WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results for 6/3/13: Triple H, John Cena, The Shield, Curtis Axel

Vince McMahon reportedly had the writers completely re-write tonight’s show this morning. With the WWE going up against Game 7 of the NBA Finals, I would expect the lowest RAW rating of the year this week. Maybe Vince should just have D-X ride a tank into Miami tonight for a ratings boost.

And Here, We, Go (sigh….)

RAW started with Stephanie McMahon coming to the ring. She said she wished she could come back under better circumstances. She brought up Triple H not being able to finish the match against Curtis Axel two weeks ago. Stephanie said she made an executive decision to not allow Triple H to compete. She said Axel is beneath HHH and that Triple H has sacrificed so much for this business. Vince McMahon then came out. Vince said he had a personal request, and that was to please not boo his daughter. So of course, the crowd booed. Vince agreed with Stephanie and said Triple H will not compete tonight. Vince then berated the crowd and said this wasn’t a blood sport.

Segment Analysis: So are Vince and Stephanie going to be the heels in this situation? And if HHH is in the building, why didn’t he come out and say something about the situation. That segment alone wouldn’t want me to stay tuned in later if I had the choice between the NBA and this. Just didn’t do anything. Survey Says: 1.5/5

Can The Shield Ever Have A Bad Match?

The Shield’s music hit and they started making their way to the ring, and they cut to commercial. Who books that? Apparently Vince and Stephanie just left. Six man tag time. Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose started. Bryan landed some kicks in the corner then a running knee. After some elbows Bryan tagged in Kane, who hit a dropkick. Ambrose tagged in Rollins, who ate a headbutt. Kane hit some corner clotheslines and a sidewalk slam. Kane went to the top rope, but was distracted by Reigns. This allowed Rollins to hit a kick to the head, knocking Kane off the ropes.

Back from break, Rollins had Kane in a chinlock. Rollins dropkicked Kane into the corner and tagged in Ambrose. Rollins and Ambrose went for a double suplex, but Kane countered and suplexed them. Kane tagged in Orton who went into ORTON MODE on The Shield. He hit the middle rope DDT on Ambrose and Rollins. He went for the DDT on Reigns too, but Rollins caught him with a kick to the head. Ambrose came in and hit some elbows on Orton then applied a chinlock. All the members of The Shield took turns working over Orton. Reigns hit a gut punch on Orton that he sold like death. Orton countered a headlock into a backdrop. Reigns tagged in Rollins who went to the top, but Orton caught him with a dropkick.

Orton made the hot tag to Bryan who went to work on The Shield. He cleared out Rollins and Reigns and hit multiple kicks on Ambrose. He hurricarrana’d Rollins onto Ambrose. He once again took out Reigns and Rollins. Bryan hit a dropkick off the top for two. Bryan applied the No Lock but The Shield broke it up. Kane went to chokeslam Rollins and Reigns but Rollins took out Kane with a kick to the head, then Reigns speared him. Orton came in and took out Rollins with an RKO. Orton ducked a Reigns clothesline and went for an RKO, but Reigns shoved Orton into Bryan. Ambrose then hit Bryan with his front face DDT for the win.

Match Analysis: Once again, a great six man match involving The Shield. There is nothing much more to add. They work great together as a six man team. The crowd was solidly behind Orton and Bryan. Bryan continues to show he can get the crowd behind him if given a singles push. They also continue to tease a potential heel turn by someone down the line. Great action. Survey Says: 4/5

Backstage, Bryan yelled at Orton. He said he thought Orton thinks he is the weak link. Bryan said Orton and Kane don’t respect him. Bryan said he was going to have another match tonight, and after that, they will both respect him.

Triple H stormed into Vince’s office and said he was wrestling. Vince and Steph tried talking him out of it. Triple H said he was wrestling tonight and asked who would stop him. Vince told him to not do something he was going to regret.

The Usos made their way out to the ring. Back from break, their match against the Prime Time Players had already started. The PTPs had the upper hand early on. Titus missed a charge in the corner and the Usos started their comeback. The Usos finished off Darren Young with a kick and splash combo for the win.

