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May 7, 2013

~DISC 1~

MATCH #1: ROH World Championship Match – Bryan Danielson vs. Austin Aries, Enter the Dragon, 10.14.05

Aries has quite possibly the dumbest looking facial hair of all time here. I will never be able to hear “The Final Countdown” without thinking of GOB Bluth. Danielson is looking like a modern day Bob Backlund. Jimmy Bower sneaks into the booth and Prazak smells alcohol on his breath. He’s here to give us the history between Danielson and Aries. This is their fourth match together, and Aries is actually up 2-1. Bower goes on an on about how Danielson isn’t marketable, but ROH isn’t about corporations and marketability. I really don’t see how that applies, but whatever. Danielson and Aries do a lot of mat wrestling, and I get the feel for what kind of match this is going to be. Bower notes that when Aries had the title he defended it almost as many times as Joe, but that isn’t true really, since Aries had 17 title defenses and Joe had 29. Danielson reminds the referee that he has until five to break an illegal hold. That’s kind of annoying. Aries and Danielson trade submission holds, with Aries using the Rings of Saturn and Danielson using the Cattle Mutilation, a movie I’ve never liked. Danielson busts out the airplane spin, which hasn’t been seen since the cage match with Homicide (unless he did it against Gibson, which I don’t think he did). Aries escapes with the crucifix bomb, but Danielson didn’t take any of the impact and Aries took it all. They do some more wrestling as this one is really picking up, and Danielson locks on the cross-face chicken wing and Aries taps at 30:19 and Danielson has his first successful defense. I could have cut 5-7 minutes out of this but it got really good by the end and it was a good way to start the title reign.
Rating: ***½

MATCH #2: ROH World Championship Match – Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Sabin, Showdown in Motown, 11.4.05

This is Sabin’s first ROH match since theSecond Year Anniversary Showagainst Doug Williams. I don’t know why they won’t say which promotion Sabin is taking the title defense on behalf of. Sabin slaps Danielson in the face to show that he’s not intimidated, though Danielson thinks he should be. The commentators keep talking about the Roderick Strong feud, which makes it sound as though Sabin has no chance of winning, which robs the match of some of the potential drama. The crowd is still pretty into it though. Danielson goes to work on the back, trying to send a message to Roderick Strong. The way the commentators call him “Roddy” now is pretty irritating. Danielson uses the ropes for leverage during the abdominal stretch, more heelish behavior. A few minutes later, Danielson locks on Cattle Mutilation and does the rollup out of that for two. A surfboard follows. He then goes for the Chicken Wing, but Sabin has that move well scouted. Danielson hits a German Suplex and is able to lock on the Chicken Wing, but Sabin reaches the ropes. Regal-plex attempt is blocked, and Sabin tries for a missile dropkick but he slips off the ropes. That was the third time a guy slipped tonight, so I blame outside forces. Sabin hits a nasty piledriver but it only gets two. Danielson gets a huge back suplex from the top rope and locks on the Strong Hold and Sabin taps out at 24:23. Danielson has now made four successful title defenses. That was a really good match with great action, and it only suffers from the result being too predictable. They shake hands to follow the Code of Honor.
Rating: ***¾

MATCH #3: ROH World Championship Match – Bryan Danielson vs. Rocky Romero, Steel Cage Warfare, 12.3.05

I like the Cuban motif Romero has going for himself tonight, though he is also in full Rottweilers mode, as Julius Smokes and Ricky Reyes are with him. I agree with Brad about this being too far down the card. Danielson makes Bobby Cruise call him the only real World Champion in wrestling today, and that’s just not true. I mean, shit on the NWA Title all you want but it’s defended overseas quite a bit, which is something Danielson has yet to do with his title. The fans of course eat this stuff up, because they think it’s real or something. Danielson wins with a half crab at 15:26. This was good but not great, which is weird because Danielson hasn’t been giving any less than great lately. But it makes sense since it was before intermission rather than the main event.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #4: ROH World Championship Match – Bryan Danielson vs. AJ Styles, Dissension, 1.28.06

