10 Thoughts: WWE Smackdown 6.28.13 (The Shield, The Usos, Ricardo Rodriguez)

1. The WWE is still continuing the feud between Sheamus and Damien Sandow, while it may be one of the better segments on Smackdown, it hasn’t done anything to re establish Sheamus as a top babyface or advance Damien Sandow’s character. I still think Sandow had the most to gain coming out of this feud, but he continues to do what he does best, talk and sell great, to the main eventers.

2. This episode of Miz TV may have been the best one to date. Miz did a good job keeping up with Paul Heyman on the microphone. Curtis Axel did his best work to date, he was very convincing during his time to talk, and he also got the good quality heat that not only benefits him but also The Miz too heading into Money in the Bank.

3. Yes, AJ impersonating Kaitlyn on Raw was hilarious and got over well with the crowd, but the WWE took a big chance giving the less talented Kaitlyn her moment to return the favor. It wasn’t funny, it felt forced and we all knew what was going to happen. Oh yeah, Natalya picked up the win over the Divas Champion, definitely the WWE’s wedding gift to her.

4. Raw’s Money in the Bank Match is already stacked, but the Smackdown’s Money in the Bank Match has some serious up and comers. I might get hell for this, but Smackdown’s MITB Match has a chance to really steal the show.

5. It’s always special to watch professional wrestlers really come into their own. Watching a star bloom, and work during his prime has to be the most exciting thing for any fan. Right now we are all experiencing that with Daniel Bryan; Bryan is quickly becoming the next big star the WWE needs, especially if CM Punk does not resign next year.

6. Probably like a few of you out there I was surprised Chris Jericho won’t be in any of the Money in the Bank matches and more importantly that he has been stuck in a feud with Ryback. A feud where Jericho, obviously, will be expected to carry the promos and the match. Ryback’s pay per view record is as bad as the Houston Astros, but the wrestling gods look to be shining down on Ryback this time around, Y2J is the go to guy to help make new stars in the WWE.

7. I am fully behind the WWE pushing every talent they have signed under contract, but please excuse the fans when we don’t fully get behind new guys when we don’t know if they will be around in a couple of weeks. Christian is getting another opportunity to shine, while I wait around to see if it sticks the newest pet project seems to be The Usos. This talented tag team has bounced around from NXT to Superstars forever it seems but they are finally getting their chance; against The Shield. (good luck)

8. Last month when The Shield lost clean the internet went bananas. I said on the HTCWrestling Pulsecast that clean losses don’t really mean anything because The Shield is so over and well established now. There needs to be the suspense that if these guys can lose every once in a while there is a chance they can lose the titles. The Shield losing clean to Christian and The Usos did just that, not to mention the seed ending The Shield was planted. Roman Regins and Seth Rollins blaming Dean Ambrose for taking the lose is the foreshadowing to the beginning of the end to The Shield.

9. While Dolph Ziggler was out to ruin Alberto Del Rio’s party and steal the show, Ricardo Rodriguez really stole the show. Not only did he take a bump off the top rope through a table, Ziggler also smashed an acoustic guitar over Ricardo’s head. I really believe somewhere down the road Ricardo will get his chance to shine on his own.

10. Another solid show from Smackdown, two hours is just the perfect time for the ‘B’ show of the WWE. This week focused on advancing stories and not throw away Great Khali appearances. Be sure to listen to the latest HTC Wrestling/Inside Pulse Podcast on iTunes or HTCWrestling.com or here on InsidePulse.com and follow me on Twitter @CamDougharty and let’s talk rasslin!

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