Inside Pulse’s WWE Money In The Bank 2013 Live Coverage Report

Welcome to Inside Pulse’s Live Coverage of WWE Money in the Bank! Keep it here, for all the match-by-match updates, with the latest update in ITALICS.

The Pre-Show starts with Josh Matthews opening with Big Show, Kofi Kingston & Vickie Guerrero at the table, hyping the event.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins (c) vs. The Uso’s

Uso’s are in neon green shorts with matching facepaint. Shield comes out without Ambrose, and in their normal gear. Jey & Rollins start. Jey attempts a chain of slides & roll-ups. Rollins is out of rhythm, and Reigns is tagged in. Uso’s with some double teaming, and they cut to a commercial (umm…). We come back and the Uso’s are still at the advantage over Rollins. Rollins with a dropkick, and Reigns is tagged in. Reigns gets Jimmy on the apron, and clotheslines him off, Jimmy taking a sick bump. Rollins gets the tag and gets Jimmy back in. Shield now dominating the match with quick tags and double teams. They cut to another commercial. When we come back, Jimmy dives over the top rope on both members of the Shield. Jimmy with a Butt Thump in the corner on Rollins. Jimmy then with a Samoan Drop for 2. Jimmy stalls, and then goes to the top. Rollins hits the ropes, crotching Jimmy. Rollins is up the turnbuckle and goes for a Superplex. Jey goes up to help, and Reigns gets in there for a Tower of Doom. Jimmy kicks out at 2. Rollins goes to Suicide on Jimmy on the floor, but Jimmy punches him in the face, and Rollins turned into a Superkick from Jey, but only for 2 when Reigns broke it up. Jey tosses Reigns to the floor, and goes out after. Reigns punches Jey in the back of the head. Jimmy goes for a Samoan Drop off the top, but Rollins slides off and lays Jimmy out. Rollins then hits a Running Power Bomb on Jimmy into the corner, and he stumbles out right into a Spear from Reigns for the pin.
Winners & Still Champion – The Shield

Ambrose joins his Shieldmates ringside to celebrate.

After the panel discusses the All-Stars MITB match & the WWE Championship match, they cut back to the ring, and Ambrose is still in the ring, so it looks like the scrub MITB match is first. Fandango & Summer Rae then come out and they cut out of the pre-show.

World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Fandango (w/ Summer Rae) vs. Wade Barrett vs. Antonio Cesaro (w/ Zeb Coulter) vs. Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Coulter) vs. Damian Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes

The Real Americans & Team Rhodes Scholars were introduced together. Tons of chaos to start the match. Ambrose attempts to get the case, but Barrett pulls him down, and sends him the floor. Fandango lays out Barrett, and then Fandango with a slingshot leg drop on Barrett. Fandango goes to the top of the ladder, but Sandow pulls him down, and he suplexes Fandango on a ladder. Barrett tears off a ladder rung, and beats down Sandow with it. Barrett climbs a ladder, Ambrose gets in and joins him. The Real Americans come in, and Swagger pulls Barrett down into an European Uppercut from Cesaro. Swagger and Ambrose fight themselves out of the ring. Cesaro is close, but Cody gets in, pulls down Cesaro into a M.U.S.C.L.E. Buster on a ladder! Barrett is back in, Swagger is back in. They climb the ladder, and Barrett hits the Bullhammer on Swagger. Fandango runs up the ladder and hits a Sunset Powerbomb on Barrett! Fandango climbs the ladder again, and Ambrose is in, and hits the Foward DDT from the Ladder! Ambrose tries to climb the ladder but the Real Americans come in. Ambrose is able to get the ladder over his head, and he does the Helicopter with it. Real Americans eventually block the Helicopter by holding onto both sides of the ladder. Ambrose then skins the cat, and gets on the ladder, that Cesaro & Swagger are holding. They then dump Ambrose the floor with the ladder. Without a ladder in the ring, Cesaro gets on Swaggers shoulders to try and right the ladder, but Cody drop kicks Swagger, causing Cesaro to fall. Cody then with a Cross Rodes on Fandango, then on Barrett. Rhodes gets the big ladder, Ambrose gets back in. Rhodes pulls on Ambrose’s vest through the ladder, smashing Ambrose’s face on the ladder. Rollins & Reigns then get in the ring, and they take out Cody. They then continue take out Barrett & Sandow. Rollins sets up the ladder, and tries to get Ambrose up. The Uso’s come out and take out Rollins & Reigns. Everyone, including the Uso’s & Shield, are fighting ringside, as Ambrose climbs the ladder. Rhodes gets in, and pushes the ladder, and Ambrose flies into everyone else. Rhodes climbs the ladder, and right when he’s going to grab the case, Sandow comes in and shoves him off, and grabs the case!
Winner – Damian Sandow

Brad Maddox comes out to pay tribute to former GM, Vickie Guerrero (who is at pre-show table in the skybox). Maddox then shows a video. Seriously, could this embarrassment not wait until tomorrow?