AJ’s music is stupid. However, he is up 2-0 in ROH lifetime against the World Champion, which bodes well for his chances tonight. Danielson offers the challenger his hand, and he spits on it. That AJ Styles, what a class act. Danielson counters by holding Styles in the corner and spitting in his eye. Then the two guys break into a fight and Danielson rolls to the outside and points at his head. They do a bunch of wrestling stuff, and Danielson mostly dictates the pace. Maybe soon he’ll also change all the rules again. A few fans chant boring, so the elitist crowd tells them to “shut the fuck up,” because they don’t have a right to express themselves. You may only express yourself if it is the opinion that ROH is amazing. Styles has a busted nose now, and Danielson shows no mercy on it. Danielson busts out the cravat suplex. AJ eventually fights back and hits the Spiral Tap for two. He keeps going for the Styles Clash, but Danielson somehow reverses into the Cattle Mutilation. AJ reverses to a pin for a convincing near fall. Danielson responds with the cross face chicken wing and AJ Styles taps out at 31:22. That was an excellent match, as Danielson’s amazing title reign continues to roll. They become spit brothers after the match, which looks pretty lame to me.
Rating: ****

MATCH #5: ROH World Championship Match – Bryan Danielson vs. Jimmy Rave, 4th Anniversary Show, 2.25.06

This is Jimmy Rave’s first shot at the World Title, and he earned it by being on the winning team at the Trios Tournament back in January. They do some mat wrestling to start and Rave actually slips out and pie faces Danielson. Rave takes a powder as Jimmy Bower joins the commentary team to put over the Milestone Series and thank the ROH fan base. Danielson goes for the surfboard but Rave actually reverses it. That’s awesome. Rave then gets his own surfboard / chinlock on a few minutes later. They do some great back and forth for a while, with Danielson putting Cattle Mutilation on a few times, and hitting a Dragon Suplex out of it, but Nana pulls the referee out of the ring. Danielson, weary of Nana’s interference, crushes him with a dive. That allows Rave to resume control and he hits a sick running knee but it only gets two. Danielson fights back and locks Rave in a submission and hits a series of vicious elbows to the head, causing Sinclair to call for the bell and award the decision to Danielson at 31:59. Next up is Alex Shelley. That was a tremendous match that made Rave look like a more than credible challenger and continued Danielson’s reign of awesomeness.
Rating: ****

MATCH #6: ROH World Championship Match – Bryan Danielson vs. Alex Shelley, Arena Warfare, 3.11.06

I love how the crowd doesn’t know any of the words to Danielson’s intro song until the guys says “it’s the final countdown.” Both men are heels, but the crowd chants for both of them anyway. Danielson gets on the microphone and chastises the crowd for using foul language while there is a little girl in attendance. The crowd is fully against Danielson now, even chanting for Hero a little bit. Said little girl flipped Danielson off with both of her fingers. The crowd chants “she’s hardcore!” Danielson threatens to Collyer the little girl. Danielson mentions that Shelley used to wrestle for CZW, to which half the crowd chants “CZW” to and the other half chants “sucks.” Danielson says that Hero ran away to Mexico with his “buddy” Claudio Castagnoli. Danielson says he will put on the best technical exhibition this arena has ever seen. The crowd REALLY gets on Danielson’s case now, chanting “overrated” at him. That’s pretty gutsy, I like it. Danielson gets angry and I suddenly fear for Shelley’s life. After all this we get the intros and the match is underway.

