Bully Ray Begins Slammiversary Week With A Contentious Interview

Bully Ray is in Boston this week to promote TNA’s Slammiversary PPV this Sunday. He joined “Felger & Mazz” radio producer Jimmy Stewart on CBS Radio Tuesday morning and the interview got off to a rocky start, to say the least.

Stewart began the interview promoting ticket sales for the PPV and then proceeded to say than he was less than thrilled to be interviewing Bully Ray and would rather be interviewing Jeff Hardy, saying Hardy has a better work ethic and is a better athlete. Ray appeared to have turned on the “Bully Ray” character but as the interview progressed, Ray legitimately seemed disrespected by the interviewer’s remarks and even threatened to walk out. The host apologized and appeared a little thrown at how serious of a turn the interview had taken but quickly tried to get it back on track.

The rest of the interview continued normally with Bully Ray putting over his match with Sting at the PPV as well as Impact Wrestling’s time slot change to 9 PM EST starting this Thursday. You can listen to the 6 minute interview here.


Harrak’s Hit: When I read about this story, it seem pretty obvious that Bully Ray just was in character throughout the interview but listening to it tells a different story. Ray seems to be genuninely upset at the beginning and the host has a tremble in his voice later that wasn’t there before the Jeff Hardy comments. I still think this was Bully Ray working the interviewer and doing his job as a heel champion but he definitely put a little more personal emotion into it as well. Good listen.

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Source: CBS Boston