DVD Review: Duck Dynasty (Season 2, Volume 1)

Being called a “redneck” is no longer an insult. At least, it’s not if you have TV cameras following your every move and TV viewers loving every minute of it. Redneck reality shows have exploded in popularity the past couple of years. From Swamp People to Honey Boo Boo, Redneck Island and every other show in between, every cable network seems to be cashing in on the recent television trend. But perhaps the most popular redneck show of them all is Duck Dynasty.

Duck Dynasty centers around the Robertson family from West Monroe, Louisiana. They are like any other average Southern family, except they are the multi-millionaire family that created the Duck Commander duck calls. CEO Willie Robertson runs the company now, but his father, Phil, started the small business back in 1972 making duck halls by hand in a shed. Other family members working at the family business include two of Willie’s brothers, Jase Robertson and Jep Robertson; Willie’s uncle, Si Robertson; and co-workers John Godwin and Justin Martin. Also featured on the show are Phil’s wife, “Miss Kay”; Willie’s wife, Korie; Jase’s wife, Missy; and Jep’s wife, Jessica. They are often seen on the show trying to expand the Duck Commander women’s line.

The theme song for Duck Dynasty is “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top. Just like ZZ Top, the Duck Dynasty crew are probably most famous for their long mountain men beards. But don’t let their exteriors fool you, though. The heart and soul of this show is family. These guys are really likable. They are also down-to-earth. They may have more money than most people watching the show, but they don’t show it. It doesn’t appear that they have let all of that money go to their heads.

As far as what happens on this show, the setting provides most of the funny situations that occur to the family on the show. While Willie is always thinking about the business, the rest of the family, led by Jase, are all about doing as little work as possible. But the main comic relief on the show is “crazy uncle” Si. He is never seen without a glass of iced tea, and always has a long story explaining something that have never happened to him.

Episodes included on this Season Two, Volume One DVD set are “Driving Miss Sadie”, “Si-yonara”, “The Grass & The Furious”, “Fowl Play”, “Sweatin’ Bullets”, “Truck Commander”, “Duck No, We Won’t Go”, “Spring Pong Cleaning”, “Good Morning, West Monroe”, “Samurai Si”, “Of Mattresses and Men”, “Drag Me to Glory”, and “I’m Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas”.

For the most part, it’s pretty standard “scripted” reality stuff, but you never really get the feeling that they are doing things just because they were told to do them. But there is nothing new as far story lines go. Still there are some good messages sprinkled throughout, and they are often repeated at the end of every episode during the prayer and family dinner scene.

Redneck used to be a derogatory term. Now it just means funny. It’s obvious why Southern culture represented on Duck Dynasty is popular with Hollywood producers. It’s so different from what they know that it must be interesting. Millions of viewers agree as Duck Dynasty is the most watched show on A&E. But it’s the crazy and likable characters, who don’t feel like actors doing outlandish things just for the cameras, that really make this show watchable. There might not be many more fresh storylines to keep this show going for years, but for now, Duck Dynasty is at the top of its game.

The video is given in widescreen color with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1. It is enhanced for 16X9 TVs. Transfer is great with minimal distortion. No major problems at all.

The audio included is available in English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo sound. There are subtitles available in English and Spanish as well. The dialogue comes out crisp and clear. No major problems here either.

Deleted Scenes – The only extra is nine deleted scenes. Some funny stuff here, but not necessarily must watch.

Don’t judge the Duck Dynasty guys by their beards. They might be “rednecks”, but there is more to them than that. There are a lot worse reality shows out there, including quite a few other “redneck” shows. So if you haven’t given Duck Dynasty a chance, here is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

A&E Home Entertainment presents Duck Dynasty: Season 2, Volume 1. Starring Willie Robertson, Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, Kay Robertson, Korie Robertson, Si Robertson, and Jep Robertson. Running time: 286 minutes. Rated: Not Rated. Released: March 5, 2013. Available at Amazon.com.

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