WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results for 6/10/13: Triple H, John Cena, Ryback, Payback

There’s a PPV this Sunday. Maybe tonight on RAW the WWE will actually add some matches to it. At this point, it might do the lowest buyrate of the year.

At Least I Got A Good Laugh Out Of It

After a recap from last week’s “As The McMahon’s Turn,” Triple H came out for his match against Curtis Axel. Triple H took it to Axel early on. He hit a suplex. Suddenly, Vince McMahon’s music hit and he walked to the ring. He told the time keeper to ring the bell and made Justin Roberts announce that Curtis Axel won via disqualification.

Triple H restarted the match and applied a headlock, then a shoulder tackle. Vince came back and said Curtis Axel won via forfeit. HHH restarted the match and made it an Ironman Match. Vince came back and took the bell and mic and left.

Segment Analysis: Can anyone stop Curits Axel? Two wins over HHH in one night? At least that whole segment made me laugh because of its stupidity. Survey Says: 1.5/5

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon begged Triple H not to hurt Vince. He said he wouldn’t and Stephanie went to talk to him.

Hey Kane, Your Real Hair Is Showing

Kane vs Dean Ambrose. Kane got Ambrose with a boot then his sit down dropkick. Kane hit a backbreaker on Ambrose then Irish Whipped Ambrose into the corner. Kane tossed Ambrose to the outside and hit an uppercut. Ambrose blocked a throw into the steps and then jumped off them, but Kane caught him with another uppercut. Ambrose had a headlock applied back from break. Ambrose landed some punches then a kick to the gut. Ambrose caught Kane with an elbow, then went for a DDT off the apron but Kane threw him away. Kane then caught Ambrose with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kane hit a backdrop for two. Both men went to the top. Kane threw Ambrose off and then hit a clothesline. Kane went for a chokeslam, but Rollins and Reigns came in and attacked Kane. Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan made the save.

Match Analysis: Average match that didn’t really show or do much. I like the way Ambrose works in the ring and his mannerisms and expressions are great. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan argued about what happened on Smackdown. Kane shouted at them and told them to get it together. Vickie came in and said Orton and Bryan will face Rollins and Reigns at the PPV for the Tag Titles, and Kane would fight Dean Ambrose for the US Title.

Miz vs Cody Rhodes. Miz hit his corner clothesline, but Cody came back quickly with a chopblock. Cody started working over the leg of Miz, applying a couple of different submission holds. Miz then caught Cody’s leg and applied the Figure Four for the win.

Paul Heyman came out and said that Curtis Axel has been added to the Intercontinental Title Match this Sunday, replacing Fandango who has been injured with a concussion. Well, it looks like they were somehow determined to get the IC Title off Barrett.

A promo aired hyping Mark Henry’s return next week.

Stephanie tried reasoning with Vince. She said Vince made him cry because he crushed HHH’s hopes. Vince said he did it because he thought of the business of the WWE first. Steph asked Vince to talk to HHH, but he said he wouldn’t like what he had to say.

Dolph’s Back! How Long Until He Jobs Again?

Chris Jericho came out. He said out of all the greats he has faced in the WWE, none take him to the limit like CM Punk does. And the reason he is good is because he actually believes he is the Best in the World. He said just like himself, Punk accepts nothing less than the best. Jericho said at Payback Punk will get his best and that he has to beat Punk. Dolph Ziggler interrupted Chris Jericho. He said since Jericho is talking about the best performers in the world, it was no better time to make his return. He said every night, he came out and stole the show and earned the World Title. And at Payback, he will prove to Alberto del Rio that he is better than him at everything. Jericho said he wanted a match tonight. Ziggler said he has one, with Big E.

The match had already started back from break. Big E charged at Jericho but Jericho tossed him to the outside. Jericho hit a dropkick through the ropes. Still on the outside, Big E caught Jericho with a punch to the gut then threw Jericho into the steps. Jericho went for a quick roll up that got two, but Big E came right back with a shoulder tackle. Jericho started his comeback with some chops then an enzigui kick to the head. Jericho went for a crossbody but Big E caught him and hit some backbreakers. Big E charged at Jericho but Jericho caught him with a boot, then hit a crossbody off the top. Dolph distracted Jericho and hit a shoulder tackle. Del Rio attacked Ziggler from behind and that distracted Big E. Big E missed a splash in the corner, and Jericho hit the Codebreaker for the win.

