Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE Payback 2013

Welcome to the WWE Payback 2013 Inside Pulse Wrestling Rasslin’ Roundtable, I am your host, Rhett Davis, and today we see who the writers here at Pulse think will win at WWE Payback plus the results of the Pulse Polls to see who the readers thought would win at Payback!  Now without further delay…


Rasslin’ Roundtable

WWE Payback 2013


WWE Payback Kickstart Match

Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow


Steven Gepp:  Wow. I mean, wow. They must have a lot of faith in Sheamus, putting him on the pre-game show and all. I mean, this guy is champion material, isn’t he? Look, I like Sandow, but he has not been allowed to shine, and with the smiling happy doofus from hell he’s probably not even going to get any offence. I’m glad it’s on the preshow is all I can say.

Winner:  Cena v2.0 Sheamus in a cakewalk

Chris Sanders:  As much as I hate Sheamus, at least he’s back to the part of the card where he belongs. Nobody should have to pay money to see him. Might not be a good pick but in protest of Sheamus’ existence, I’m going with Sandow.

Winner:  Damien Sandow

Kue:  So, we’re recycling the gimmick we just saw last month, only replacing Mark Henry with Damien Sandow. That’s improvement in centimeters while most fans are probably expecting inches. So, basically, an advertised penis enlargement pill. And just like the pill, it probably won’t deliver.

Winner:  Sheamus (why not)

Justin C:  I’m still really surprised that this is on the pre-show, mostly because we know how high the WWE is on Sheamus. Sandow could really use a win here to elevate him up the card. I remember this time last year I thought Sandow was a possible surprise to win the Smackdown MITB Ladder Match. But he had more potential then compared to now. Unfortunately, the WWE gives us the same old same old: a strong performance by Sandow ends with him eating a Brogue Kick from Sheamus.

Winner:  Sheamus

Rhett Davis:  Well as many of the others have pointed out, it’s weird to see Sheamus on the pre-show, but no complaints from me.  Why should I pay to see a snoozefest of a match between Sheamus and Damien Sandow?  Who will win? It would really go either way, but I’ll say that Sandow does something dastardly to get the win thus making the feud extended for the next PPV.

Winner:  The Intellectual Saviour of the Unwashed Masses

People Power:  With 89% of the vote, Sheamus wins the ‘People Power’ vote.

The Tally:  Sheamus – 4

Damien Sandow – 2


WWE Divas Championship

Kaitlyn (c) vs. AJ Lee

Steven Gepp:  I wonder if the rather impressive women’s match at Slammiversary will have any impact on the WWE? Will they allow these two to actually go out there and wrestle for more than 2 minutes? Will they let them actually hit some nice, stiff looking moves? Will we finally see what goods they can bring to the ring? Will Hermione ever play the violin again? Too many questions… and we’ll have to wait for the answers.

Winner: (and new champ) AJ Lee

Chris Sanders:  The Divas finally have a somewhat interesting story for once. Sure it was botched all to hell with the secret admirer nonsense but baby steps. Kaitlyn’s been champ since whenever Eve left the company and nothing has really happened. AJ finds a way to win and it kicks off a feud that’ll at least last another PPV.

Winner:  AJ

Kue:  I enjoyed the promo they cut this past Monday. But yeah, still a bathroom break match if there ever was one.

Winner (and new champ): AJ Lee

Justin C:  You know the WWE did something right on RAW when they actually got me interested in this match. I thought A.J. delivered a very strong promo, running down Kaitlyn in every heelish way possible. A.J.’s character has rebounded nicely after the whole debacle of her being RAW GM. I think these two can put on a solid match. In the end, A.J. picks up the win and her and Dolph become the WWE’s new “Power Couple.”  On a side note, I said this on the HTC Podcast, but after the match would be the perfect time to debut the Wyatt Family. With Kaitlyn hitting “rock bottom,” Bray Wyatt comes out and through the powers of persuasion, convinces Kaitlyn to join his family. Not a main event like debut, but it shows how persuasive and demonic the family can be.

