Interinactivity Summer Bash 2013: Day 5 – BD, Pulse History, Swayze & Commenters

Welcome to the Interinactivity Summer Bash 2013! It’s going to be a fun week. I had WAY more responses to Interinactivity than I was counting on, so much that it had to be split into different parts to really be readable. So I’ve grouped them all into 5 articles, one for each day this week. They’re also separated somewhat by subject, for your convenience.

Monday: The Hardys, TNA, ROH & Chikara (responses to Scott Keith, Matt Harrak, CB, Zork & J-Train)
Tuesday: Shaemus, Mark Henry & The Miz (responses to CB, Swayze, Chris Sanders, Jonah Kue, Rhett Davis & PUSSBOT 3000)
Wednesday: Mid-Card Titles, Hall Of Fame, Older Wrestlers & Racism (responses to HH, IS, SS & W)
Thursday: CM Punk, The Shield & Reinvigorating Wrestling (responses to Mike Gojira, Steven Gepp, Jonah Kue, James Sawyer, Zork, Caleb Hamilton, & Wrestling Facts)
Friday: BD, Pulse History, Swayze & Commenters (responses to Martin Shaw, CB, James Sawyer, Chris Sanders, Bob Loblaw & Cynical Bastard)

(If you don’t see your entire comment one day, chances are I split it up to give the articles some flow so the rest of it will appear on a different day.) I won’t waste anyone’s time with a long intro, as there’s a lot of reading here as it is. Enjoy!


First off, here’s a couple miscellaneous questions that came in a bit later.

Matt Harrak: Ok, WWE has survived through the years by adapting to the current social climate and being able to produce what their fans want. Vince Jr saw that first opportunity with the launch of MTV & developed the “Rock & Wrestling” connection that eventually lead to WrestleMania. When that style was becoming stale, hard-hitting/shock TV was the newest rage and thus the Attitude Era. Now we’ve seen WWE return to its roots per say with the PG-Era but it doesn’t seem as if they have an intention of changing the product when it becomes stale (& it has) like it has done in the past. Will the WWE realize their error & lack of growth and begin to change with the times or will they need the threat of another organization that grows to their level like WCW did in order to force change in the company? I know my answer, I want to hear yours. 😉

BD: Hey, you winked at me. Thanks for creeping up my day.

Kidding! Yes, I believe that the threat of another organization growing to their level would force WWE to change – the other thing I believe could do it is their audience shrinking below a level they’re comfortable with.

What’s the risk of either of those scenarios happening, though? Almost zero – if the decreasing viewership hasn’t bothered them up to THIS point, then I don’t see it happening, not without another significant drop, especially since those ratings have mostly flattened out now.

And the risk of another company coming CLOSE to something even RESEMBLING competition is even LESS likely. TNA overtaking WWE would be like Malta successfully invading the US.

I don’t believe they’ll “realize their error” and attempt to grow or innovate on their own though, mostly because a) they don’t need to (see above) and b) failing to grow is not an “error”. Growing or not growing your business is a calculated risk. I suppose that there’s no way to really know for certain whether WWE has deliberated about doing this or not. If they have though, they’ve obviously decided not to go that route, because you’re right, they haven’t grown or evolved (at least not in any noticeable way) in over 10 years. All they’ve done is increase their social media presence, which is all well and good, but they’re still offering the same product.

This brings me to an interesting point about your comment, where you mentioned that over the years they’d “adapted to the current social climate”. This is a popular misconception – WWE hasn’t innovated almost ANYTHING in over 3 decades since the Rock N’ Wrestling era you mentioned. The Attitude Era only happened because WCW was kicking all their shit straight back up their ass, and they decided to go somewhere that they knew WCW couldn’t go – adult-oriented programming. But they didn’t “innovate” that. They got the “live and uncut” feel directly from WCW, and the violent stuff and the drinking they got from ECW. Did they do this better than WCW or ECW? Sure, you could make that argument – still wasn’t their idea though, and they didn’t do it for the sake of “innovation”. They did it to survive. You think Vince would have done “Attitude” if it hadn’t been for the pressure his business was under? No fucking way, man. I’m getting the chance to bring back a lot of old chestnuts with this week’s “Interinactivity” articles, but those 3 or 4 years probably took 20 off old Vince’s life.

