How Does Superman Shave His Beard? Man of Steel Movie Hirsuite Controversy Solved!

Following on the news about the Superman movie reboot’s “glyps” and even the surprise new color in Superman’s costume, many viewers that have seen advance screenings of the Man of Steel movie, and even those who have seen the abundant trailers, have been left wondering: How does Superman shave that beard?

I understand that the film does not address this directly, but luckily we have the answer!

While in the Golden and Silver Age of comic books it was established that Superman, a native of the planet Krypton, couldn’t grow hair or a beard under a yellow sun, despite having a head of hair, that all changes in the 1980s. With DC Comics post Crisis of Infinite Earth Superman reboot, writer and artist John Byrne established that Superman does grow hair and uses a combo of his heat vision and a piece of metal from the Kyptonian ship he rocketed to Earth in as a baby.

In the end, this is the most realistic portrayal of Superman of shaving.

In other iterations, Superman didn’t need Kryptonian metal for a shave assist. His heat vision could be reflected off his bathroom mirror in the 2000’s Superman The Animated Series on TV.

Heat vision is also used by Kryptonians in the multiverse. Power Girl, essentially Earth 2’s Supergirl, uses her heat vision to shave her legs.

There you go. Superman uses his heat vision to shave.

Ok, with that now out-of-the-way, can we all enjoy the Man of Steel film that comes out this week? 🙂

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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