UFC On FX 8 (Vitor Belfort vs. Luke Rockhold)- Facebook Preliminary Card [LIVE Results and Play-by-Play]

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Welcome to FOXSports.com/InsideFights.com’s live coverage of UFC On FX 8 headlined by Vitor Belfort taking on Luke Rockhold. The event takes place from Arena Jaragua in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil. We will be here for all 13 of the fights taking place on tonight’s card. Stay tuned for live play-by-play of the night’s Facebook preliminary card. Following the conclusion of the Facebook prelims, hop on over to our coverage of the rest of the preliminary card on FUEL TV followed by coverage of the main card on FX. Enjoy the fights.

Lucas Martins vs. Jeremy Larsen

Referee: Mario Yamasaki

ROUND 1- Both take the center to start the fight and Martins starts with a leg kick. Both exchange and the crowd is already getting into the action. Martins hits a kick but Larsen counters with a trip. Larsen rocks Martin with a right hand and pushes Martins against the cage. They exchange and Martins lands an elbow off the break. Larsen continues to press forward and backs Martins against the cage. Larsen working for the takedown but Martins defends nicely. Larsen lands an uppercut as they break again. Martins with a leg kick but Larsen counters and Martins goes down briefly. Martins misses a front head kick but counters with a nice combination. Larsen knocks Martins down with a right hand and Larsen stands over him. Martins grabs Larsen’s leg looking for a heel hook and transitions back to the feet. They exchange and both land with Larsen continuing to land the right hand. They exchange and Martins lands a big knee. A fast pace to start and Larsen is beginning to tire. Martins with a left head kick. The pace begins to slow just a bit as both look to find their range. Martins lands a big knee as Larsen grabs him and takes the fight to the mat. Larsen tries to keep Martins down but they get up, then they immediately go back down as Larsen lands a big takedown. Larsen backs Martins against the cage and they get to the feet and separate. Martins misses a big knee but lands a combination following it. Martins misses a kick and slips and bangs his head hard and Larsen takes advantage and gets on top. They end the round with Larsen in Martins’ guard. A very close and fun round. 10-9 Larsen.

ROUND 2- Both take the center to start and look to find their range. Martins lands a combination followed by a head kick. Martins with a leg kick but Larsen backs Martins up as Martins wobbles Larsen. They tie up and Larsen works Martins to the cage. Larsen looks for the takedown but Martins defends well. Larsen still working for it but they break. Larsen gets tagged by Martins and goes back looking for the takedown. They break and continue to exchange. Martins getting the better of the striking battle in this round. Larsen lands a nice left hand. Larsen has a big cut under his right eye. Martins with a leg kick. Larsen rocks Martins with a right hand and pushes Martins against the cage. They break and Martins lands a body kick. Martins lands an uppercut and Larsen has to put Martins against the cage again. They break and Martins lands a front kick to the body. Larsen with a big right hand. Martins lands a big head kick that gets the crowd going and Larsen’s arm looks hurt. Larsen’s cut is starting to bleed good. Larsen rocks Martins with a big right hand and Martins is in trouble. They exchange and the fight continues. Both look to land huge punches. Both are exhausted. Larsen with a big right hand and Martins wobbles on his feet. Another close round. 10-9 Martins.

ROUND 3- Touch of gloves to start the final round. The crowd is chanting loud. Larsen comes in and Martins lands a big right hand and Larsen falls face first into the mat. Mario Yamasaki steps in to stop the fight as Martins lands the big knockout! Martins ends an exciting fight.

Official Result: Lucas Martins def. Jeremy Larsen by KO (punch) at :13 of Round 3

Jussier Formiga vs. Chris Cariaso

Referee: Kevin Mulhall

ROUND 1- Both take the center of the Octagon to start the fight. Formiga starts with a leg kick and they tie up quickly. Formiga pushes Cariaso to the cage and is looking for a double-leg takedown. Formiga gets Cariaso down and looks to keep him down. They get back to the feet but Formiga trips Cariaso back down. Formiga moves right into side control and is transitioning well on the mat. Formiga looks to get Cariaso fully on his back. Formiga blocks Cariaso’s submission attempt. Formiga continues to work to improve position. Formiga isolates Cariaso’s hips and is looking to set up an arm-triangle choke. Formiga moves around and stays in half-guard. Formiga back to looking for a choke. Formiga continues to pass Cariaso’s guard. Formiga moves to half-mount and full half-guard. Cariaso has good defense on the ground but Formiga continues to smother him. Formiga briefly moves to mount but Cariaso moves him back to half-guard. Kevin Mulhall stands them up, it looks a little quick, but there is tape hanging from Formiga’s glove so we have a brief break in action. The fight continues on the feet. Cariaso lands a leg kick. Cariaso hits a glancing left hand. Both men miss on landing combinations. Formiga with an inside leg kick. Formiga grabs Cariaso and pushes him against the cage to end the round. 10-9 Formiga.

