10 Thoughts: WWE SmackDown 6.7.13


(Hey Pulse, my name’s Cameron Dougharty & am the new writer for Smackdown’s 10 Thoughts. Harrak’s nice enough to post this for me this week until my access to the site is all straightened out. Please comment below though and let me know what you thought of the show!)

1. The Miz has to be considered one of the most oddest placed wrestlers in WWE history. First the guy is in the main event at WrestleMania, then he isn’t used, now he continues to circle the Intercontinental Championship but he looks the weakest link between himself, Fandango and Wade Barrett. Oh well, at least his wife is hot.

2. Curtis Axel is on the fast track to stardom, my only concern is the WWE won’t know what to do with him once he’s done beating every former WWE Champion. Axel does have Paul Heyman in his corner, so I’m sure whatever creative decides to do with him we will all be very entertained.

3. Instead of releasing NXT prospects the WWE should have looked internally when releasing superstars, cough 3MB, cough. Alberto Del Rio, like a lot of other guys in the back has grown stale. Maybe it’s time to see the end of Ricardo Rodriguez and Del Rio. At least both guys will have something interesting to do for a few weeks.

4. The WWE dropped the ball a long time ago with Ryback. Giving him a new catchphrase or having him slam everyone opponent he has through a table isn’t gong to change that. It’s a shame really, the big guy was starting to grow on me.

5. Speaking of stale, the king of stale, Sheamus needs Damien Sandow more than anyone may think. Sandow continues to bring out the best of the babyface Sheamus. I’m assuming we are going to get a one on one match between the two of them at Payback, let’s just all hope it doesn’t end the way we all know it’s going to.

6. Once Fandango wins the Intercontinental Title at Payback the WWE needs to turn him babyface. Ride this wave until it crashes on all of us like it usually does. I would love to see Fandango and Zack Ryder go at it again, this time Ryder is the heel with the messy haircut.

7. The secret admirer angle didn’t work at NXT, and it’s not working on Raw and Smackdown. Does ANYONE care who Kaitlyn’s secret admirer is? I’ll wait. Kaitlyn seemed to be a transition champion but that ship already sailed.

8. I honestly can’t believe it’s taken the WWE this long to get behind Daniel Bryan again. In a WWE Universe where John Cena, CM Punk and The Shield reign supreme Bryan has found himself keeping pace.

9. Here’s an idea whenever creative has nothing good to offer the fans, just put your best workers in a ring and say go. I am all for feuds/matches/angles that tell stories but if you don’t have anything good to say just let your workers do what they do best.

10. My tenth thought this week will be a thank you to Inside Pulse for allowing me to do this. I love wrestling and enjoy nothing more than over analyzing a pre-determined sport. I also write for HTCWrestling.com and talk “Rasslin” on Twitter @CamDougharty. I’ll see you all next week.

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