XFC Spotlight: Eric Reynolds Once Again Seeking #1 Contender Spot


After a tough loss to now former XFC Lightweight champion Nick Newell in a number one contender’s bout, Eric Reynolds was stuck at a crossroads. He could have tucked tail and run, but he did what all tough fighters (and tougher men) do when faced with career and personal challenges: he went back to the drawing board and asked for another shot.

Next Friday in Tampa, FL, Reynolds gets that chance as he will face Kevin “The Master of Cool” Forant in what could lead the winner into the title picture.

“Nothing is given to you in the XFC. If Eric wants to be back in the title picture, he’s going to have to earn it. He’s got to get back in the mix by beating these guys that are hungry for his spot and we’re bringing in more and more fighters every month”, said President John Prisco.

XFC 24 takes place next Friday, June 14, 2013. The event will be broadcast live on AXS TV from the USF Sun Dome beginning at 9 PM ET. Follow Eric on Facebook and Twitter @ItsaWrapMMA, and for up to the minute information leading up to XFC 24, follow the XFC @OfficialXFC.

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