Segment Analysis: It’s tough to build a match with only one guy around. Jericho is doing his best and he isn’t doing a half bad job. I still don’t think Punk shows up Sunday. Once again, there wasn’t much too the match. I’m still shocked Big E is taking as many losses as he has considering he is one of their younger stars who some are high on. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Sin Cara vs Antonio Cesaro. Sin Cara hit a hurricarrana but Cesaro knocked him off the ropes and hit some kicks. Cesaro hit a jumping stop on Sin Cara for two. Sin Cara fought out of a headlock with a jawbreaker. He hit a spinning enziguri then a reverse powerbomb for two. Cesaro caught Sin Cara and hit a backbreaker, then spun around Sin Cara in a headlock before hitting the Neutralizer for the win. Zeb Colter was on commentary the whole time ripping on Sin Cara for being illegal.

Another Wyatt Family promo aired.

Vickie was backstage with Brad Maddox eating a Hardee’s burger. Vince came in. He said he couldn’t have Ryback and John Cena in a match tonight and risk the main event this Sunday. Brad Maddox suggested the lumberjacks come out and make sure things didn’t get out of hand. Vince agreed and told Vickie to give Maddox a burger.

At Least Orton Didn’t Yell STUPID!

Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns. After a brief exchange Orton caught Reigns with a dropkick then did his version of the Garvin Stomp followed by a knee drop. Reigns rolled to the outside but Orton slammed his head on the mat then dropped him back first on the barricade. Back in the ring Orton missed on a knee drop and Reigns took control. Reigns landed a handful of punches but missed a clothesline and Orton caught him with a Lou Thesz press. Orton landed punches in the corner then a couple of headbutts. Orton went to the top but Reigns punched him off the top then to the outside into commercial.

Orton fought out of a Reigns headlock back from break, but Reigns was able to drop Orton on the ropes and hit a flying clothesline for two. Reigns applied another headlock but Orton countered with a backdrop. Orton proceeded to go into ORTON MODE!!! He hit the middle rope DDT. Seth Rollins took out Bryan on the outside. Rollins went after Orton but he got caught in a middle rope DDT. Reigns saved him and Bryan hit a dive to the outside. The referee ruled a no contest.

Match Analysis: If anything that match showed that Reigns is still green in the ring and has some work to go. He can be masked in six man tags but in this singles match it showed he isn’t the complete package yet. Will The Shield have a clean finish tonight? Survey Says: 2/5

Hey Randy, Take Notes

Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins started right after. Bryan landed a clothesline then some kicks. Bryan took out Rollins legs then hit a dropkick through the ropes. Rollins reversed a punch attempt from Bryan and slammed his head into the turnbuckle. Rollins applied the surfboard submission, but Bryan quickly got out of it. After a couple of kicks Bryan applied the surfboard to Rollins, then applied a headlock as he leaned forward. Rollins broke the hold.

Back from break Bryan fought out of a headlock but ran right into a Rollins elbow. Bryan and Rollins exchanged punches but Bryan was able to duck the roundhouse kick and apply a half crab. Rollins got to the ropes, but Bryan came right back with kicks the two dropkicks in the corner. Bryan landed more kicks, but Rollins ducked one and hit the roundhouse kick. Rollins landed some kicks. Bryan ducked one but Rollins went for a German suplex. Bryan landed on his feet but Rollins caught him mid-air and powerbombed him into the corner. Rollins charged at Bryan but Bryan dumped him over the top. Bryan went for a dive but Rollins blocked him with an elbow. Bryan moved from a Rollins knee and hit a kick to the head. Rollins crotched Bryan on the apron, but Bryan then did the same to Rollins. Rollins countered a backdrop attempt mid air and hit a crossbody. Roman Reigns stepped on the apron, but Randy Orton pulled him off. Rollins missed a splash in the corner and Bryan rolled him up for the win. Afterwards Rollins attacked Bryan but Randy Orton hit him with the RKO.

