ROH Reaction of Honor 05.28.2013 (Briscoes, Ishimori, Strong)

The Glimpse:

Taiji Ishimori vs Roderick Strong as Ishimori makes his US TV debut.  I admittedly botched his first name in the Preview last week…that’s what happens when you get this stuff done during lunch break at the office.  Mark Briscoe continues his build to Best in the World as he takes on Colin Delaney.  MsChif takes on Cherry Bomb to involve the Women of Honor.

The Action:

Match 1:  Colin Delaney vs Mark Briscoe

Winner:  Mark Briscoe via pinfall 

Delaney opens up on Briscoe to start but gets shouldered to the mat.  Briscoe blocks a hip toss and lands a fireman’s carry.  Delaney sends him off the ropes again and ducks a clothesline after Briscoe stops another hip toss.  Delaney wants a hurricanrana but gets powerbombed, then belly to belly suplexed.  Delaney bails to the floor and Briscoe chases with a dropkick through the ropes.  Briscoe throws a chair into the ring then suplexes Delaney onto the ring apron.  Briscoe tosses him into the barricade then rolls him back into the ring.  Delaney tries to fight back but gets a vertical suplex for his effort then kicks out at two.  Delaney finally gets to fight back with an elevated kick to the head and a neckbreaker for two.  Delaney chokes Mark in the ropes then puts him in the corner for a series of back elbows.  Briscoe answers back with one of his own, then catches a calf kick from Delaney.  Briscoe flips out of a suplex attempt and unleashes some Redneck KungFu.  Delaney with a kick from the apron, then hits a skin-the-cat senton into the ring.  Delaney puts his forearm in Briscoe’s face and he’s out at two.  Briscoe to the apron and hits a diving chop, followed by more Redneck KungFu and a boot right in the mouth.  Delaney gets knees up in the corner and runs into a rolling DVD, then Mark heads to the top for FroggyBo and the win.

Best in the World Announcement – Nigel McGuinness

Nigel makes it official that Mark and Jay will wrestle for the ROH World Title right near home in Delaware at Best in the World.  The American Wolves make their way to the ring.  Richards said it’ll be brother vs brother at the show, but it’ll be Richards and Edwards.  Corino grabs a mic and hops into the ring, running down the beefs he has with the gents in the ring.  Corino runs Nigel down for putting hands on him at Border Wars.  After Best in the World, whoever is the champ will take on Matt Hardy, as if nobody expected that.  Corino shoves Nigel and Jay swings at him, hitting Richards.  Now it’s a brawl between all four men and Corino seems happy with the result.  Just when you think it’s done, Elgin comes out.  Elgin is the number one contender, which is funny since Hardy has a title shot lined up, as does Mark Briscoe.

Veda Scott trash talks MsChif for her green mist attack on her a few weeks ago.  Veda begs for a chance to wrestle her.

Match 2:  Cherry Bomb vs MsChif

Winner:  Cherry Bomb via pinfall

MsChif offers a handshake then punches Cherry VERY low.  Off the ropes, Cherry hits a headscissors, a drop toe hold and an Oklahoma Roll for two.  Cherry ducks a clothesline for a roll up and another two.  MsChif wants a knee lift but gets rolled up.  Pair of armdrags from Cherry now and Chif blocks the third one and answers with headbutts.  Chif hits a short arm clothesline, then another after lifting Cherry to her feet.  Forearms to the back and then Chif locks in a Camel Clutch in the ropes.  Kicks to the back of Cherry who tries to fight back, but gets hammered back to the mat.  Chif chokes Cherry then chops her in the ropes.  Knees to the gut and a sitout chokebomb from MsChif, but Cherry answers with a jawbreaker.  Chif hits a facebuster and Cherry is out at two.  Another chop and Cherry tries to answer, but gets plastered with a forearm.  Chif with a standing chin/leg lock which ends with another knee in the midsection.  Two count and then Cherry rolls it over into Cattle Mutilation, which prompts a big “YES” chant from the crowd.  Cherry hits a baseball slide lariat in the ropes, but misses a knee in the corner, which leaves her grounded for one from Chif.  Another two count and Chif jaws at Cherry as she gets to her feet and unleashes a Chif-style scream.  Chif answers with a low kick and forearms.  Veda Scott hops on the apron and distracts her, draping her neck on the rope – Cherry takes advantage and hits a DVD for the win.

Inside Ring of Honor

Davey Richards will challenge Jay Briscoe for the World Title, Whitmer/Elgin take on SCUM and ACH will take on Jay Lethal in San Antonio, TX.  ACH is happy to get to go home and wrestle someone he idolizes.

Steen interrupts Nigel and asks when he gets his rematch.  Nigel says that maybe Steen hasn’t split from SCUM; maybe he’s not ready for a rematch.  Steen says he’ll take every member of SCUM in one on one matches over the next couple of months to earn his rematch.

Match 3:  Taiji Ishimori vs Roderick Strong

Winner:  Taiji Ishimori via pinfall

Strong is out to a happy reaction, slapping hands, friendly with the fans.  Strong’s face turn was basically non existent – As a heel, he’s a frat douche and as a face he’s just a guy who wants competition.  You have to have more personality than that to get anywhere, Roddy.

