Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With SUITS‘ Patrick J. Adams

SUITS is one of the best scripted shows currently on television. In fact, if not for Breaking Bad, it might even be the best.

It’s definitely high praise for a USA original series that is only in its third season and features one of the smaller ensemble casts in primetime.

The show, which sees Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) lie about going to Harvard to secure a job as an associate attorney under mentor Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht) has been a favourite among critics since its debut and is heading into its most-anticipated season as Mike’s girlfriend Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) now knows Mike’s secret as well.

While there are many reasons as to why the series has received the praise that it has, it’s primarily due to the brilliant writing, spectacular character development and off-the-charts chemistry shared between the show’s two leads.

I recently had the chance to sitdown and talk to Patrick J. Adams about the success of the show and his on-screen relationship with Gabriel Macht. We discussed the mentor and pupil relationship in general and if the fact that he and Gabriel are both relatively still young adds a new dimension to the traditional idea of the teacher and student.

In the most in-depth interview that I have ever conducted, we chatted about the pressures of being the face of a show and what life was like for Adams prior to successfully landing the role of Mike. I asked him about his lucky streak of always being able to select guest-starring roles on hit shows like Lost and Friday Night Lights. We also chatted about the insanely hot love scene with Meghan Markle that marked the end of last season and if that was awkward at all.

My favourite line of questioning centered around SUITS‘ new season (that debuts tonight on USA and on Bravo tomorrow in Canada) as I asked him about how Mike and Harvey’s bromance would change considering Mike’s deception last season. I also asked him if Mike made Harvey more ethical or if Harvey made Mike more ruthless.

After visiting the SUITS set a couple of years ago, I had no idea that the show would be as good as it is. Similarly, while Patrick J. Adams is one of the best new faces on TV, I had no idea that he would be as insightful or well-spoken as he turned out to be.

This is, without equivocation, my favourite interview.

SUITS premieres tonight at 10 PM on USA and tomorrow at 10 PM on Bravo.

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