Now the crowd is chanting “Dragon.” They can’t seem to make up their minds. Alex Shelley claims to love vaginal sex. The crowd heckles Shelley so he cuts a great promo on them. These two are trying to out-heel each other and I love it. Leonard informs us that Samoa Joe’s plane has landed late and he is just on his way to the arena now. Danielson says that Shelley loves the cock. This has been a pretty vulgar show, which befits the surroundings. The crowd continues to heckle Shelley so he cuts another promo on them that causes the crowd to chant “let’s go fat guy.” Well, I can cross that off the list of “chants I never thought I’d hear at an ROH show.” They chain wrestle to start, naturally. This is Danielson’s first match in this arena. Danielson will surpass six months as champion if he gets by Shelley tonight. Danielson takes the advantage so Shelley bails. Back in the ring and Danielson dominates with his stuff. Shelley comes back and dumps Danielson to the floor, where Nana holds Danielson for Shelley’s dive, but Shelley hits Nana and biffs his face against the guard rail. That looked nasty. Danielson throws Nana and Shelley over the guard rail and hits an RVD-esque flip from the top rope onto both men. I believe this match rules. Shelley hits the 2K1 bomb for two, and rolls Danielson into the Border City Stretch. Shelley goes for Sliced Bread #2 but Danielson counters it to a big back suplex off the top rope. Nana distracts the referee so Shelley kicks Danielson in the nuts and hits the Shellshock for two. Then he locks on the Border City Stretch again but Danielson reaches the ropes. Shelley no-sells a roaring forearm and hits a superkick and a lariat before going for Sliced Bread #2, which Danielson reverses to the Cattle Mutilation and rolls Shelley over for the three-count at 32:28. That finish ruled. That was phenomenal, and my favorite Danielson defense besides the second one against Roderick Strong. I could watch this all day. Danielson gets on the microphone and once again insults the fans.
Rating: ****½

MATCH #7: ROH World Championship Match – Bryan Danielson vs. Lance Storm, Better Than Our Best, 4.1.06

The crowd showers Storm with red and white streamers and “welcome back” chants. I’ve always liked Lance Storm, but he’s never been a favorite of mine or anything. Nevertheless I am looking forward to watching this match. They do some chain wrestling to start and Jimmy Bower invades the booth to blow Lance Storm and plug his Straight Shootin’ Series. I love how much of a heel Danielson can be, I wish the crowd would boo him all the time. Danielson’s chest is all bruised up from his match with Strong last night. It’s pretty sick looking. Storm looks pretty good here despite not wrestling since June of 2005, and it was about April of 2004 since he had wrestled before that. The crowd chants “you still got it,” which I would like to point out originated in TNA for Sting. ROH fans stealing from TNA fans, I love it. Prazak mentions that Storm signed one of Danielson’s open contracts, which makes me happy because I did not want to hear about how Storm’s past accomplishments earned him this shot. Storm hits a delayed vertical suplex, which we just saw Strong do in the last match. The crowd goes ape-shit when Storm locks on the half crab, but Danielson gets the ropes. Storm has a really ugly Tiger Driver. Storm gets a few near falls but Danielson comes back and locks on the Cross Face Chicken Wing, the same move he used to beat James Gibson for the title. Storm hits a Cradle Piledriver but it only gets two. He locks on the Canadian Maple Leaf and the crowd is buying the title change. Danielson gets a rollup out of that for a very close near fall. Storm sets up for a superkick but Danielson hits a roaring forearm and a Regal Plex for two. He goes for Cattle Mutilation but Storm gets a rollup for a sweet near fall. Tiger Suplex by the champion gets two. Back to the Cattle Mutilation and this time Storm taps out at 26:23 and Danielson retains. They could have maybe shaved five minutes or so, although Storm did seem to get more energized as the match went on. The crowd bought the title change several times, which helped a great deal. For a guy who hadn’t worked regularly in almost two years, Storm looked really good. I’d like to see a rematch. The crowd chants for Joe after the match, just to irritate Danielson. Both men do get a standing ovation however.
Rating: ***¾

~DISC 2~

MATCH #8: ROH World Championship Match – Bryan Danielson vs. Colt Cabana, Chi-Town Struggle, 6.24.06

