Game of Thrones Episode 3-7 Review ā€“ Bear With Them

Usually I find Game of Thrones very slow to start, only getting really exciting in the last couple episodes. But this season, I’ve been much more invested in a few of the storylines – particularly Daeny’s newfound power and Sansa’s future. So I quite liked this week’s episode.

Neither Sansa not Tyrion are happy with their arranged marriage. Tyrion thinks Sansa is too young, and he loves Shea. Sansa, well, she sees Tyrion as an unattractive, old dwarf and still holds a flame for young, handsome Loras.

Daeny’s scenes were fantastic again this week. I love her mix of confidence and compassion. She demanded that another city free their slaves, using her dragons as a threat.

Jaime swore to Brienne that he’d return the Stark girls to Catelyn, as repayment for what Brienne did for him. I keep having to remind myself that Jaime is a terrible person, because he’s been so sympathetic and likable in the past few episodes. Also, because he’s dreamy. The lie Jaime told to save Brienne from rape came back to haunt them – her captors in Harenhaal wouldn’t release her in exchange for the offered reward because they hadn’t been offered the sapphires Jaime had told them about. Instead, she was entrainment. When Jaime found out, he returned to Harenhaal and found Brienne being forced to fight a grizzly bear. With a little help from his bodyguard, Jaime rescued Brienne. I don’t know about y’all, but I thought that was pretty awesome.

I’m not always a fan of Jon Snow, but I really liked his scenes with Ygritte this week. Him trying to explain “swooning” to her was hilarious and adorable. I know they can’t be happy and in love forever (someone’s got to die, right?) but this is the most interesting Snow has ever been.

Those are the parts that stuck out for me this week. What did you guys think of the episode?


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