UFC 161 (Rashad Evans vs. Dan Henderson) – PPV Main Card Live Play By Play & Results

Welcome, fight fans, to our continuing coverage of UFC 161. You can go back and check out the PBP for the Facebook prelims right here and the FX portion right here.

Pat Barry vs. Shawn Jordan

Round 1: Both guys are tentative with their striking; both guys have big power and aren’t going to just wade in and exchange. Barry is being more aggressive while Jordan is looking to counter; Jordan with a big combination and Barry is down. Jordan pours it on as Barry goes against the cage, raining bombs, and Barry is out. Ref steps in and it’s over.

Official verdict: SHawn Jordan wins via TKO at :59 of the first round

Alexis Davis vs. Rosi Sexton

Round 1:Alexis Davis and Rosi Sexton come out throwing quickly and violently. Davis grabs the Thai clinch and Sexton fights out of it but eats some elbows for her efforts. Davis goes back to the Thai Clinch and lands some nice knees to the body and head. She’s looking to get the takedown but Sexton is defending it well; Davis is setting it up by going for the clinch and then a body lock trip. Sexton circles out and we’re back to a brawl as both girls are throwing down. Sexton level changes and gets the takedown but Davis grabs guard and is working for an armbar off her back. Davis slips a triangle as Sexton lands some punches. Davis’s BJJ credentials are first rate and it’s only a matter of time. Sexton is landing some nice shots but Davis is tightening it as she’s getting hit. Sexton is stacking her to keep her from extending the arm out as Davis looks to a gator roll, can’t finish. Sexton lands some big shots and she loses it momentarily. Sexton is locked in it but is landing some big shots. Round ends in it. 10-9 Davis

Round 2: Davis grabs the clinch and eats some uppercuts for her pleasure, Sexton grabs the body clinch and we’re against the cage. Sexton gets the trip and has Davis in half guard and Davis rolls for a knee bar. Can’t finish but winds up on top in half guard. Davis is landing some big shots as Sexton is trying to stall her way to a standup. Sexton is using full guard as Davis is landing some big elbows on her. Sexton rolls to her stomach and Davis grabs a rear naked choke but can’t sink it in. Davis lands some strikes on her in half back mount, then gets full and flattens her out. 30 seconds left and she’s eating some big shots. Herb Dean lets it go as the round ends. 10-8 Davis, 20-17 Davis

Round 3: Both gals come out swinging for the fences again. This is a sloppy brawl right as both are tired and throwing wildly right now. Davis with a double and Sprawl from Sexton, Davis rolls for a knee bar and Sexton counters but turning into her. Davis grabs back mount and into a body triangle. She’s looking to work a rear naked choke and Sexton is playing hand control right now. Davis lands some big strikes on her and Sexton turns into her guard. Davis has a high full guard, looking to roll into a triangle or an armbar. Sexton is working some ground and pound but Davis is so active that she’s almost playing defense right now. Sexton is landing some big strikes in Davis’s guard, posturing up as Davis looks to roll for a leg. Sexton spins and looks to grab back with 45 seconds left. She can’t finish as Davis takes top position and Sexton goes into guard. Fight ends with her using some ground and pound. 10-9 Davis, 30-26 Davis

Official verdict: Alexis Davis wins via unanimous decision 29-28×2, 29-27

Ryan Jimmo vs. Igor Pokrajac

Round 1: Ryan Jimmo comes out looking to counter, Igor Pokrajac looking for a body lock. Jimmo grabs underhooks and presses him against the cage. We get a quick break as both fighters were trading knees. Another body lock by Igor and Jimmo gets underhooks, missing on a big haymaker and we’re off the cage quickly again. Yves Lavigne is keeping them from wasting time on the cage quickly. Jimmo is keeping at distance, looking for a big counter as Igor gets in deep on a single but can’t finish. Jimmo’s back is against the cage and Igor is looking for the trip. Broken up again. Another clinch and we’re back against the cage and Jimmo backs off the cage. Another clinch and we’re back on it, quick break from Lavigne. Nice high kick from Igor misses as Jimmo is looking for leg kicks. Igor is moving forward as Jimmo is looking for a counter, trying to stay at distance. Igor with a big right and Jimmo is wobbly, wild exchange as he tries to capitalize and can’t. Back to the clinch against the cage as the round ends. 10-9 Pokrajac

Round 2: Igor comes out aggressive as Jimo looks to stay at distance. Big right from Jimmo and Igor is down, Jimmo is pouring it on. Igor back up and Jimmo trips him to the ground, lands in half guard as Jimmo lands some ground and pound. Jimmo is posturing up and looking to land strikes, Igor is looking to get the stand up. Jimmo is grinding him down for a while, looking for big shots while Igor is covering up well. Jimmo stands up and eats an upkick for his troubles, lands in side control as he lands some more ground and pound. Round ends with Jimmo grinding him out on the ground more. 10-9 Jimmo, 19-19

Round 3: Back to some clinch work and Jimmo drags him to the ground. Jimmo is in open guard right now as Igor is looking pull a triangle as Jimmo defends well on top. Back to the ground and pound as Jimmo is content to grind this one out. Igor grabs a guillotine and has it in deep on Jimmo. He’s fighting and gets it out, back to ground and pound. Jimmo spends most of the rest of the round on ground until Igor gets up, back to the clinch for the rest. 10-9 Jimmo, 29-28 Jimmo

