Murtz On The Scene: Behind-The-Scenes Of Satisfaction With Leah Renee

One of the most uncertain time periods of a young adult’s life is when they find themselves in their 20s.

Indeed, the post-graduation lull often reeks of indecision where most twentysomethings struggle to find their first job, their first apartment and their first real relationship.

CTV’s new original single-camera comedy, Satisfaction, explore these struggles by using the trials and tribulations of three characters currently in their twentysomething bubble who are each trying to find “satisfaction” in their personal and professional lives.

Starring Ryan Belleville (The LA Complex), Luke Macfarlane (Brothers & Sisters), and Leah Renee (The Playboy Club), the half-hour series explores taking the next step and uses the traditional sitcom set-up of three adults living together.

Macfarlane and Renee play Jason and Maggie, a couple in a long-term relationship who live with their friend Mark (Belleville). While Jason and Maggie feel that their lives are relatively stable, it turns out that they are more like their couch-potato friend than they think.

The trio get into many different adventures, including dealing with a blackout in the first episode, to assessing the pro’s and con’s of opening a joint bank account.

In tonight’s fourth episode, “The Pot And The Pirate,” Jason and Maggie agree to score pot for their suburbanite friends to keep appearances as a new and hip young couple. The problem is that Jason and Maggie have no idea where to purchase the product. With Mark being busy with a new government job (one where he is diagnosed with scurvy from his doctor (guest-star Gordon Pinsent) and not being able to help, the couple’s pursuit of attempting to buy marijuana in the city is one that many will be able to identify with. It is also a great example of the fresh kinds of storytelling that the series has displayed in its first few episodes

I recently had the chance to interview Leah Renee from the series, who also gave me a behind-the-scenes tour of Satisfaction‘s Toronto set [SEE VIDEO ABOVE]. We discussed her jump from The Playboy Club to Satisfaction and the differences between the two roles. We also chatted about the show and why the two guy and one girl sitcom always seems to be a failsafe for television and how it feels to have a network be so supportive of a Canadian series (with the amount of promotion CTV has dedicated to the series).

Satisfaction airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CTV

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