Perhaps Cabana can last more than five minutes this time. He did earn this match by pinning Jason Blade, of all people, in a four-way. This one starts off slow, but Cabana seems confident in front of his hometown crowd. Danielson tries to dominate the early going, but Cabana uses his most powerful weapon, comedy, to take the advantage. Danielson gets a near fall with a backslide, which he thinks was three. Cabana keeps offering his wrist to Danielson, and the crowd tries to help the challenger. Danielson gets the better of Cabana the second time he tries that, and he goes to work on the wrist. They stall a lot in this match. Danielson offers Cabana his wrist, you know, tit for tit. He forearms Cabana in the face and maintains control. They go outside the ring and the champion just throws the challenger back in the ring. Danielson reminds the referee that he has until five, and the crowd chants “same old shit,” so some in the crowd chant “shut the fuck up.” Danielson then goes for the surfboard, first stomping down in Cabana’s quads. As much as I like Cabana’s comedy, I think he’s doing too much of it in this important ROH World Title match. Danielson sets up for a superplex, but Cabana channels the Three Stooges to break up the move. He follows it with a nice missile dropkick. They trade punches and forearms in the middle of the ring, and Cabana fires up and takes control. Flying asshole is followed by a cross body that sends both men to the floor. Cabana hits a great looking Asai Moonsault. Back in the ring Danielson regains control, but then they go into a nice chain sequence that ends with the Cattle Mutilation, but Cabana reaches the ropes for a nice pop. Big lariat by Cabana gets two. Colt goes for the Colt 45 but Danielson blocks it and gets a near fall on a pinning combination. Cradle DDT followed by a moonsault gets two for Cabana. Danielson gets the Cattle Mutilation on again, but Cabana gets out of it. Crossface chicken wing attempt gets reversed to an inverted Boston Crab by Cabana. He then puts on Danielson’s own hold, the Cattle Mutilation. Powerbomb and folding press by Cabana gets two. Cabana hits a big lariat and then the Colt 45, but Danielson rolls him up out of that to get the pin at 24:45. I don’t really like that Danielson got the pin out of Cabana’s finishing maneuver, as that makes it look weak. The match itself was fine, but never really felt like a big time main event until the last couple of minutes.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #9: ROH World Championship Match – Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe, Fight of the Century, 8.5.06

Bryan Danielson has been champion since 9.17.05, and this is his twenty-eighth defense. Danielson gets some cheers, but most are behind Samoa Joe here. Both men start slow with chain wrestling, feeling each other out in the early going. I’m surprised the commentators are still here; this definitely feels like one of those “let the action speak for itself” matches. Joe tries to build momentum, so Danielson does his best Larry Zbyszko impression and stalls him out. Danielson goes after Joe’s weakened knee, and Joe tries to strike Danielson down. Danielson gets some control and works on Joe’s arm and face. Joe makes some short comebacks, but the Champion regains the advantage. Danielson continues to work on the arm, though I have to think that working on the weakened knee would be a more prudent strategy. Joe continues to make short comebacks, but the Champion continues to mostly have control. Joe comes back and puts on the figure-four leglock at about the 23-minute mark. He puts on the Samoan Crab a few minutes later. He hits a flurry of offense but is unable to put Danielson away. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster but can’t hit it, and Danielson takes out his knee again. He uses a chair, and I guess this match is being held under relaxed rules. Danielson proclaims himself the world’s most boring wrestler as he continues to work on Joe’s knee. Danielson uses the figure-four now. He goes up top for something, but Joe kind of hits an Ace Crusher and a dive to the floor. Joe hits the Ole Kick. Danielson hits the flipping dive off the apron into the crowd just past the 43-minute mark. Back in the ring the champ hits the missile dropkick. He charges right into the STJoe though. Joe then executes a sunset flip and the rolling cradle for a near fall. Danielson comes back with a dragon suplex for two. He tries the Regal Stretch but Joe fights out and puts on the Choke, but Danielson reaches the ropes. They do the Bret Hart/Roddy Piper finish for a near fall. Danielson awesomely reverses the STJoe into Cattle Mutilation, but Joe reaches the ropes. Danielson puts it on again and Joe again reaches the ropes. Joe fights back and uses a half Boston Crab. Big lariat by Joe and both men are down. Joe hits the powerbomb into the STF and then the cross face. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster but Danielson fights out. A second attempt leads to a crucifix by Danielson for two. We’ve got five minutes left and Joe keeps going for pinfalls. Joe finally hits the Muscle Buster but Danielson grabs the ropes at two. Danielson hits the super back suplex for two. Danielson hits elbows to the face but Joe maintains consciousness. The champ goes for the cross face chicken wing but Joe fights out. Ohkana roll by Danielson reversed to the Choke and the crowd is about to lose it. Thirty seconds remain and Danielson is trying to fight out of the Choke. Before he can submit the bell rings and we have ourselves a 60-minute draw. I agree with other reviews that said this match could have been a tighter 45 minute match, and Joe was uncharacteristically sloppy at times, but the last 15 minutes were amazing, the crowd was hot, and it felt suitably epic. The crowd of course has to give the most irritating chant known to wrestling besides “you fucked up,” which is “five more minutes.”
Rating: ****

