WWE SmackDown Spoilers for Friday 07.19.2013 – Paul Heyman Interview, Teddy Long Job Evaluation, More Fallout from Money In The Bank

WWE SmackDown spoilers and results for Friday 7/19/13:

Teddy Long comes out and says Vince McMahon is in the building to do Teddy’s job evaluation and asked the crowd if he should be permanent GM. Suddenly, Booker T’s music hits and Booker tells Teddy he’s back to resume his GM role.

Vince McMahon wastes no time as he interrupts right here. Vince says there can only be one GM and asks Teddy and Booker what they have planned for tonight. Teddy says Curtis Axel vs. Chris Jericho for the IC title, while Booker goes with Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton.

Raw GM Brad Maddox then comes out and says he thought up those matches already and then he announces the SmackDown return of Rob Van Dam.

After Vince teases all three candidates, he then announces that the new General Manager of SmackDown is …… Vickie Guerrero.

Huge “NO!” chants from the crowd as Vickie comes out. She then says she’s back and that she hates the WWE Universe for everything they put her through when she was fired from Raw.

1. Dolph Ziggler def. Jack Swagger – afterwards Ziggler trash talks AJ, who goes crazy backstage. Big E calms her down and they almost kissed but Big E pulled away and kissed her forehead instead.

2. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns and The Usos were set to wrestle but Dean Ambrose got involved before the bell rang. MARK HENRY makes the save, and gets a huge baby face reaction to cement his face turn.

3. Daniel Bryan def. Wade Barrett via the YES! Lock. Bryan was on fire with the crowd, as is the norm these days.

Next is Paul Heyman’s interview on Miz TV. Heyman told CM Punk to stay down or risk being victimized by BROCK LESNAR.

4. Curtis Axel def. Chris Jericho to retain the Intercontinental Title. Afterwards, Ryback attacked Jericho.

Money In The Bank winner Damien Sandow came to the ring. Be said he didn’t understand why Cody Rhodes attacked him on Monday and that he didn’t screw him over. As a token of “friendship” he asks Cody to be his “guardian of the briefcase”. Cody attacked Sandow again here.

5. Rob Van Dam def. Darren Young

It’s revenge time for Vickie, as she has SECURITY remove Teddy Long from the building.

This Monday on Raw, the BIG SHOW returns.

6. Randy Orton def. Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match. Also, according to reports, Orton was legit injured and WWE.com posted a story sayig he suffered “a cervical strain and cervical neuropraxia.”

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