WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results for 7/1/13: CM Punk, John Cena, Mark Henry, Alberto del Rio

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Tonight on RAW WWE Champion John Cena takes on World Heavyweight Champion Alberto del Rio. Why give a Champion vs Champion match a week build when you can promote it on Twitter just a few hours before hand!

Vickie Guerrero started RAW by announcing the match I talked about above.

Typical Building To A Multi-Man Match 101

Daniel Bryan came out to a good reaction. He said last week, the question was answered: He is not the weak link. He said now, the question is whether or not he can win the Money in the Bank All Stars match and get a contract for a WWE Title Match. He said he wants to follow in the greats footsteps. Bryan said it has been far too long since he’s been Champion. Sheamus came out and asked Bryan to tell everyone how the story of him being Champion ended, with him beating Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania. He said it’s been too long since he had a Championship around his waist. Bryan asked if he called 1-800-Fella, can Sheamus Brogue Kick himself in the face. Randy Orton walked out and said its been nearly two years since he has been Champion and when he wins, he won’t hesitate like John Cena.

Bryan told Orton that last week, he made Orton tap out. Orton said he was going to let it slide but if he disrespects him again he will drop him where he stands. Orton said no one is safe. Kane decided to join the party and he agreed. Kane said he has no problem committing unspeakable acts against his opponents, even his so called friends as Kane looked at Bryan. Bryan said it was Kane’s own fault that he couldn’t beat Randy Orton. Bryan and Kane argued over who would be WWE Champion when Christian came out. Christian said he has the most experience in the WWE when it comes to ladder matches. He said he wanted one more match, for the WWE Championship. Christian said he is the best man in this match.

CM Punk came out. He said he wasn’t going to do the predictable thing and come out here, but then he heard the word best. Punk said he respects Christian but he is not the best. Punk said he’s the only one to win the MITB match twice, and soon he will be the first to win it three times. Bryan interrupted and said he didn’t want to here Punk talk, and if he didn’t shut up he would make Punk tap faster than Randy Orton. Orton went to go after Bryan but Kane stopped him. Bryan told Kane he didn’t need his help, then Orton hit an RKO on Kane and everyone else stared each other down until they left.

Segment Analysis: Like Punk said, this was the predictable segment you expect to see when there are multi-man matches like this. Nothing really too great here. Bryan was the focal point of the segment which was a good thing. Just a way to build tension among everyone heading into the match in two weeks. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Because Not Everyone Watches Smackdown

A six man rematch from Smackdown: The Usos and Christian vs The Shield. The faces had the upper hand early. The Shield tried regrouping on the outside but Christian and The Usos hit dives to the outside into commercial. Back from break The Shield had regained control. Ambrose landed some kicks and Reigns came in and hit some headbutts then a sideslam. Ambrose played to the crowd when Jey Uso caught him with a kick to the head. Ambrose tagged in Rollins who knocked Jimmy Uso off the apron with a dropkick, but Jey Uso took out Rollins and made the hot tag to Christian. Christian knocked Roman Reigns off the apron then stared down Christian. Rollins caught him with a kick then tagged in Ambrose. Christian hit a reverse DDT on Ambrose. The Usos cleared the ring of the tag champs. Christian went for the Unprettier but Ambrose countered. Rollins jumped on the apron and dropped Christian’s neck on the ropes, and Ambrose pinned Christian for the win.

Match Analysis: An average match by Shield standards. Just a way for The Shield to get their win back from last Friday. Nothing much of note here. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Daniel Bryan told Kane he got him a rematch with Randy Orton, but Bryan is the special guest referee.

Dolph Ziggler vs Jinder Mahal. Jinder hit a shoulder tackle then a running knee for two. Ziggler side stepped Mahal in the corner and caught him with a dropkick. Mahal took down Ziggler and went for a camel clutch, but Dolph escaped and hit the ZigZag for the win. After the match 3MB tried attacking Dolph but Ziggler escaped as Slater went running into the steps and Mahal and McIntyre were taken out.

