X-Men Spoilers: Why Does Mystique Need So Much Money?

One of my biggest questions thus far in Brian Bendis’s All-New X-Men is why Mystique is stockpiling so much cash. I mean, she’s always been a terrorist at heart, and killing has never been a thing, but I can’t really think of any times when she’s gone on giant big money heists. Actually, I can’t think of a time when she’s been this recurring with only minimal actual interaction with the X-Men, so that might have something to do with it.


All-New X-Men 013-010

Over the last few issues she has stolen a LOT of money while Sabretooth has killed a LOT of people, it’s been their thing. This issue she has a meeting set up with Madame Hydra in an effort to spend that ridiculous sum of cash. What does Madame Hydra have? Well, Mystique presumes it to be the island of Madripoor.

All-New X-Men 013-014
Now, Hydra doesn’t own the island, they just control, but hey, that’s good enough. Wikipedia says Daken does, but he’s dead, so I’m just going to assume they took it back. Now, I’m not totally sure what Mystique wants with an island in Southeast Asia, but given history? I think she just wants to piss off Wolverine.

All-New X-Men 013-016

Of course, Wolverine shows up in the middle of the buy, already pissed at her, so time and future issues will tell what happens from here.

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