Winner: A.J.

Rhett Davis:  Hey, at least they’re sort of trying right? I mean we DID have an actual storyline in the Divas division that actually wasn’t complete stupidity.  You know what segment accomplished on Raw? It made Kaitlyn’s new rage something to watch for.  Good for them.  Now for the match, I think Kaitlyn wins or wins by countout or DQ.

Winner:  Kaitlyn

People Power:  With 55% of the vote, AJ wins the ‘People Power’ vote.

The Tally:  AJ – 5

Kaitlyn – 1


WWE Intercontinental Championship

Wade Barrett (c) vs. The Miz vs. Curtis Axel

Steven Gepp:
 I have been high on Joe Hennig for years. I like what I’ve seen of Wade Barrett when hasn’t been with the WWE. Miz is a tryer, I’ll give him that. Nothing else, but I’ll give him that. (I remember being abused for hating Miz when he was champ; where are those people who defended him back then now?) Still, I’m going to go with my heart here.

Winner: (and new champ) Curtis Axel

Chris Sanders:  Sure this match was made to probably put the IC belt on Fandango but after the concussion, Axel was inserted and something tells me that he’s gonna be pushed a little harder than Dango. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t completely trash their plans for Dango (a la last year when Wade was suppose to win MitB before getting injured) and throw it to Axel. The only other option would be for Wade to keep the belt in a holding pattern until Dango returns, which really defines the IC title lately.

Winner:  Curtis Axel

Kue:  This is an obvious tool to push Axel. After holding onto victories over both Trips, Cena, and Jericho, it would be bad booking for Axel not to get the win. Which means WWE will probably book The Miz to win. Eh, let’s side with optimism on this one.

Winner (and new champ):  Curtis Axel

Justin C:  By putting Curtis Axel in this match, it’s a sign of two things. One, Fandango was originally going to win. And two, the WWE wants to get the IC Title off Wade Barrett. That could actually be good for Barrett. Maybe its a sign the WWE wants to finally get behind Barrett and have him win the Smackdown MITB Match. I don’t think they would want Barrett to have the IC Title as well. The IC Title is perfect for Axel. It plays up to his lineage considering his father, Mr. Perfect, was one of the best IC Champs of all time. Axel picks up the win here by pinning Miz.

Winner:  Curtis Axel

Rhett Davis:  Well before Axel was added, I wasn’t certain who would win this match, but now it just seems like an obvious way to push Axel by giving him a PPV win as well as a belt.  I would say one of the others would win, but why kill Curtis Axel’s undefeated streak on Wade Barrett or The Miz?

Winner (and NEW Intercontinental Champion):  Michael McGillicutty

People Power:  With 60% of the vote, Curtis Axel wins the ‘People Power’ vote.

The Tally:  Curtis Axel – 6

Wade Barrett – 0

The Miz – 0


WWE United States Championship

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kane

Steven Gepp:  I’ve been saying for a while now that this is the most I’ve enjoyed Kane for many years. Daniel Bryan seems to have brought the best out of him, he’s wrestling like he gives a shit about what he’s doing and, more importantly, he looks like he’s having fun out there. Dean Ambrose has been damn fine as well. This could be a fun match to watch, and I’m actually looking forward to it.

Winner: (still champ) Ambrose

Chris Sanders:  Don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to this match and I believe it’ll be great but I don’t see Kane winning here. Sure, WWE noted that this is the only belt Kane hasn’t won and they are tempted by these little nuggets of information and will put a belt on the guy just for that reason (Big Show at WM28). Yes, Daniel Bryan gave Shield their first clean loss after beating Rollins on Raw but I’m not convinced Shield is on the downside just yet.

Winner:  Dean Ambrose

Kue:  It’ll be interesting to see if Ambrose can pull a decent match out of Kane. It will be a true test of his in-ring ability. Should be a good one. And he’s not losing the belt this go around.

