10 Thoughts On Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero

After a fairly good undercard Floyd Mayweather gave a thumping to Robert Guerrero. Now it’s time for 10 thoughts on the card as a whole. Click here to see our PBP of the main PPV card.

10. Floyd Mayweather is in an entirely different class

When all is said and done Floyd Mayweather is going to be considered the better fighter than Manny Pacquiao for a good reason: he just looks so much better than the field. His competition may have been questioned at times but the one thing Floyd does is look so much better than anyone else.

9. Robert Guerrero is a tough dude

Guerrero was out-classed but he never broke. He fought very tough, even in a one sided fight, but he never gave up and tried not to lose.

8. Canelo Alvarez is going to take a beating if he fights Floyd next

It was floated by Jim Grey afterwards but if Canelo gets next Floyd will clown him even worse than Guerrero did. Alvarez looked solid but not elite in his last fight against Austin Trout but it’s purely a money grab by Floyd if Canelo’s next; he’s not ready someone like Floyd.

7. The undercard rivaled anything MMA this year

The main event may have been fairly “meh” but the undercard was incredibly good. Lots of great fights and the main PPV card delivered significantly. The main may have been one sided but you got your money’s worth as a whole.

6. Floyd’s next fight will be an interesting pick

We all want Pacquiao but I don’t see that happening. Whoever Floyd picks will be an interesting matchup because of the reason behind it. Marquez looked like a world beater after knocking Manny out but I’m not sure Floyd would take the fight without Olympic style drug testing (which would probably be something Marquez’s camp would decline). Alvarez is the safe pick, and fight, and Timothy Bradley is still out there (and cheap, too).

5. Showtime’s PPV presentation is the best out there.

The one thing boxing still has over MMA, by a clear margin to, is that they’ve had plenty of years to hone and refine the presentation. MMA is still in its infancy, production wise, and boxing has figured it out and does it so much better. It’s cleaner in a lot of ways and has a bit more of a flow to it than a lot of UFC PPVs do.

4. Mauro Ranallo might be the most versatile announcer in combat sports

He may not be the most versed in boxing but I’ll give him credit; he’s very good at being able to defer to those who do. Mauro quarterbacks the broadcast and sets up a lot of great points for everyone to talk about. He keeps it flowing and able to keep everything moving smoothly. Good announcing is something that rarely gets noticed and I have to commend everyone tonight; it was spot on and a big reason was because of the Canadian Combat Sport Connoisseur.

3. I’m not sure Floyd can fight as much as Showtime wants him too

Floyd has five more fights in the next 30 months for Showtime, I believe, and after tonight I’m not sure he’s going to be get them all in. Guerrero may have been a fairly easy win for him but the thing we forget is that Mayweather showed signs of age. He lost more rounds than he would’ve years ago, excluding the 12th for obvious reasons, and it seemed like he was waiting to pull the trigger for a KO that wasn’t going to come. He wants to fight again this year in September but he also claims to have hurt his right hand, as well.

2. I’m still not convinced the Mares/de Leon stoppage was a good one

I went back and rewatched the end of Mares v. de Leon, the co main, and it still looks like a bad stoppage. de Leon was still defending himself and while he was probably going to get knocked out he should’ve been allowed to fight his way out of it. He was still defending himself and in a world title fight I think you earn the right to go out on your shield, especially in a situation that wasn’t clearly one fighter being unable to defend himself.

1. Floyd Mayweather might have the worst taste in music this side of Dana White

Based on his entourage alone, with Bieber and Lil Wayne, I’m beginning to think Floyd might not have a taste in music up to par with his boxing abilities.


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