MATCH #10: ROH World Championship Match – Bryan Danielson vs. Roderick Strong, Anarchy in the UK, 8.13.06

Danielson has been champion since 9.17.05, and this is his thirty-first defense (fourth against Strong, and second tonight). With his last title defense earlier on the show, he surpassed Samoa Joe’s record and became the most prolific ROH Champion to date. I hope the commentators mention this. We see some clips of their previous three title matches, which all ranked higher than four stars. It starts off quickly with both guys laying into each other. Danielson’s head gets busted open pretty early on. They both have a good idea of the other’s style, so the trade the advantage back and forth a few times. Danielson takes the first prolonged period of advantage and utilizes his totally mean offense, which I love. He teases the surfboard and then uses it a few moments later. Strong fights back with chops and a modified falcon arrow for a near fall. Danielson comes back and cheats to take the advantage. He’s such a great heel. He hits a nice tope through the ropes and his head is looking pretty gross. Danielson locks on the Cattle Mutilation and Strong gets out of it and hits a backbreaker and a Tiger Driver for two. He sets up for a superplex but gets tossed off and Danielson tries the headbutt and misses it. Strong goes for the big boot and Danielson gets a rollup for two. Gutbuster by Strong but Danielson comes back with a big forearm for two. Strong locks on the Strong Hold but Danielson escapes. Danielson eventually hits the super back suplex and locks on the cross-face chicken wing. Strong comes back with the super gutbuster but it only gets two. He goes for the Strong Hold again. Danielson gets a rollup out of that for two. A cool series of reversals leads to Danielson hitting the elbows to the face and Strong is able to escape it momentarily but Danielson is relentless and locks on the Cattle Mutilation and Strong is out at 20:07. That was a tremendous match between two guys that didn’t think they’d be working each other on this night. They both looked strong and the match was intense, as usual between these two. Prazak says that Danielson will defend his title in two straight two-out-of-three-falls matches, against Nigel McGuinness and Colt Cabana.
Rating: ****

MATCH #11: ROH World Championship Match – Bryan Danielson vs. KENTA, Glory By Honor V Night 2, 9.16.06

Danielson has been the champion since 9.17.05 and this is his thirty-fourth defense. The crowd is white hot for this match from the get-go. KENTA backs Danielson into the ropes and slaps him across the face. They engage in a test of strength and Danielson wins that battle by locking in an arm submission, and when KENTA gets to the ropes Danielson knees him in the face. KENTA responds by kicking Danielson’s injured shoulder and the champion bails. Back in the ring KENTA once again goes after the arm and Danielson responds with fury. Naturally KENTA comes back by going after the injured shoulder. Danielson takes KENTA down to the mat while trying to protect his injured shoulder. He hits KENTA with a dropkick that sends him to the floor. He tries a slingshot dive but KENTA moves out of the way and maliciously attacks the injured shoulder. Back in the ring it’s more of the same as KENTA wears Danielson down, focusing especially on the shoulder. Danielson makes a brief comeback and tries a sunset flip but KENTA slaps the taste out of his mouth. KENTA goes right back to the arm. Danielson comes back with a knee to the midsection and then a cravat suplex. He lands a series of kicks in the corner and then hits a vertical suplex and then chokes KENTA for funsies. He goes for the Mexican Surfboard but can’t pull KENTA up because of his injured shoulder, so he stomps his knees into the mat. Danielson follows up with the Figure Four Leglock and uses the ropes for leverage. KENTA makes it to the ropes but Danielson isn’t letting up at all, catapulting KENTA’s neck into the bottom rope. Danielson whips KENTA into the corner and KENTA comes out with a vertical suplex and then a dropkick. The challenger wisely goes back to work on the champion’s badly injured shoulder. KENTA whips Danielson into the corner but the champ runs up the ropes and flips over KENTA. Danielson locks on a half crab and KENTA reaches the ropes. The champ hits some forearms and then hits a superplex for two. Danielson locks on a Crossface Chicken Wing and adds the body scissors, but KENTA is still able to reach the ropes.

