The End of Trinity War & A Villains Civil War Teased Through DC New 52’s September 2013 Villains Month & Forever Evil Solicitations

In addition to the announcement that writer Geoff Johns and artist David Finch’s Forever Evil mini-series, and even the DC New 52’s Villains Month take-over, stems from the outcome of Trinity War, the September 2013 solicitations start to put some of the puzzle pieces together.

Also, we learned what DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio meant in recent interviews when he said: “This isn’t a one for one replacement. We have fifty-two titles right now, and it’s not a villain to match every title.” Per the solicits, we will only have DC’s most iconic villains pop-up in one-shots of the New 52’s most popular series, e.g. ten (10) Justice League(s) books across JL, JLA, JLD, two (2) Teen Titans, several Batman, Superman, etc. comics differentiated by “points” on the previous month’s numbering, e.g. Justice League #23.1, #23.2, #23.3, etc. with the villain’s #1 issue added to the end. So, yes, some of your fave DC New 52 titles won’t see print in September and will hopefully be back in October.

In terms of what we learned about the end of Trinity War and the march to Forever Evil, check out the below.

For example Teen Titans #23.1: Trigon #1, written by Marv Wolfman, has a solicit that ends with an illuminating blurb:

    “Now, with all the world’s heroes missing — is this the final victory of Trigon?”

Plus, the opening blurb in the Justice League of America #7.2: Killer Frost #1 written by Sterling Gates:

    “Not every villain is grateful to the Secret Society for ridding the world of the Justice League.”

Then there’s the opening part of the Green Lantern #23.3: Black Hand #1 written by Charles Soule:

    “In a world with no heroes…”

Aquaman #23.1: Black Manta #1, written by Geoff Johns and Tony Bedard we learn that even the villains of the Secret Society may not fully know what happened to the heroes at the end of Trinity War:

    “Set loose as the Secret Society’s plan unfolds, Black Manta is shocked to learn that Aquaman may be dead!”

More on the “death” of the heroes comes through in solicit for Flash #23.3: The Rogues #1 written by Brian Buccellato

    “The Rogues have their rules and their ways of doing business—so what do they think of the Secret Society’s claims that the Justice League is dead, and that the world’s villains need to unite? It’s a culture clash that won’t end quietly!”

In addition to the Rogues being potentially pitted against the Secret Society during Forever Evil, will Black Adam also come to blows the Society as well over his homeland? The solicit from Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates’ Justice League of America #7.4: Black Adam #1 is intriguing:

    “Where is Black Adam? And what series of events is triggered when the Secret Society attacks Kahndaq?”

Then there’s Flash #23.1: Grodd #1 written by Brian Buccellato reinforces the heroes MIA theme, but also links the end of Trinity War to the Forever Evil mini-series:

    “What will Grodd do now that The Flash has disappeared with the rest of the world’s heroes? Conquest is on the horizon as the world becomes—Forever Evil!”

So, where are DC’s heroes at the end of Trinity War? And, how do they get back in time for October 2013’s solicitations?

In addition with the cover prices being hiked to $3.99 in September for the 3D front-to-back covers, the question was whether DC has abandoned its lower $2.99 price point for most of its New 52 books. In response, Dan DiDio responded on Facebook with the following:

    “The price increase is related to the 3D Motion covers and we believe they are well worth it. And yes the prices return back to 2.99 (where they applied) in October. Thanks, DD”

A wild ride in store for September!

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. 🙂

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