Update: Chris Benoit Bio-Pic DOES NOT Have Its Lead Actor

Update: TMZ.com posted a story contradicting the earlier report that actor Liev Schreiber was set to play Chris Benoit in the upcoming biopic about the Superstar’s life and horrorible end. Schreiber’s reps say the star is not on board with the film.

The biographical motion picture based on the life of the late Chris Benoit has reported cast Liev Schreiber in the title role. CrossFace: The Chris Benoit Story, based on the controversial book “Ring of Hell: The Story of Chris Benoit & The Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry” written by Matthew Randazzo, was optioned by SRG Films in 2011. The book and it’s writer have been slammed by many critics who have viewed the biography has been very one-sided and heavy-handed laying almost the entirety of blame on the wrestling industry for Chris Benoit’s sickening actions the final few days of his life.

The film is listed as in pre-production with hopes of a release in 2014.

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Source: MoviePilot.com