Blu-ray Review: The Last Ride

Can you make a piece about a significant musician and make the whole process feel insignificant? That’s the end result of The Last Ride, which feels like what Walk the Line would’ve been like without the any of the significant character development.

The film focuses on country legend Hank Williams (Henry Thomas) right before his death at 29. His career has been trashed by Williams’ love of booze and pills, of course, which have wrecked his physical and professional health. He’s scheduled to do some shows in West Virginia and Ohio in a bid to rebuild it all. A mechanic (Jesse James) is there to keep him sober, of course, and the film becomes a road trip between the young man and his celebrity guest.

Unfortunately the film doesn’t give us any reason to care about either character. A low budget road trip film, which has been shot well enough to mimic the ‘50s Appalachian era where the events of the film took place, the film doesn’t have any real significant character moments or development. We have no reason to care about either; Williams is a legendary singer but the film doesn’t really give him the deference he deserves.

The Last Ride feels more like a generic film about a washed up country singer in the ’50s trying to get his life in order than the final moments of one of country’s legendary artists.

A generic making of piece is included and that’s it extras-wise.

20th Century Fox presents The Last Ride. Directed by Harry Thomason. Written by Howard Klausner, Dub Cornett. Starring Henry Thomas, Jesse James, Fred Dalton Thompson. Running time: minutes. Rated PG-13. Released: June 4, 2013. Available at