The champ bodyslams KENTA and goes up top for the diving headbutt but KENTA kicks him in the face! KENTA goes for a springboard maneuver but Danielson dropkicks him out of the air and both men are down. They get up and exchange strikes and then up the ante to suplexes. Danielson hits a hard forearm and KENTA comes back with a hard clothesline and both men are down again. Back up once again KENTA clotheslines Danielson to the floor. KENTA charges and Danielson delivers a belly-to-belly suplex. Danielson knocks KENTA into the crowd, and then goes up to the top rope and leaps into the crowd to wipe KENTA out. Back in the ring Danielson hits a missile dropkick and goes for a roaring elbow but KENTA catches him in a Fujiwara armbar! Luckily for Danielson he reaches the ropes. KENTA tries a back suplex but Danielson slips out and lands on his feet. Danielson goes up to the second rope and leaps off, but KENTA catches him in the Fujiwara armbar again, and again Danielson reaches the ropes. KENTA tries a series of strikes but Danielson catches him in a Regalplex for two. Danielson takes KENTA up top for the super belly-to-back suplex and then locks on Cattle Mutilation! KENTA reaches the ropes. Danielson hits a front chancery suplex and goes up top. KENTA tries to hop up for the super Falcon Arrow but Danielson pushes him down. Then Danielson jumps right onto KENTA’s shoulders (what move was he even going for?) and gets hit with the Go 2 Sleep. I guess Danielson was going for a cross body block? Anyway Danielson is able to get his foot on the bottom rope at two and the crowd is going ballistic. KENTA hits a couple of knee strikes, and then Danielson is able to grab him in an O’Connor Roll with a bridge for two! Danielson bounces off the ropes and KENTA kicks him right in the face. KENTA goes for Go 2 Sleep again and Danielson counters with a crucifix for two! Danielson hits the elbows to the head but KENTA fires up! The champ tries Cattle Mutilation but KENTA rolls through for a two-count! Danielson pulls him back up and hits the Tiger Suplex for two! He’s then able to lock on the hold and KENTA finally taps out at 33:00!
What a match. KENTA went after the shoulder but when Danielson wouldn’t give up he abandoned that strategy and focused on hitting the Go 2 Sleep instead. Danielson’s strategy all along was pretty much just to survive with the title intact and he did. There was almost no slowing down for the duration of the match and the crowd was with them the entire way. This is the best KENTA match I’ve ever seen and one of the best matches in Ring of Honor history.
Rating: *****

MATCH #12: No DQ, Must Be a Winner, Non Title Match – Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe, Irresistible Forces, 10.28.06

Joe wastes no time in getting this match underway. He goes right after Danielson on the floor and abuses him with kicks and Three Stooges tactics. Back in the ring Joe is still in control. Danielson tries to avoid Joe and then is able to grab onto Joe’s arm and go to work on it. Joe tries to make a comeback but Danielson avoids a running boot and goes right back to work. Outside the ring Joe is able to sweep Danielson’s legs out from under him and he hits a swinging powerbomb into the guardrail. Joe goes for the Ole Kick and Danielson tries to escape through the crowd. They fight outside the ring for a while and when they go back in Danielson uses a Billy club to beat on Joe and apply the cross-face chicken wing. Joe fights back and hits a few big moves but Danielson comes back with a series of pinning combinations. He then goes for the Cattle Mutilation and tries to pin Joe out of it but only gets two. Danielson then removes Todd Sinclair’s belt and whips Joe with it. Joe takes the belt away and gives Danielson a taste of his own medicine, and even lock on the Choke with the belt. Danielson escapes it but Joe puts it right back on. This time Danielson’s arm drops three times and Joe has cleanly defeated the ROH World Champion in a non-title match at 21:34. That was pretty good, but I think it lacked urgency since the title was not on the line and there was no time limit. However, I see why they did the gimmick, the match itself was good, and it sets up for a rematch down the line so it’s all gravy.
Rating: ***¼