Winner (and still champ):  Dean Ambrose

Justin C:  At this point in his career, Kane really shouldn’t be holding any singles titles. The Tag Titles were okay because he helped elevate Daniel Bryan in the process. And that is really what Kane should be doing at this point in his career: help elevate new talent. And he’s doing that right now with The Shield. Kane isn’t winning here. Ambrose picks up a hopefully clean win over Kane.

Winner:  Dean Ambrose

Rhett Davis:  Seems like a pretty obvious ‘Get-Me-Over’ win for Dean Ambrose.  Shouldn’t be a bad match.  Something along the same lines as last month with Ambrose beating Kane thanks to a little assistance. Either from The Shield or steel steps like last month, or something.  Dean Ambrose wins with the smallest of assistance.

Winner (and STILL United States Champion):  Dean Ambrose

People Power:  With 54% of the vote, Dean Ambrose wins the ‘People Power’ vote.

The Tally:  Dean Ambrose – 6

Kane – 0


WWE Tag Team Championship

The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) (c) vs. Team RK-No! (Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton

Steven Gepp:  Well, Bryan dragged Kane into interesting territory, the Shield can make their opponents look good whatever they do, so now they’ve got their work cut out with Randy Orton. Let’s see if they can pull his boringness up to a watchable level. And, at the moment, if any people can, it’s these three. I don’t see any turns happening here, but I do see teasing of a turn. It probably won’t amount to anything, but the tease will be there. I also expect Bryan to eat the loss to further the ‘weak link’ storyline.

Winner: (still champs) The Shield

Chris Sanders:  First of all, if you listened to this week’s Classy Ring Attire, my co-host Joel Leonard brilliantly gave Orton and Bryan the name of Team Hug-A-Viper. As a self-appointed authority figure and resident RAGER, I demand that everyone shall refer to them by this name for as long as they are a tag team. Let it be so!
As for the match itself, you can pretty much reread what I posted about Kane and Dean Ambrose and apply it here too. By all accounts, we expect Orton to turn heel during this match and that’ll probably cost them the match. However, there is the chance that they do win and become frenemy-type tag team champions like Shawn Michaels and Cena back in 2007. Would be an interesting story but one that I don’t find very likely.

Winner:  Rollins and Reigns

Kue:  Yeah, yeah, Orton heel turn. At this point, the only justice that would serve is the huge push Bryan would receive from the feud that would follow. This should definitely be a great match. Shield ain’t losing.

Winner (and still champs):  The Shield

Justin C:  Once again, when The Shield are ready to lose their titles, it has to be on a big stage. I didn’t mind them losing on Smackdown this past week because at this point it doesn’t effect them in the long run. People still buy them as a serious threat. And it’s tough to say their undefeated as a group when they lost to John Cena a few weeks ago, even if it was by DQ. The WWE wants you to think now that Bryan and Orton can work as a unit. I still think Orton turns heel eventually. Whether its here or further down the line, its better for his character. The Shield wins here after mis-communication between Orton and Bryan.

Winners:  Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

Rhett Davis:  I don’t doubt that these matches will we good in quality, but the surprise factor just isn’t here.  Even with Team RK-NO! and Kane beating The Shield in a 6 Man Tag (Shield territory).  I say that The Shield wins this one after some confrontation between members of Team RK-No!  In which post-match, Orton destroys Bryan leading to huge heat for him.

Winners (and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions):  Bossman’s Lackeys

People Power:  With 55% of the vote, The Shield wins the ‘People Power’ vote.

The Tally:  The Shield – 6

Team RK-NO! – 0


WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Alberto del Rio

Steven Gepp:  I like del Rio… when he was in Mexico. Dolph Ziggler is a bump-bunny. This match is not one I have high hopes for. Expect Big E to get involved, expect Ricardo to take a stupid bump, expect the IWC to go all squeeny over this.