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Curtis Axel (c) (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. The Miz

Back and forth to start. Axel sends Miz to the floor. Heyman & Miz get a bit close, and Miz fakes that Heyman punched him. The ref did not see the interaction, but believes Miz, and kicks Heyman to the back. As Heyman is leaving, Philly breaks out into a ‘We Want Heyman’ chant. Miz takes over, hits the running clothesline into the turnbuckle. Miz calls for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Axel fights out, goes for the Perfect Plex, but Miz slides out, and goes for the Figure 4. but Axel kicks his way out. Miz hits the turnbuckle, and comes back with a Perfect Plex for 2. Axel goes for the McGillicutter, but Miz slides out, pushes Axel to the ropes, and hits a shoulder breaker on Axel’s knee. Miz then locks on the Figure 4. Axel rolls it over, Miz rolls it back, and Axel gets to the ropes. Axel is on the floor. Miz gets out and chase him back in the ring, but Axel kicks him in the jaw, and then hits the McGillicutter for the win.
Winner & Still Champion – Curtis Axel

Promo for SummerSlam.

WWE Diva’s Championship Match

AJ Lee (c) (w/ Big E Langston) vs. Kaitlyn (w/ Layla)

Kaitlyn is sporting a brace on her elbow, the announcers say she hyperextended it on Smackdown. Kaitlyn overpowers AJ to start. AJ goes to the floor, Kaitlyn follows, and AJ runs Kaitlyn to the post. Back in the ring, AJ puts on a Hammer Lock, and turns it into a Chancery of sorts. Kaitlyn fights out, but AJ gets her in the Crossface Chickenwing. Kaitlyn fights out, stands up, and hits a Backbreaker on AJ. Kaitlyn with a Scorpion Death Drop for 2. AJ fights back, knees to Kaitlyn’s bad arm. AJ goes to the top, but Kaitlyn shoves her off, but AJ lands in the arms of Big E. AJ gets back in the ring, and gets drilled with a Spear. Kaitlyn looks to have hurt her elbow again, and this allows AJ the chance to lock on the Black Widow submission. It takes a while, but Kaitlyn eventually taps out.
Winner & Still Champion – AJ Lee

Promo for Total Divas.

Back at the Pre-Show table. Vickie touches on Maddox, Kofi talks about Sandow, and Big Show talks about Axel.

Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

They recap that Ryback’s knee is not 100%. Ryback overpowers Jericho to start. Jericho goes after the knee, but Ryback is playing possum, and Jericho is tossed to the floor between the announce tables…looks like he banged his ribs against one of them. Ryback starts to target the ribs. Jericho fights off, and goes for a Codebreaker, but Ryback catches him, and slams him to the mat. Jericho fights back again, and targets the knee. Ryback is on the apron, and Jericho hits a Codebreaker through the ropes, and Ryback falls to the floor. Ryback is back in at the 9 count. Jericho with a top ropes crossbody for 2. Jericho hits the ropes, but Ryback catches him, presses him up, and drops him on his shoulders for the Shellshocked, but Jericho swings out and hits a DDT. Jericho goes for the Lionsault, but Ryback rolls away, then rolls up Jericho for the pin.
Winner – Ryback

Video hyping up the opening of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

Video montage recapping Del Rio/Ziggler.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph is out without AJ or Big E. ADR is out without Ricardo. Crowd is firmly behind Ziggler. JBL reminds us that Sandow can cash in tonight if he decided too. Ziggler with a series of crowd pleasing moves to start off in control. Ziggler hits a 10 count of elbow drops. Ziggler is playing to the crowd, and ADR kicks him in the back of the head. Ziggler is slow to get back up. More back and forth action. Ziggler hits a Famouser for 2. AJ’s music hits, and she skips around the ring. Ziggler is distracted, and wants her to get go to the back. Ziggler goes to the top, but ADR brings him down. ADR then with a kick to the side of the head for 2. ADR goes for a kick while Ziggler is on his knees, AJ gets in the ring for some reason, Ziggler catches ADR’s foot and shoves ADR off him, and ADR is turned toward AJ hits ADR with her Diva’s belt, causing the DQ. JBL & King are baffled as to what just happened.
Winner via DQ – Alberto Del Rio

Ziggler is arguing with AJ, and AJ just keeps saying that she is sorry.

Video for Cena/Henry is shown.