ROUND 2- Cariaso comes forward and Formiga immediately clinches and gets a takedown. Formiga moves into mount and lands some strikes. Formiga appears to be setting up a choke. Formiga with a tight mount but Cariaso escapes. Formiga transitions into side mount and back into full guard. Formiga looks for the arm-triangle. Cariaso lands some soft blows to Formiga’s body. Formiga looks to transition but Cariaso blocks. Formiga relentless on the ground looking for lots of transitions. Cariaso tries for a triangle but can’t get it. Formiga moves Cariaso against the cage. Cariaso tries to get up but Formiga moves into mount. Formiga starts to land strikes as Cariaso tries to escape. Formiga lands more punches and is wearing Cariaso out. Cariaso moves Formiga to guard and is looking to get up but Formiga continues to move and improve position. The referee stands them up once again. Neither landing punches on the feet as Formiga is looking to set up a takedown. Formiga and Cariaso tie up and Formiga puts Cariaso against the Octagon cage. They break and go back to the center. Both land a punch. Cariaso looks to be defending a takedown on the feet. Formiga with an inside leg kick. Formiga shoots for a takedown but it is stuffed. Cariaso misses on a combo to end the round. 10-9 Formiga.

ROUND 3- Both looking to land a punch to start the round. Cariaso lands a quick combination. Formiga with a leg kick and is looking to set up a takedown. Formiga grabs Cariaso’s leg looking for a single-leg takedown. Formiga gets Cariaso down and pushes him against the cage. Cariaso looking to get it back to the feet but Formiga has a tight grasp of him. Cariaso gets back to the feet but Formiga looks to get it back down to the mat. Cariaso defending well in the final round. The referee breaks them up as they’re in the clinch. Cariaso lands a nice straight left hand. Cariaso lands another. Cariaso is winning the battle on the feet but they clinch back up and Formiga pushes Cariaso against the cage. Formiga looking for the takedown against the cage. Cariaso looks to lock up a d’arce choke and it is very tight. Formiga beautifully escapes but Cariaso had it in tight. They clinch back up and Cariaso scores a takedown and moves into side control. Cariaso is looking to end the fight with a minute left. Formiga is cut above the left eye. Cariaso looking to move for a guillotine but Formiga escapes. Cariaso lands some elbows and is rushing for a finish. Cariaso blitzes Formiga and moves back into side control. Cariaso lands some ground-and-pound and is landing big shots. They get back to the feet to end the round. A strong finish for Cariaso but it may not be enough. 10-9 Cariaso.

Official Result: Jussier Formiga def. Chris Cariaso by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

John Lineker vs. Azamat Gashimov

Referee: Mario Yamasaki

ROUND 1- They touch gloves to start as both take the center of the Octagon. Lineker fires a right hand that backs Gashimov up. Both miss left hands and Lineker knocks Gashimov down with a big right hand and the crowd erupts. Lineker pounces on top but they get up and Gashimov gets a brief takedown. Back to the feet and Lineker pushes Gashimov against the cage in the clinch. They break and separate. Gashimov goes for a takedown but Lineker throws him off and Lineker ends up on top on the ground. Gashimov lands an elbow from the bottom but Lineker postures up. Lineker lands big shots in Gashimov’s guard as they escape to the feet. Gashimov misses a left head kick. Lineker looks for the big right hand and misses. Gashimov trips Lineker briefly. Lineker with a hard body punch followed by a left hook. Gashimov misses on a takedown. Lineker lands some body punches and a big left hand. Gashimov looks for a takedown but Lineker stuffs it. Gashimov is warned about grabbing the fence by Mario Yamasaki and is deducted a point. Lineker lands a big right and Gashimov goes down. Lineker goes into Gashimov’s guard and looks for some ground-and-pound. Gashimov misses a front kick to end the round. 10-8 Lineker.

ROUND 2- Lineker with a body shot to start the round. Lineker with a short leg kick. Gashimov misses a head kick. Lineker with a big left hand wobbles Gashimov. Lineker is lighting Gashimov up on the feet and the crowd begins to chant loudly. Lineker with a body kick and a body shot. Lineker drops Gashimov with a body kick and swarms on him with some hard punches. Lineker with a brutal attack and Mario Yamasaki has to step in to stop the fight! Lineker with the TKO win as he pounced on Gashimov when he had him on the ropes.

Official Result: John Lineker def. Azamat Gashimov by TKO (strikes) at 1:07 of Round 2

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