Game of Thrones Episode 3-9 Review – It’s a Nice Day For a Red Wedding

Before watching this episode, I’d read online that it was going to be a good one. One of the scenes was basically the reason that the book series was turned into a TV show, so I was expecting a spectacle.

Red Wedding

So, after all that fuss, the girl that married Edmure Tully was actually quite pretty. Yes yes, Robb is in love with Talisa. But really, Roslin was quite pretty. Everyone was celebrating and the newlyweds appeared to be pretty happy. The whole “bedding” ritual is super weird, but it was certainly a lively party.

Doors were closed, and just as The Hound turned up with Arya they were told that the party was over. Poor, struggling Arya. She got so close this time, and once again all she got was to be right there while her family is slaughtered. I’m glad she survived – The Hound forced her to flee – but she’s lost so much now.

The fight scene was pretty graphic and disgusting. Almost everyone was murdered, and we saw someone stab Talisa in her pregnant stomach over and over. Robb watched his wife die, and then his mother watched him die. Then Caitlin’s throat was slit and the episode was over. What! What? What. Craziness.


Some insane stuff happened with Jon Snow and Ygritte. Jon was forced to prove his loyalty by killing an innocent man and, when he couldn’t, Ygritte did it for him. I really like those two now. And Bran protected him via his psychic connection to a Direwolf… right? And then a crow attacked Jon Snow. Please, feel free to clarify this in the comments. The magical animals have never really been my  thing. 

Meanwhile, Daeny sacked another city and freed some more slaves. That girl is on fire!

Stray thoughts:

  • The scene where Arya convinces the Hound not to kill the man they’re robbing was very charming. Then Jon Snow tried to convince his posse not to kill the man they were stealing horses from . Ned Stark raised his children well! Relatively, anyway.
  • Sam and Gilly are, I suppose, growing on me.
  • The weird kids hanging out with Bran Stark and Tonks from Harry Potter are not particularly growing on me.
  • Bran Stark can also control the minds of (simple) humans. As he begins to realize the scope of his power, he is becoming a more interesting character.
  • I have to say, I probably would have found this episode more exciting had I not read anything about it in advance. The wedding was grotesque, and I guess I understand why for some it would be a thrill to create/watch. And certainly, killing off those main characters will change things drastically for the finale. But I didn’t find the scene to be particularly epic – just gross.
  • Next week is the season finale! These ten episodes flew by.


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