The Rubber Match A Dozen People Want To See

Match 5 between Big E and Alberto del Rio. Del Rio clotheslined Big E over the top, but Big E shoulder tackled ADR then threw him into the barricade. Big E hit a clothesline in the ring. Del Rio fought out of a headlock and went to the top, but Big E caught him and hit multiple backbreakers. Big E missed a charge in the corner, and Del Rio landed some kicks. He went for the cross armbreaker, but Big E countered. Del Rio caught him with a kick to the face. Del Rio applied the cross armbreaker. Big E lifted Del Rio and put him over the ropes, forcing Del Rio to break the hold. Del Rio hit a German suplex, then applied the cross armbreaker again. Big E tried turning the move over, but Del Rio hooked his leg and scored a pinfall win.

Match Analysis: I guess that brings an end to a series of average matches between these two. They had to do something to keep Del Rio relevant with Ziggler off TV. This is still building to the break-up of Big E and Dolph, who needs to comeback ASAP. Survey Says: 2/5

Cody Gets An Entrance? Maybe He Will Win! (HAHA)

Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes. Sheamus started with a clothesline then a knee to the face. Sheamus went for his rope punches but Cody escaped. Cody caught Sheamus in the corner and landed a kick to the head. Cody kneed Sheamus in the face on the outside. Back in the ring Cody applied a headlock. Sheamus fought out by throwing Cody. Sheamus started his comeback with some axe handles then a rolling senton, followed by a shoulder tackle off the top. Cody countered White Noise into a roll up for two. Cody ducked a Brogue Kick and hit a neckbreaker on Sheamus. Cody went for a moonsault on Sheamus but he moved and connected with White Noise. Sheamus hit White Noise for the win.

After the match Sheamus wanted to shake Damien Sandow’s hand but he refused. Sheamus punched Sandow instead.

Match Analysis: Would it kill the WWE to just once have a heel upset a top face? This is the reason why fans can’t get behind anyone in the mid-card. Plus Sheamus still comes off as a huge dick as a face. It’s why I have no faith that this feud with Sandow will lead to anything for him. Match was okay but too short too amount to much. Survey Says: 2/5

Backstage, Triple H argued with Stephanie before leaving. He said next week, at he beginning of RAW, he would be fighting Curtis Axel.

Daniel Bryan challenged Ryback to a match backstage. Ryback said he has puke that is bigger than Bryan. Ryback said after their match, Bryan will be the missing link.

Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel were in Vince’s office. He said tonight, Curtis Axel would fight John Cena in a No DQ Match.

At Least It’s A Program For The IC Title

The Great Khali apparently beat Fandango via countout. Miz stopped Fandango from going up the stage, but turned around right into Wade’s Bullhammer Elbow.

Back from commercial Wade Barrett vs The Miz started. Barrett hit some knees on Miz early on. Barrett charged at Miz but Miz ducked, sending Barrett to the outside. In the ring, Barrett missed a knee in the corner. Barret hit the Winds of Change for two. Fandango came out and started dancing on the stage. It distracted Barrett, and allowed Miz to apply the Figure Four for the submission win.

Segment Analysis: Well, at least the Intercontinental Title is getting some attention here. It’s building to a Triple Threat Match, presumably at Payback. Barrett has done all he really can with the IC Title, so giving it to Fandango would be a good rub for him. Hopefully it elevates Barrett up the card too, especially with Money in the Bank around the corner. Survey Says: 2.5/5

A Civil Contract Signing???

Contract signing with Chris Jericho and Paul Heyman representing CM Punk. Heyman said they could have just signed the contract in the back. Jericho cut Heyman off and said he didn’t care about anything but Heyman delivering CM Punk at Payback. Heyman signed the contract, then asked if Jericho was ready to face the Best of the World in his hometown of Chicago. Heyman said Jericho would be booed and heckled by the Chicago crowd. Heyman said Punk makes liars out of people who claim to be the Best in the World. Jericho said Heyman is right, and maybe they should have that match at SummerSlam in LA or Madison Square Garden. Or tonight. Heyman said no to all of them. Jericho said that when you act like a jackass like a Punk, he gets treated like a jackass. Jericho asked where they should file the contract. He told Heyman to stand up. Jericho told Heyman to un-button his jacket. Jericho put the contract down Heyman’s pants.

Segment Analysis: Nothing much was really accomplished there. It just seemed like a way to remind us that the match was still happening, even though I don’t think it will. It was kept short and might have been the most civil contract signing ever. Survey  Says: 2.5/5

Kaitlyn, Naomi and Cameron defeated A.J. and the Bellas after A.J. refused to tag in, allowing Kaitlyn to hit the Spear for the win.