MATCH #13: ROH World Championship Match – Bryan Danielson vs. Homicide, Final Battle 2006, 12.23.06

Danielson has been the Champion since 9.17.05, and this is his thirty-ninth defense. Homicide has promised to leave Ring of Honor if he does not win the World Title tonight. They start off cautiously, taking it to the mat and trading holds. Danielson goes after the shoulder. He uses the surfboard, and then stomps Homicide’s knees into the canvas. Homicide fights back with strikes to take the advantage briefly but Danielson cuts him right off. They take it to the floor and that’s Homicide’s element. Homicide throws Danielson into the barricade and then back in the ring for a chinlock. Danielson breaks it with a chinbreaker. Homicide responds with the Three Amigos and then goes for the Frog Splash but Adam Pearce and Shane Hagadorn come out and throw him down for the DQ at 10:50. The crowd is furious. Julius Smokes comes out to make the save, as does another random dude. Referee Todd Sinclair decides that there is no way the match can end like that and we’re underway again!
Homicide is rejuvenated and he takes it right to the World Champion. He hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for two. Danielson cuts him off and goes right back to the shoulder. He this a roaring elbow for a near-fall. Danielson goes up for a diving headbutt but Homicide catches him with an Ace Crusher! Homicide fires up and suplexes Danielson to the floor and follows him out with the Tope Con Hilo. Back in the ring now Homicide targets Danielson’s also injured shoulder. Danielson fights back with a European Uppercut off the second rope. He goes up top and hits the diving headbutt for two. Danielson follows with a bridging German Suplex for two and Homicide kicks out and then turns it into an armbar! The Champ gets to the ropes and then they start trading strikes with each other. Homicide spears Danielson through the ropes and then goes for a baseball slide, but Danielson catches him and dumps him over the guardrail. Danielson follows with the springboard dive, appearing to take a pretty nasty fall. Back in the ring Danielson hits a missile dropkick. Danielson tries the belly-to-back superplex but Homicide turns the momentum in mid-air and gets a two-count, and Danielson rolls that over for his own near-fall. Back on their feet Danielson tries a lariat but Homicide catches him with an exploder. Homicide goes up top but this time Danielson hits the belly-to-back superplex and Homicide kicks out at two. Danielson hits the series of elbows and then turns it into the Crossface Chicken Wing with a body scissors. Homicide is able to reach the ropes but Danielson refuses to let go. Sinclair won’t disqualify the champ so Homicide has to power out of the move. Homicide hits a butterfly suplex and a dragon screw leg whip. He then locks on the STF and Danielson has to rake the face to break it. Danielson comes back with Cattle Mutilation and turns it into a Tiger Suplex for two, and then turns it right back into Cattle Mutilation. Homicide won’t quit and is able to get a Bret Hart rollup for two. Back on their feet Homicide ducks a roaring forearm and hits the Cop Killa! Danielson reaches the ropes to break. Homicide goes for the ring bell but Sinclair is able to stop him. Danielson delivers a low blow and gets a small package but it only gets two. Homicide then lands a huge lariat to get the pin and win the title at 18:34! That was a bit on the long side but the emotion and the crowd heat helped sustain it, and the pop for the win was enormous. I’m not a big Homicide fan but he’s definitely an important figure in ROH and they built up to this moment very well and it felt big.
Rating: ****


It’s a compilation of Bryan Danielson title matches, what else do you need to know to get this? Seven of the 13 matches are four stars or more, and nothing goes below three. The match quality here is insane, and it’s a good sampling of Danielson’s epic title reign. Absolutely purchase this DVD at the ROH Shop.

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