Official verdict: Ryan Jimmo wins via unanimous decision 30-27×3

Roy Nelson vs. Stipe Miocic

Rd 1 – Roy Nelson comes out looking for that big right as Stipe Miocic moves away from that big right. He goes for a takedown and can’t pull it off. Stipe lands some big shots as his strategy is simple: avoid the big shots and get the takedown. Nelson’s looking for that big one shot KO; Stipe is hitting some nice rights on Nelson as he’s using movement to make Nelson move. Lands some nice combinations on Roy and nearly grabs Nelson’s back after a failed double from Nelson. Big miss from Nelson and Miocic gets him down, Nelson right back up. Miocic with a slight slip after a left from Roy misses. Roy’s looking for that big right as he looks like he’s gassing. Stipe with a big riot and Miocic is teeing off on Nelson. Big knee against the cage and some nice short elbows; how Nelson is still standing is something. Nelson with the clinch to end the barrage as he looks rocked. Miocic is fighting a near perfect game plan right now as the round ends with him staying away. Miocic 10-9

Rd 2 – Miocic comes out staying at distance some more; Nelson is being more aggresive, trying to cut off the ring. Nelson is looking for a big overhand and Miocic is staying away Miocic’s combinations are really crisp, as is his movement. He’s putting on some nice combinations right now. Nelson looks gassed. Miocic is going off and Nelson is getting tagged. His chin is something else but he’s gassed and taking a TON of punishment right now. Miocic goes for a low single and can’t finish but follows it with a nice body kick. He’s staying at distance, keeping away from Nelson and making him chase him down while putting together some nice combinations. Miocic goes for another takedown and can’t connect but it looks like he’s trying to really push Nelson’s cardio. BIg uppercut from Roy and Miocic is moving away from him. Lands another nice combination followed by a leg kick. Another single leg try doesn’t go but he wasn’t committed to it, either. Miocic with a nice combination and gets Nelson against the cage with 30 seconds left. Nelson looks like he can’t breath right now as Miocic lands some knees to the lower body. Miocic 10-9, 20-18

Rd 3 – Nelson comes out more aggressive this round as Miocic is doing his dart in and out game some more. Nelson is eating tons of punches and having to defend against takedowns to really empty his gas tank. Nelson’s throwing wild, hoping for a Hail Mary, and Miocic is sticking to the game plan by making him work hard and landing nice combinations. Miocic’s movement is solid and Nelson is resorting to chasing him down because he’s not getting near him. Nelson has enough cardio for a couple second burst now but nothing more; Miocic is pushing him hard and finally gets a single leg. Nelson gets up quickly and Miocic pushes him against the cage. Miocic is taking his foot off the gas pedal right now, looking at the clock and staying away from Nelson. Any time Nelson looks to land more than one shot he’s backing out and getting away. Miocic gets him against the cage some more and Miocic spends the final 20 seconds avoiding Nelson, save for a really nice combination with five seconds left. Miocic 10-9, 30-27

Official verdict: Stipe Miocic wins via unanimous decision 30-27×3

Rashad Evans vs. Dan Henderson

Round 1 – Rashad Evans looks to be in excellent shape, much better than he was the last time we saw him against Little Nog. Dan Henderson comes out looking to throw that big right early as Evans is using his movement early to keep away. Rashad is looking to explode and hit something as Henderson is measuring his shots. BIg flurry as Hendo lands a couple of uppercuts flush in the clinch. Evans in and out landing some quick shots. Evans goes for a double and Henderson stops it; he’s out quickly as Henderson looks for that big right. Both guys are feeling each other out right now; Henderson wants to get in and Evans wants that takedown. Evans in on a shot and Henderson blocking; Evans is fighting similarly to how he fought Quinton Jackson. He’s looking to stay away from the power, get the takedown and get it to the ground. Henderson is just defending the takedown better than Rampage did. Evans is getting in close sporadically but Henderson is landing some nice uppercuts out of it. Big left and EVans is down Henderson is going after him and Evans is wobbly. Henderson is throwing some BOMBS but Evans recovers. Henderson his him with a left, which is interesting because usually his big flurry starts with the right. Round ends as Henderson missed a big right. 10-9 Henderson

Rd 2 – Rd 2 – Rashad comes out more active but as soon as Henderson acts like he’s going to throw Evans backs off. Big takedown attempt succeeds but Henderson is right back up, Evans with back control. Body lock against the cage as Henderson gets his back against the cage. Evans with a nice flurry as the two start throwing and Henderson responds with a flurry of his own. Evans eats some shots to get back inside and we’re back against the cage. Henderson also looks to be slowing down a little bit. Evans’s footwork is really good right now; he’s throwing more wild because he’s not leaving his head exposed as much. Evans goes for a takedown and Henderson tosses him away, preferring to stand and trade. Evans with a nice combination and goes for a double, can’t finish and Henderson with a pair of nice short elbows. 10-9 Henderson, 20-18. But i can see Evans getting credit on a judge’s scorecard on at least one card as it was pretty close.

Rd 3 – Evans comes out throwing and Henderson is hurt but he’s not pressing; he backed off as Henderson looked like he was getting ready to throw something big. Evans looks to be in better shape right now as his ability to move is outstanding. Evans is pushing the pace right now but not throwing; he gets in on a low single but Henderson defends well, gets back against the cage. Henderson’s takedown defense is on point tonight. Some nice knees to the body as EVans is looking to throw and lands a nice combination followed by a level change that doesn’t finish. Henderson is looking to fight in a phone booth as he’s throwing some big time power when he gets close. Evans is grinding him on the fence now and is finding a pattern: he grinds against the fence and then backs off, throwing a crisp combination before he goes for a single. Henderson is looking for a big shot, landing a nice elbow whenever he goes back in. Both throw wildly as the round ends. 10-9 Evans, 29-28 Henderson. Can see it going either way, though.

Official verdict: 29-28 Henderson, 29-28 Evans, 29-28 Evans

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