Triple H came in and interrupted Vickie and Brad Maddox. Vickie said she was confused by all of the McMahons telling her different things. Triple H said just to do what he says to do.

A Mark Henry promo video aired.

Beard Ref!

Kane vs Orton w/Bryan as Ref. Kane caught Orton with an uppercut then some knees in the corner. Orton tried fighting back but Kane caught him with an elbow then his sit down dropkick. Orton fought out of a head lock and hit a Lou Thesz Press then his version of the Garvin stomp. Kane surprised Orton with an uppercut then hit a suplex. Kane charged at Orton but Orton side stepped him in the corner. Orton hit some punches in the corner and Bryan tried breaking it up. Orton shoved Bryan and called for the DQ. Kane didn’t want that and ordered the match be restarted which Bryan agreed too. Orton dropkicked Kane outside the ring into commercial.

Kane had a chinlock applied back from break. Orton fought out with some punches but Kane threw him into the corner and hit his corner clotheslines then a sideslam. Kane went to the top but Orton caught him mid-air with a dropkick. Orton went into ORTON MODE but Kane escaped the middle rope DDT. Kane went for a chokeslam but Orton countered with a backbreaker, then finally hit the DDT. Orton wanted the RKO but Bryan stopped Orton. Kane then hit a boot and Bryan made a very quick three count for the win. After the match Kane argued and was going to go for a chokeslam, but Kane left. Bryan then walked right into an RKO.

Match Analysis: That was way over booked and the match wasn’t all that great. It just seems like the WWE really doesn’t have any idea where they are going with all of this. Are they trying to get the crowd to turn against Bryan? His actions are making it seem that way. Turning Bryan heel doesn’t work. He’s still over with the crowd. Not a great overall segment. Survey Says: 2/5

Sheamus vs Fandango. Fandango escaped Sheamus early with some dance moves, then Sheamus mocked him. Sheamus hit a clothesline and a suplex. Fandango tried hitting a clothesline but Sheamus blocked it and hit a running knee. Sheamus hit a kick to the gut but Fandango caught him with a kick to the head. Sheamus fought out of a headlock and landed some punches and kicks in the corner. Fandango tried bailing to the outside but Sheamus caught him and landed some rope punches. Fandango finally bailed and was counted out.

Ryback vs Miz with Chris Jericho on commentary. Ryback dominated early slamming Miz into the mat. Ryback took Miz down with a clothesline. Miz tried fighting back but Ryback beat him down with some more punches. Miz finally landed some more punches then hit a dropkick to the knee of Ryback. Miz hit his corner clothesline then a shot to Ryback’s leg again. Miz continued to work over Ryback’s leg, and Ryback asked Miz to stop the match. Afterwards, Jericho came from commentary and hit a Codebreaker. Man, has Ryback falled or what in the last few weeks?


Mark Henry came out. He said he’s earned the name World’s Strongest Man and the respect of every worker he’s been in the ring with. But he said there’s a lot of backstage politics and he was never given a fair shot to win the WWE Title. He spent all these years doing the right thing for the business, and it got him nowhere. Henry said no one was going to keep him down anymore. He’s going to do the right thing for him. And after he beats John Cena, no one will be able to deny him. And everyone will say that Mark Henry earned the WWE Championship. He told John Cena that at Money in the Bank, he was going to beat John Cena’s ass.

Segment Analysis: A strong promo from Henry. He tried throwing in some backstage politics into the promo and it worked, even though it might not apply to him too much due to Henry’s injury history. But Henry is doing a good job of building this up as a big time moment for him and his chance to finally get to the top. Survey Says: 3/5

Backstage, Vince told Vickie that she was giving away a big time match (Alberto Del Rio/John Cena) on TV when it should be on PPV. He said that doesn’t sit well with him.

Can Anyone Stop Curtis Axel?

