10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown 6.21.13 (Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler)

1. Daniel Bryan’s untimely injury put the Randy Orton babyface character in a really bad spot heading into Smackdown. Orton had to feel sorrow and proud of Daniel Bryan for fighting through an injury. While yes that is a babyface characteristic, it is one that should never be used for the likes of Randy Orton, or Sheamus while I’m on the subject.

2. Speaking of Sheamus, his character has grown completely stale and almost un bookable, hence the matches with Team Rhode Scholars. I have said this once, and I will say it again, Sheamus getting clean wins over mid card guys will not help his character, in fact it may reduce him to being a mid card guy himself.

3. The WWE keeping the Intercontinental Championship a three man show really means that the WWE has nothing, yet, to advance Curtis Axel’s character. While a win over Triple H and John Cena is nice, at least Axel has a continuing feud that should result in him being a major player, in the mid card, for the moment.

4. Was the WWE listening when I went on my rant about how TNA’s Knockouts Division was leaps and bounds better than the WWE’s Divas Division. Now that AJ Lee is the champion the division means more, because AJ is over then most of the men in the back. Having the other babyface Divas back up Kaitlyn gives the Divas Division more drama then it’s hard in months.

5. Alberto Del Rio’s first promo back as a heel was his best work with the WWE. Rumors floated around this week that the entire promo was made up on the fly, so kudos to those involved. Del Rio is much better as a heel, and I believe there is money to be made with Ricardo Rodriguez breaking away from Del Rio and branching out on his own.

6. The WWE has done a great job utilizing Ziggler’s injury to really get his babyface turn over with the crowd that caters to the babyfaces in professional wrestling. If they go ahead and add Chris Jericho to this feud, the ground work was laid on Smackdown, this could be a great opportunity to really start Ziggler’s push to the top as the face of Smackdown.

7. Yes Christian is back, and while that is good to have another babyface in the mid card I am very afraid after Money in the Bank he won’t be used as much as he should. Christian is a very good worker, but with the time he missed there are just too many guys that need a push before he does.

8. Paul Heyman, even after having Brock Lesnar attack CM Punk, is still over with the fans and his work with Renee Young was absolutely spot on. This feud alone will help the WWE drive in those dastardly ratings everyone complains about.

9. Randy Orton is really becoming Daniel Bryan’s measuring stick. Bryan’s work with Orton has been nothing but fantastic. I just hope the rumors of a Daniel Bryan WWE Title run are true. Even if it doesn’t last a long time, we all know how much fun it will be.

10. Another solid show from the WWE. Smackdown has it’s ups and downs, but the past few weeks have been great. Summer time is officially here, and it’s really starting to heat up in the WWE Universe. Until next week guys, leave a comment, tell a friend, and follow me on Twitter @CamDougharty

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