ROH Reaction of Honor 06.01.2013 (Number One Contenders)

The Glimpse:

Quick check of last week’s action, as this whole buying a house thing is eating up stupid amounts of time.  Back to form for the following week.  Two triple threats for title shots – The TV Ttitle and Tag Team Titles!  Results and reactions this week.

The Action:

Match 1: RD Evans & QT Marshall vs C&C Wrestle Factory vs ACH & Tadarius Thomas

Winners: C&C Wrestle Factory via pinfall

C&C clear the ring after ACH hits Air Jordan and hit Overtime to earn a Tag Team Title shot.

Nigel McGuinness, Michael Elgin and Paul London

Nigel explains why London won’t take on Elgin tonight – Safety and worry over his concussion.  Before London can get to talking, Evans and Marshall make their way back to the ring.  Evans is mad that reDRagon didn’t show up for Border Wars.  Evans piefaces London and Elgin delivers a backfist, then Marshall bails.  Heart monitor beeps, a flat line and the lights go out – Tommaso Ciampa steps out and slams Marshall into the barricade about ten times.  Ciampa hits a kryptonite krunch on the ramp then proceeds to the ring, delivering Project Ciampa to Evans.  Ciampa stops Elgin from leaving, they talk in each others ears then are split apart by the refs.

Match 2: BJ Whitmer vs Jay Lethal vs Mike Bennett

Winner:  Jay Lethal via pinfall

Lethal’s previously injured knee is worked over for much of the match.   Bennett gets cleared to the floor and sat in a chair, then Lethal counters the Exploder from Whitmer into Lethal Injection to win it.

Maria screams at Whitmer, asking “what did you call me”, inciting Bennett to pummel Whitmer.  He didn’t say anything at all, and Maria sits back and watches it unfold.

The Reaction:

Wild action back and forth, but that’s to be expected in any ROH match with six men involved.  ACH once again shines as the star in the ring and with the crowd.  It’s not all sunshine and puppies, though – This one definitely suffered from ROH Syndrome of being basically nothing but high spots.  It’s fun to watch, but it really takes away from shows as a whole when match after match is like this with no downtime.

Maybe it’s the inundation with things to do or the amount of wrestling I’ve been watching lately, but that match barely registered a blip for me.  Everything was on point, no sloppiness, but just very…meh.

The Preview:

The Briscoes vs The Wolves!

The Shill:

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