No Chance – Those That Should Change (feat. CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett)

This past Monday, there was a sound on Raw that I was truly excited about. Though he came out to initial cheers, by the time that Vince McMahon had finished his bit in the opening segment the audience was booing him. While I love the Mr. McMahon character (hence the name of this column) ever since he started getting cheers and pandering to the crowds the guy has felt a bit off. Mr. McMahon is a character that will always work best as a heel, and so to see him pull those boos out of the audience this week really made me remember what I enjoyed about the character so much. And I know that  the (insert one of many, multiple storylines) story was supposed to be the end of the Mr. McMahon character but seeing him on Raw this week made me how that the guy has at least one more ridiculous feud in him.

But seeing Vince get the boos once more caused me to ponder the rest of the roster. Which heels would do better as a face and vice versa. More than a few of the guys that are growing stale would probably be able to do something with a face/heel turn. (And just so we’re clear, other than this moment, John Cena will not be discussed. Sure there is easily enough to discuss about that fabled Cena heel turn, but that’s another column for another day.)

Dolph Ziggler: Ziggler, especially with his growing group, is fast becoming one of the most entertaining things in the company right now. Remember the reaction when Ziggler ran down to cash that MitB briefcase? The best thing I can compare that reaction to was the pop that Stone Cold got, when he helped Mankind win his first championship. The crowd is ready to cheer for Ziggler and company; all they need are some heels to face.

CM Punk: Yes these first two guys are favorites and I want to cheer for them (and usually do regardless of story) but I still stand by the idea that both the character and company would be improved by returning Punk to face status. When is the last time that the WWE has struggled this hard to get a crowd to boo somebody? How much time, has been dedicated, how many segments, to trying to get us to boo Punk like the number one heel that the WWE wants him so badly to be? And yet the moment he returns, no matter what he does, I’ll be surprised if he gets even a 50/50 split crowd with the cheers being far more likely than the boos.

Kofi Kingston: There have been rumors recently that Kofi might be getting a heel turn, which is probably a good idea. Kofi has been in face mode since day one and at this point there doesn’t seem to be much for the guy to do character-wise. But Kofi is also one of the better performers working right now, and is always tasked with the big stunt moment in the Royal Rumble or MitB match. So stale character but still able to performed in the ring? That sounds like the perfect time to have a face/heel turn.

Wade Barrett: I don’t actually have much planned for this guy as a face. But the thing is, right now there is absolutely nothing for him to do as a heel? Since his days in Nexus, Barrett has always been a heel, and like Kofi, it seems there’s nothing for him do with his current character. If nothing else, turning face will at the very least give Barrett new opponents to fight, maybe trying to find something we haven’t seen before.

R-truth: Sometimes I will be going about my day, maybe driving to work, or doing laundry, or grocery shopping or whatever, and then I’ll remember that Crazy R-Truth is on longer a thing. And that will just bum me out for the rest of the day. For a few months there, someone who seemed destined to be trapped in the mid-card, generic face role for the rest of his career, had almost out of the blue, become one of the most entertaining heels the company had. As a heel, R-Truth went form his middle of the road position, to getting title shots for the WWE championship, and facing The Rock at Survivor Series. But now that the crazy act has been more or less dropped, and Truth is a face again, he once more sits in the middle, if possible lower than before, as little more than a battle royale filler. I not asking for anything inventive here, in fact the exact opposite. I just want R-Truth to return to the exact character he was in the fall of 2011 and we can pretend that Crazy Truth never went away.

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