Kane tried talking Daniel Bryan out of his fight with Ryback, but he said he had to fight tonight.

Another Wyatt Family promo aired.

Two Daniel Bryan Matches In One Night? Works For Me.

Ryback vs Daniel Bryan. Bryan landed some kicks early, but eventually ran into a Ryback knee. Ryback went for a splash but Bryan lifted his knees. Bryan went for more kicks but Ryback grabbed him and threw him into the corner. Ryback toyed with Bryan shoving him around and landing some kicks, but Bryan grabbed Ryback’s leg and applied a modified one leg Boston Crab. Ryback threw Bryan into the corner. Bryan jumped over Ryback and went off the ropes but Ryabck was right behind him and clotheslined him over the top.

Back from break Ryback had control over Bryan. Ryback threw Bryan by his beard. Ryback charged at Bryan but Bryan moved and Ryback went right into the post. Bryan hit three dropkicks. He hit a missile dropkick off the top, then a top rope headbutt with Ryback on the other side of the ring. Bryan hit more kicks to the chest, but Ryback caught him on one then hit a powerbomb. He went for another one but Ryback countered into the LaBell Lock. Ryback crawled around the ring and finally got to the ropes. Ryback rolled outside the ring. He went for a dive to the outside, but Ryback side stepped it and Bryan went into the announce table. Ryback rammed Bryan into the ringpost. Ryback went for a table and set it up in the ring. He powerbombed Bryan through the table. Bryan won via DQ. Ryback set up a table in the corner by the barricade, but Cena came out and prevented Ryback from getting back to Bryan.

Match Analysis: Daniel Bryan might be one of the most over faces in the WWE right now. The crowd is willing to get behind him and if the WWE doesn’t recognize that, then they are clueless. Bryan deserves a big push headed into the summer. He put on a good match with Ryback and sold his offense well. Ryback gets built strong headed into Payback and Bryan doesn’t lose a bit of momentum. Survey Says: 3/5

Countouts In A No DQ Match? Anything To Stop Cena From Getting Pinned

John Cena vs Curtis Axel started back from commercial. Heyman grabbed Cena’s leg and pulled him down, allowing Axel to hit a dropkick. Axel hit a backbreaker for two, then asked Heyman to get him a chair. Cena blocked the chair shot and then used the chair on Axel. Cena tossed Axel over the announce table. The referee, for some reason, started counting. When are there countouts in a No DQ Match. Axel jabbed the chair into Cena. Axel went to use the chair again, but Cena ducked and drop kicked the chair into Axel. Axel came back with another dropkick. Axel applied an armbar. Axel went to throw Cena into the chair but he blocked it, and then went into CENA MODE!!! Axel countered an AA attempt, and moved out of the way of a charging Cena who went right into the chair in the corner. Axel hit Cena with a chair three times. Axel jabbed the chair into Cena’s gut then hit a swinging neckbreaker onto the chair for two. Cena suddenly applied the STF. Heyman grabbed an iPad from the announce table and gave it to Axel, who used it to break the hold. Cena went to AA Axel on the outside. Heyman begged him to stop. Cena chased Heyman away went to work on Axel. Suddenly, Ryback attacked Cena and put him through the table set up on the barricade. Axel wins via countout. The show ended with Ryback standing over Cena.

Match Analysis: Well now we know why there were countouts in this No DQ Match. Heaven forbid Cena gets pinned by a new guy, or pinned at all. That just made the match feel dumb. Once again, it wasn’t a bad match between these two. Cena at least sold okay for Axel, who continues to get the benefit of working with main event guys. Maybe one of these days Axel will pin one of them clean. Ryback looks strong to end the show. Survey Says: 2.5/5


While I may not have given out a lot of high grades for RAW, that really wasn’t too bad of a show. We were once again treated to a great six man tag involving The Shield. Daniel Bryan was the star of the show if you ask me. He was great in the six man tag, in every backstage segment, and worked well with Ryback in the ring. The guy has the crowd behind him and should be main eventing PPVs by the end of the year. The Triple H stuff was kept to a minimum for the most part. My complaint once again is the WWE refusing to let young heels like Cody Rhodes and Curtis Axel get wins over top guys like Sheamus and John Cena. The contract signing wasn’t bad, and at least the Intercontinental Title is getting a program and some attention on TV. All around, I thought it was a solid show and I’m giving it a 6.

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