and stage presence, but VEVO outdid him when it came to the vocals. I don’t like that song (what is it, Bryan Adams?) but I knew he was singing it well. Usher chose VEDO. I wished VEDO would choose a new name.

Grace Askew (“I Can’t Stand The Rain”) vs. The Swon Brothers (“Drift Away”)
I preferred Grace in this match up. She has a unique, peculiar sound and I respect that. The Swon Brothers, well, I think I can pretty much see them at any bar in my hometown. It’s a perfectly solid bar band, but there’s nothing special about them. I was disappointed that Blake chose them over Grace.

Cathia (“Mr. Know It All”) vs. Ryan Innes (“I Don’t Want To Be”)
I like both of these artists, and I kind of expected Ryan to handily won that. I was impressed with Cathia and how she kept up with the Kelly song, but I also liked Ryan. I don’t think either of these singers could win, but I was fine with either of them winning this round. Usher chose Cathia, which is just fine.