Winner: (still champ) Dolph Ziggler

Chris Sanders:  Maybe this match will reignite a feud between Zigs and Del Rio seeing as how we’ve seen more of a feud between Del Rio and Langston in Ziggler’s absence. Personally, I’m ready for Del Rio to be out of the championship picture because it’s been at least 7-8ish months straight. Time to move on.

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler

Kue:  This is going to be the match that follows suit to my man Blair’s method of watching wrestling. Since there has literally been no build on this, there will be no hatred storyline to clutter up the world title picture. And that’s exactly what this will be: simply a world title match. And it should be a decent one.

Winner (and still champ): Dolph Ziggler

Justin C:  It’s nice to see Dolph Ziggler back on WWE TV. Of course, in his first match back he lost when Del Rio pinned him in a tag match. That night have worked if Ziggler had been around the whole time for this build, but I didn’t like it here. Ziggler needs a strong win at Payback, otherwise he is in danger of falling into Jack Swagger as World Champ territory. Ziggler is better than Swagger, so I think he can bounce back, but there is reason to worry. Alberto del Rio has just not worked out as a face, and that is no one’s fault but the WWE’s. They don’t know how to book faces the right way. Ziggler retains here.

Winner:  Dolph Ziggler

Rhett Davis:  It’s nice to see Ziggler back, but this feud has been terrible as a result.  Why couldn’t he either A) travel as just a manager for Big E or B) send in promo videos or be interviewed in his time away?  He is the World Heavyweight Champion, and I feel his presence being gone for a month has really hurt him.  Besides that, it’s good he’s back, but losing his title in his first rematch would be ridiculous.  I just hope he has a clean win because, despite being a heel, he does need wins over credible opponents to be over.  This is something WWE doesn’t seem to quite grasp.

Winner (and STILL World Heavyweight Championship):  Dolph Ziggler

People Power:  With only 51% of the vote, Dolph Ziggler wins the ‘People Power’ vote.

The Tally:  Dolph Ziggler – 6

Alberto del Rio – 0


Chicago’s Own Returns Match

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Steven Gepp:  I just hope these two decide to go all out and just wrestle like we know they can. If they do, it could well be a MOTY candidate. But I have a feeling Jericho will win because Lesnar and Axel come out and the three of them beat Jericho down into a bloody pulp and stand tall, the Heyman guys. This could well lead to a second heel faction (top go with the Shield, though are they tweeners? I get so confused) which will cause dissent among the faces, and we have our summer storylines coalescing nicely.

Winner: (by DQ) Chris Jericho

Chris Sanders:  I’m still not even convinced this match will actually take place. I do believe Punk will be in the building and confront Jericho but I think this is a build to a Summer Slam match because the only time we’ve seen Punk ever get boo’d in Chicago is if he refuses to wrestle. Of course, if the match really does happen then I’ll be just as happy as the next guy to see Punk/Jericho III but I think there’s something else to this that we will see Sunday night.

Winner: (if the match takes place) CM Punk

Kue:  Match of the night. With that said, I just recently moved to Chicago, and COULDN’T GET TICKETS TO THE DAMN SHOW. The only reason I would want to attend this is simply to try and not go deaf when “Cult of Personality” finally hits. And this match, of course.

Winner:  CM Punk

Justin C:  This is the least predictable match for the whole night. First off, we don’t even know if a match will happen. But the WWE really is hyping up Punk returning, so I don’t think they will not have him show. If a match happens, expect a 20 minute clinic from both men. But I’m still of the believe that even if Punk does show up, we won’t see a match. I know there has been speculation of a double turn, and it’s possible. But we don’t know how long Jericho is sticking around for, so if its only another month it would be pointless. I think Punk shows up, there’s an argument between Punk and Heyman, and Punk leaves. It all builds to a Punk/Lesnar match at SummerSlam.

