WWE SmackDown Spoilers for Friday 05.31.2013 — Start Your Ambulances! The WWE Payback Build Continues…

WWE Smackdown spoilers for Friday 5/31/13 — Lots of Team Hell No and The Shield with a Dash of Cody Rhodes and a Remix of Perfect:

1. Kane def. Seth Rollins via Choke Slam

2. Roman Reigns def. Daniel Bryan by DQ when Kane punched Reigns. Team Hell No argued afterwards.

Damien Sandow’s latest mental challenge was next. Sheamus came out and when Sandow tried to cheat he was Brogue Kicked.

3. Ryback def. Kofi Kingston and after the match Ryback landed a sick power bomb on Kofi through three tables. Kingston was then helped to the back by paramedics.

4. Big E Langston def. Alberto Del Rio

5. Curtis Axel def. Sin Cara via the Perfect Plex

Chris Jericho cut a promo on CM Punk for the WWE Payback PPV, then…

6. Chris Jericho def . Cody Rhodes via submission

7. Randy Orton def. Dean Ambrose by DQ — The Shield and Team Hell No interfered and then…


8. Team Hell No and Randy Orton beat The Shield by DQ, of course


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Source: ProWrestling.net