Interesting Note on The Rock vs. John Cena Saga as a Moneymaking Wrestling Program

According to the May 6th Wrestling Observer Newsletter, with this year’s WrestleMania reportedly generating $72 million in gross revenues for WWE and based on the last three WrestleMania revenue totals, The Rock vs. John Cena is most likely “the biggest money program in pro wrestling history.” This is based on revenue estimates that put the last three Manias as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th-highest grossing events in wrestling history.

At the same time, The Observer does throw some water on this statement by saying:

“Obviously, between the ability to charge more for tickets, and worldwide PPV, there are a whole lot of things working in their favor when it comes to that statement, and you can argue it’s not the hottest program ever.”

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Source: The Wrestling Observer