Exchange of arm wrenches and escapes to open.  Roddy runs Ishimori over with a shoulder then takes an arm drag and a dropkick after Ishimori flips out of a hip toss.  Another dropkick puts Roddy on the floor.  Ishimori misses a baseball slide and it’s a chop exchange on the floor.  Roddy throws Ishimori to the apron who hits a back kick – Roddy cuts Ishimori off before he can hit his signature moonsault to the floor and hits a belly to back on the apron.  Chop from Roddy as ROH goes to commercial.

Roddy is still in charge and hits a pendulum backbreaker for two.  Strong settles into a chinlock that Ishimori fights up and out of, only to take a knee in the ropes for another two count.  Strong decides on a seated abdominal stretch now which Ishimori fights out of again, then Roddy lands a drop toe hold and forearms to the back.  Strong hits one of his hard chops in the corner, then sits Ishimori on the middle turnbuckle, legs akimbo.  Strong runs in with a shoulder to the midsection and makes the cover for another near fall.  Still keeping Ishimori on the mat, Roddy picks a bearhug this time.  Ishimori elbows out but Strong catches him off a cross body for a pair of rib breakers and a press slam to the corner.  Another nearfall and Strong punches and chops Ishimori to the corner.  On the other side, Ishimori gets his boot up, but runs into a boot – Roddy tries a powerbomb which Ishimori flips out of for a DDT.  Now a handspring enziguiri, followed by a flipping senton to the floor from the Superstar.

Strong makes his way back into the ring and sits in the corner.  Ishimori hits shotgun knees, a front slam and a springboard double stomp for a nearfall.  Ishimori heads to the top, but Roddy cuts him off with an enziguiri.  Strong meets him at the top, but Ishimori fights out of then hits double knees to the head into a pinning combination for two.  Ishimori wants to finish it but runs into…a T-bone backbreaker?  That’s the Messiah for you.  Strong runs into the corner with a high knee then an Angle Slam for two.  Roddy tries a full nelson slam that Ishimori turns into a crucifix for two.  Another handspring attempt, but Strong catches him with a belly to back backbreaker and sits into the Stronghold.  Ishimori gets the ropes for the break and Roddy wants a fireman’s carry, but Ishimori fights out of it, hits a DVD with a pin and gets a two count.  Exchange of move attempts out of a Tombstone position ends in Ishimori hitting double knees to the chest.  Running kick to a seated Strong, but he gets the shoulder up.  Ishimori rolls Strong to the corner and wants the 450, but Strong moves and Ishimori lands on his feet – Strong hits a kick in the face, enziguiri and Death by Roderkick for yet another nearfall.  Strong picks him right up for the Gibson Driver which Ishimori turns into a spike hurricanrana that Strong manages to kick out of.  Back to the middle of the ring for a forearm exchange that Ishimori gets the best of, but runs into a jumping knee.  Roddy wants the suplex backbreaker, but Ishimori lands on his feet and hits a pair of kicks for two.  Ishimori heads to the top once again and Strong grabs his leg to prevent the 450 splash.  Strong meets his opponent on the top floor for a superplex, but Ishimori drops Roddy for a gut buster on the top and then hits his 450 for the win.

The Reaction:

Expected match with Briscoe getting 90% of the offense to establish him as a threat to Jay.  Weird to bring in Colin Delaney just for this when they have guys available, but I guess with Taven getting the TV title, he can’t be the jobber of the week too. Jay vs Mark is going to be a hell of a war and a good match.

That was a mess.  I guess we’ll get Wolves vs Briscoes at some point and if I had to guess, Mark will cost the match or bop Jay accidentally at some point to build that animosity even further.  Curious to see where Elgin fits in to all of this, if at all, aside from having a shot available to him.  This is an opportunity for Elgin to show a bit more personality by commenting on the shenanigans surrounding the ROH World Title.

Damn that was a good match.  And not a “good for a women’s match” match.  A good match regardless.  WWE, I know it’s not what you want out of your Divas, but for the love of God, give us a match like this on occasion.  You have Sara del Rey training your girls – Make it count!  Veda furthers her pending feud with MsChif but you have to question how the ref didn’t see her drape Chif on the rope OR the two shots Chif delivered between the uprights on Cherry.  They may not dangle, but that’s still a low blow!

That match, for fans of the ROH style, is beyond the shadow of a doubt a must see.  This “suffers” from the ROH syndrome of a ludicrous amount of finisher-level moves and kick outs, but it was such a well executed match from start to finish that you can’t begin to complain about it.  That was a match that I legitimately thought was over multiple times throughout, which is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.  The spike ‘rana especially had me thinking Ishimori had Strong finished.  Go out of your way to see this one, it’s absolutely worth it.  NOAH, please feel free to keep sending talent to ROH on a regular basis for us to see.

The Preview:

The Briscoes comment on their pending match and decisions will be made about the TV and Tag titles.

The Shill:

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