Match Analysis: Very good match here. Lots of quick sequences with some clever counters. I like the finish because people can buy into roll-ups as actual pinfall victories if they go through with it every once in a while. Daniel Bryan continues to be over huge in front of every audience. Good work by both men in the ring. Survey Says: 4/5

Wait A Minute, A Woman’s Program That Is Actually Good???

Big E was revealed as Kaitlyn’s secret admirer. Big E said people only see him as a tough guy, but he cares about more than that. He cares about Kaitlyn. He said once he laid eyes on her she was all he could think of. He went in for a kiss but threw her down. A.J. came out and asked Kaitlyn how she was feeling. She asked hopefully the same way she felt after Kaitlyn abandoned her. Where was Kaitlyn when all of these men took advantage of her? Chasing the Divas Title. A.J. called Kaitlyn trash and said no one cares about her. All Kaitlyn has is the Divas Title, and after Sunday she won’t even have that. She said Kaitlyn will end up back in her trailer park, remote in one hand and food in the other. Kaitlyn slapped A.J. and attacked her but A.J. eventually escaped.

Segment Analysis: It may have been slightly over the top, but they did a good job there of building up some heat for the Divas Match on Sunday. A.J. is a good promo and her running down of Kaitlyn was a good job of getting some cheap heel heat. I thought for a Divas program, it was well done and it is the most I’ve cared about a Divas match in a long time. Survey Says: 3/5

Damien Sandow made quick work of R-Truth. Afterwords Sheamus came out and said last week he got his attention, and at Payback he is looking forward to kicking Sandow’s head off.

Stephanie asked two different production assistants to get Vince and Triple H and bring them to her office. After the lumberjacks came out and another commercial, Vince and HHH were in the office with Steph. Vince said he wanted HHH to be the man behind the desk. Vince said he can have the match, but HHH said he didn’t want the match. Steph came back in and they group hugged. What a train wreck. Either there is more to it or, hopefully, they backed out of this angle after how poorly it was received.

One Of These Days Scott Steiner Will Appear

Ryback and John Cena came out for their face-to-face, with the ring surrounded by lumberjacks. Ryback backed off and didn’t come in the ring. Cena said sometimes they use big words in the WWE, and face-to-face means in the ring. Cena said Ryback was scared to face him. Ryback said he could tear through everyone if he wanted to, and he was standing there for Cena’s benefit. Cena said he got Ryback’s message that he causes damage. Ryback said he should have been WWE Champion three times. Ryback said he became too good too fast, and immediately Cena went into damage control. But when the going got tough, Cena went high and dry. Cena told Ryback to shut up. He said he’s been here ten years and he never had a guardian angel watching his back. Cena said Ryback is good at making excuses, and he will need them after Sunday. Ryback said he knew what Cena was thinking, and if he thinks he will back down Cena is out of his mind. Ryback said it ends this Sunday when he finally becomes WWE Champion. Eight months ago Cena gave Ryback his spot, this Sunday Ryback said he takes his spot. Cena tried leaving the ring to go after Ryback but the lumberjacks stopped them. Ryback charged the ring. The lumberjacks separated everyone as the show closed.

Segment Analysis: I’m kind of up in the air on that segment. I don’t think it was a good final sell for the PPV. But Cena did a good job of countering all of Ryback’s points and making him look like a whiner. But there was just something about the final promo that felt off. Ryback isn’t winning this Sunday, so it is tough to buy into anything that he says. Survey Says: 2/5


I thought it was an average RAW that did a bad job of selling Payback this Sunday. Had it been a normal RAW, I think it would have been a bit better. The obvious highlight of the show was the Daniel Bryan/Seth Rollins match. Ambrose/Kane was okay. Orton/Reigns showed that Reigns still needs a bit more work in the ring if he wants to break out as a singles star. All of the McMahon stuff was terrible and I really hope that last segment was them scrapping the entire thing, but I know that is a pipe dream. I’m actually interested in the Divas Title match, and that means the WWE actually did a good job promoting it. It wasn’t a bad show, but it wasn’t great either. I’m giving it a 5.

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