Winner:  No Contest/No Match Takes Place

Rhett Davis:  So this match has been up in the air, but I think it’ll happen.  Do I think Paul E. might come out to tease that Punk isn’t there? Well certainly.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Paul E. come out and try to talk Jericho out of the match only for Jericho to call him a fat walrus or whatever lame insult floats to the surface and Punk comes out to put on a fantastic match against Chris Jericho.  I’d say MOTYC and most likely MOTN.  However I don’t see any reason for Punk to lose.  Jericho’s already on a losing streak and Punk needs a win to come back to.

Winner:  CM Punk

People Power:  With 55% of the vote, CM Punk wins the ‘People Power’ vote.

The Tally:  CM Punk – 4

Chris Jericho – 1

No Contest – 1


WWE Heavyweight Championship

Three Stages of Hell:  1. Lumberjack 2. Table 3. Ambulance Match)

John Cena (c) vs. Ryback

Steven Gepp:  When I heard this was a 3 stages of hell match, I groaned. When I heard fall 3 was an ambulance match, I groaned, then laughed. The only interesting ending to an ambulance match was when Mike Awesome chokeslammed Bam Bam Bigelow through the roof of one. The rest of the match sucked, but the ending was interesting. And those two guys were fun wrestlers to watch. Ryback, on the other hand, is a, shall we say, limited wrestler without the charisma of Goldberg to cover it; Cena has been forced into limited wrestler mode. Now, even though Cena usually pulls it out of his arse and has good matches on PPV, in my opinion that has not been the case against Ryback. I am not looking forward to this match. I hope they surprise me, but… well, let’s say I doubt it and leave it there.

Winner: (still champ) John Hogan Cena

Chris Sanders:  One part of me believes this will be another Super Cena on display but that would sort of kill Ryback’s ambulance gimmick…which might actually get me to cheer for Cena. Either way, the way this goes down is pretty obvious. Cena takes the lumberjack match, Ryback flukes with the table match and then Cena “miraculously” wins the ambulance match. Credits.

Winner:  John Cena

Kue:  I appreciate what they’ve been trying to do with Ryback, but the ambulance thing is ridiculous. Cena has been at his absolute worst lately, and I’m simply hoping for an injury storyline at this rate. Hell, if Ryback wins this thing, it might prompt for a Punk/Ryback match that isn’t crappy. One can only hope. Either way, fingers crossed.

Winner (and new champ):  Ryback

Justin C:  These two men did a good job of masking their limits in the ring with their spot fest last month. And they’ll have to do that again here, or the Chicago crowd might eat this match alive. I’ll continue to preach this as long as he is in a program like this: At this point in his career, the WWE does not  trust Ryback to hold the top title in their company. I don’t know if that will ever change, but that is what I think. Cena wins the first fall with a roll up, Ryback then spears Cena through a table, but Cena throws Ryback in the ambulance to pick up the win and retain. And hopefully, that ends this program.

Winner:  John Cena

Rhett Davis:  Well why not follow up a stipulation match with… another stipulation match? Really? Well I suppose I can’t complain considering a normal match between these two would probably not be all that spectacular.  Anyways so this is only the fourth or fifth Three Stages of Hell Match so it’s interesting to see the names that have had these matches over the years.  However, these matches seem like desperation to get buys to me.  Anyways, I still don’t see John Cena losing the belt so quickly after taking a year to get back to The Rock.  So I see Cena taking the lumberjack fall, Ryback getting pissed off and destroying Cena in the second leading to a powerbomb through a table, and then Cena Supermaning up to throw Ryback in the ambulance.

Winner (and STILL WWE Heavyweight Champion):  John Cena

People Power:  With 86% of the vote, John Cena wins the ‘People Power’ vote.

The Tally:  John Cena – 5

Ryback – 1


Well thanks for reading and be sure to check out the Roundtable Repercussions sometime this week to see who has the lead coming out of the PPV!  And keep it right here at Inside Pulse for updates on WWE Payback!

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