WWE Championship Match
John Cena (c) vs. Mark Henry

Henry starts out with the advantage, keeping a very slow pace. Cena rolls to the floor, but Henry follows, and Henry grabs him, lifts him up, and drops him gut first on the ringsteps. Henry rolls Cena back in the ring, and continues to overpower him. Cena fights back, tries a dropkick, which phases Henry, then a shoulderblock, but Henry hits him with one back, and Cena is laid out. Henry sends Cena to the corner. Henry charges, but Cena moves, and Cena attempts a body slam, but Henry’s weight is too much, and he falls back on Cena. Henry continues with the overpowering. Cena is finally able to get Henry on the shoulders, and nails the AA, but Henry kicks out. Cena goes to the top, and leaps off right into Henry’s arms. Henry hits the Worlds Strongest Slam, but only gets 2. Henry can’t believe it. Henry takes the turnbuckle pad off. The ref sees it, and tries to get the pad back on. Henry tosses a few chairs in the distract the ref, pulls off the opposite turnbuckle pad, and goes to send Cena into the exposed turnbuckle, but Cena puts on the brakes, and sends Henry in to the exposed steel, and locks on the STFU. Henry is able to get to the ropes. Both men are up, and the ref gets too close, and gets bumped, this allows Henry to kick Cena square in the groin…but it only gets a 2 count. Henry goes for another WSS, but Cena is able to slide over top of Henry, takes out his legs, and locks on the STFU in the middle of the ring for the submission.
Winner & Still Champion – John Cena

Back up to the Preshow table, and they recap the last match.

They then recap the Wyatt Family’s attack on Kane.

WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Christian vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. CM Punk

All 6 stare each other down, and the other 5 look at RVD, who starts to do his thumb taunt, but they attack him and toss him to the floor. The other 4 then stare down Sheamus, and do the same thing. Christian & Punk and Bryan & Orton square off, but Christian & Orton are dumped to the floor, and Bryan & Punk go at it in the middle of the ring. A great sequence of moves, as you can expect from these 2, until Sheamus gets in the in ring with a ladder and lays them out. Orton in, dropkicks the ladder into Sheamus. RVD in, hits his spots. Monkey Flip on Christian, then the Rolling Thunder on Bryan, while he was laid on a ladder. Orton gets laid out on a ladder in the ring, and RVD goes up, looking for a 5*, but Christian tosses Hornswoggle’s ladder at RVD, and RVD falls to the floor. Christian clears the ring, and goes to the top of the ladder, but Sheamus pulls him down in a Razor’s Edge attempt, but Christian slides through, but Sheamus slugs him. Sheamus climbs the ladder, but RVD flies in and knocks it down. Sheamus is up fast, and hits RVD with a Rolling Senton on a ladder. Bryan pulls Sheamus to the floor, but Sheamus lays him out. Sheamus bridges a ladder from the apron to the SAP table, and Sheamus looks to kill Bryan through the ladder (like he did to Sin Cara a few years ago). However Bryan fights out, shoves Sheamus to the floor, and hits a running knee off the apron. Punk & Orton fight in the ring for steps up the ladder. Christian brings another ladder in, climbs it. RVD, Bryan & Sheamus then join the fun. Punk grabs the case, and swings it away from the group, and they all fall down. Sheamus is back in control, and he hits White Noise on Christian. Sheamus climbs the ladder, but Bryan stops him. They both fall to the mat, and Bryan eats a Borough Kick. Sheamus back up the ladder, has the case in his hand, and Punk pulls him down by this tights, showing a white moon. Punk hits the running knee in the corner, then drops a ladder on Sheamus from the corner. Orton is in, a ladder is propped up in the corner, and Orton hits Punk with an Exploder suplex on the ladder. Orton is ready to climb, but he turns right into a Spear from Christian. Christian starts to climb, but RVD brings a 2nd ladder in, and hits Christian with it. RVD props the ladder in the corner, as the crowd is chanting for Tables. Christian moves the set up ladder to the corner of the ring, RVD lays out Christian, gets on the ladder in the corner, and hits the 5* off the ladder on Christian! RVD climbing the ladder, Sheamus brings him down. Bryan then comes in and goes crazy! He takes out all 5 of the other men! He sends Sheamus off the top rope through the previously propped up ladder on the SAP table. He hits a double missile drop kick on RVD & Orton. Bryan goes to the top of the ladder, and Curtis Axel makes his way in the ring with a chair. He pulls Bryan down, and hits him with a chair a few times. Axel brings Bryan to the floor, and hits the McGillicutter on the floor. Punk comes over and grabs Axel, and hits the GTS on the floor. Heyman comes out and yells at Axel, saying he wants Punk to win. Punk stands alone, and Heyman is cheering him on. Punk starts climbing the ladder, but Heyman slides in the ring, and slams him a few times with a different ladder. Heyman storms off, Punk is out. RVD comes in starts to climb, but Orton slides in, pulls RVD’s leg out, and turns it into a RKO! Amazing spot. Orton climbs the ladder, and is all alone to grab the case.
Winner – Randy Orton

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