Disc News: Combat! unites for Complete 4th and 5th Season sets

When Combat was originally released on DVD from 2004 – 2005, the World War II series had the seasons split up. This meant fans had to hunt down two boxsets to get each campaign. If they didn’t remember to get volume 2, they’d be left hanging as to what happened to Vic Morrow on his mission. Did he kill Hitler? After nearly a decade, fans of the black and white series can now get entire seasons in single boxsets. The five seasons will be complete before the end of summer with Combat!: The Complete Fourth Season due out July 19 and Combat!: The Complete Fifth Season following on August 13 to complete the collection.

The series directors included Robert Altman (Nashville) and Richard Donner (Lethal Weapon). Dozens of future famous actors served their time as both Allied Troops and Nazi soldiers. Claude Akins (Sheriff Lobo) shocked America as a German spy. Many backlots in Hollywood were torn apart to reflect the worn torn towns of Europe. The show has gained a larger cult following in the last few years thanks to night owl showings on various digital substations. But it’s much more fun to watch the show without commercials for reverse mortgages and home oxygen delivery. Each season boxset includes includes Audio Commentaries, Photo Gallery, Oddities & Bloopers, and more.

Combat!: The Complete Fourth Season is available at Amazon.com.

Combat!: The Complete Fifth Season is available at Amazon.com.

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