Prime Time Players vs CM Punk and Curtis Axel. Punk wanted to start, but Axel tagged himself in. Axel hit a quick armdrag takedown on Darren Young. Axel hit a clothesline on Young. Young tagged in O’Neil. Axel caught O’Neil with a dropkick. Axel still refused to tag in Punk, but O’Neil hit a clothesline off the distraction. O’Neil tagged in Young and he front suplexed Young onto Axel. Axel fought out of an abdominal stretch then pushed O’Neil into the corner. Punk received the hot tag. He hit a spinning neckbreaker on Young then a high running knee. Punk hit the Macho Man Elbow then a GTS on Young. He threw O’Neil over the top. Axel tagged himself in then made the pin for the win. Punk wasn’t happy and left the ring after the match.

Match Analysis: I thought there would: A-Be More Wrestling and B-Be More To That Match. It just kind of seemed like a throwaway segment. I wasn’t expecting Brock Lesnar. But I thought there would be more than the typical bickering between tag partners. I was let down by that segment as a whole. More could have been done. Survey Says 2/5

Kaitlyn beat Alicia Fox. Afterwards, A.J. came out and told Kaitlyn not to throw stones like she did on Smackdown. A.J. said she had some unflattering pictures of Kaitlyn before she came to the WWE. It was a blown up pic of Kaitlyn looking fat.

Stephanie told Vickie she would have a job evaluation next week.

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes came out. They said they will still remain friends even after the Smackdown Money in the Bank match. Antonio Cesaro came out with Zeb Colter. They did their normal anti-American rant then brought back Jack Swagger. It’s Cesaro vs Cody. Lots of back and forth action until Cesaro caught Cody with an uppercut then a few moves later hit the Neutralizer for the win.

The Divas on the E Network show argued backstage. It wasn’t worth describing.

Slowest Moving Run In Ever!

Cena vs Del Rio. Del Rio started with a headlock takedown and Cena came back with a hip toss and headlock takedown of his own. Cena hit a shoulder tackle but Del Rio leap frogged Cena and hit a hip toss. Cena went for the AA but Del Rio escaped to the outside and regrouped. Back in the ring Del Rio hit a kick to the mid-section. Cena blocked a suplex then hit one of his own and then a running bulldog. Del Rio moved out of the way in the corner and Cena went right into the ringpost. Del Rio immediately went to work on Cena’s arm. But Del Rio missed a dropkick and went through the ropes to the outside into commercial.

Back from break Cena caught Del Rio with a dropkick mid-air. Cena went for a shoulder tackle but Del Rio ducked. Cena tried going into CENA MODE, but Del Rio escaped and hit a backbreaker for two. Cena countered an armbar attempt and hit a scoop slam then the Five Knucke Shuffle. Del Rio escaped the AA and hit a German suplex for two. Cena came back with a belly-to-belly for two. Cena went to the top but Del Rio hit an enziguri and knocked him off. Cena ducked another enziguri, Del Rio escaped an STF attempt then hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Cena moved out of the way of a charging Del Rio and Del Rio went into the post. Cena hit a flying crossbody for two. Del Rio escaped the AA, Cena rolled through a cross armbreaker and then applied the STF. Mark Henry came to the ring. Del Rio rolled up Cena for two then hit another kick to the head. Dolph Ziggler came out and distracted Del Rio, allowing Cena to hit the AA for the win.

After the match Mark Henry came into the ring with the WWE Title. Henry made it seem like he was going to hit Cena with the belt, but didn’t. Henry dropped the Title and left the ring.

Match Analysis: The match itself wasn’t bad. I thought for sure it would have been a DQ/Countout finish. The end was uneventful, pretty much like the entire RAW. Survey Says: 2.5/5

The show ended with a Wyatt Family promo. They are really getting behind these guys.


Very uneventful RAW. Nothing newsworthy really happened, and there wasn’t that much in terms of wrestling on the show. The CM Punk/Paul Heyman story barely advanced at all. I liked Mark Henry’s promo. As I said, they are really building this up to be a big moment for Henry, which I am all for. The opening segment was lame. I don’t like the direction they are taking Daniel Bryan at the moment. He needs to stay over, but they are making him more like a heel as every show goes on. Nothing good with the Divas this week, and Ryback is looking more and more like a joke. Yes, even more than he was before. Nothing of note happened on this RAW. It gets a 2 from me.

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