That speaks to why they haven’t truly evolved or grown since they haven’t had any competition – they haven’t needed to. Despite the downturn that’s happened over the last decade, you say that “WWE has survived through the years”, but I disagree. I would argue that they’ve THRIVED through the years. And as for “changed with the times”, WWE are pretty much the only game in town. That MAKES them “the times”. Besides, what does “change with the times” mean in terms of wrestling? There’s no other model to go on other than WWE, and that brings up another good point. “Evolve” how, exactly? TV has evolved quite a bit over the years with reality TV and, more importantly to WWE, networks like HBO, Showtime and AMC that have captured the public’s attention because of more complex storylines and compelling characters. (And THEIR audiences don’t demand to know at all times whether someone be a cookie-cutter hero or villain, by the way.) But how should this influence a wrestling program? I certainly don’t know the answer to that. I can’t even pretend to know. Even if they did want to evolve, where does one take a wrestling show in this day and age?

There is something to be said for playing it safe. People take a look at a decreasing viewship (which again, has flattened considerably over recent years anyway) and jump to conclusions without looking at the actual financial profile of the organization. This isn’t 1997 and Nitro wasn’t live this week, so don’t worry about ratings – take a look at the health of the overall business. Seriously, just take a look at it and you’ll see – it’s a perfectly safe cash cow business model that I imagine investors are perfectly happy with.

Why take the risk? What’s the upside potential for that risk, and is it worth it? Do they even have an idea out there that they think could significantly grow the audience even close to the one they once had? Does such an idea even EXIST? Is it worth the potential pitfalls to the business if it does exist? One of the questions that you have to ask yourself when considering these things are WHY you would want to jump into that pool without a reason to do so – reasons like, as stated, viewership dipping below levels that they’re comfortable with and competition breathing down their neck. Neither of those things are happening anytime soon, and they’re making good money and are successful.

McMahons aren’t dumb. They know wrestling isn’t as popular as it used to be. They know a ton of conversations about wrestling these days go something like this:

PERSON 1: Hey, do you want to watch RAW?
PERSON 1: Why not?
PERSON 2: Because it’s not 1997.

It’d be very difficult to get things like they were in 1998, ESPECIALLY since one of the things that got them there in the first place was competition – which they don’t have anymore and is something they can’t control in the first place. So yeah, trading risk for potential growth (emphasis on “potential”) isn’t always the answer. Especially in this case. Work with the audience you have – you can still try to grow without taking risks, it’s just tougher to do.

Regardless, look at their fiscal year-end results, and you’ll see that they’re quite comfortable doing what they’re doing. EVERY year for many years, they’ve made MORE money than the year before – aside from 2011, where they had crazy movie losses, but they did still MAKE money that year, just not as much – and movie losses are not a problem anymore now that production is outsourced.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming to know that they don’t have any plans to innovate or grow or do something different in the future. The only ones who know that for sure are them. I would LIKE it if they evolved or changed things up a bit, all I’m saying is that IF they decide to keep things how they are, then you can certainly see the logic behind that decision, and it certainly isn’t an “error”.

Kyle Fitta: Perhaps you could add this to your column tomorrow or just answer it here. I heard a rumor that Triple H will be facing Stone Cold Steve Austin at WM 30 if Austin is ready to go. Triple H will be fighting on his own behalf, while Vince McMahon will have Stone Cold wrestle for him. I am 50/50 on this whole thing. I can see why they would do that match, although there are tons of people who want to see Punk vs Austin at XXX. What do you think of this potential match?

BD: Ugh, really?

I would say don’t bother. I made the point yesterday about guys getting out while the getting’s good. Austin went out in a fashion that was perfectly fine – a bit early perhaps, but since a full-time return is out of the question anyway, that’s not really relevant. He lost to The Rock, arguably his greatest opponent, and the match was solid despite Austin not being able to go full tilt. Austin certainly doesn’t need the money with all his current projects on the go.

And if the period between SummerSlam 2012 to Extreme Rules 2013 can be used to prove ANYTHING, it’s that no one is really all that bothered at this point if Triple H wrestles or even retires. I’m not a Triple H hater whatsoever, he’s done a ton for wrestling, put tons of people over (yes, not everyone, but still) and I can think of more than a dozen matches he’s had that I think are fantastic. But, enough is enough – he can still be on the show in whatever capacity, but the in-ring career for him needs to come to an end. I would have him go down to someone on the up-and-up and be done with it. Soon. But that someone would not be Steve Austin. Undertaker would have been a good option, but that ship has sailed. And it’s not like he needs the money either.

That said, both guys would probably still LIKE the money and I could absolutely see this happening. I’m just saying I wouldn’t care to watch it all that much.


James Sawyer: Now that you’ve stopped watching wrestling, what takes up that time now? EDM? GOT? ATMs?

BD: Well, as I said, I’ve kind of started paying attention to some of the PPV’s again, but affirmative to all 3, at least depending on which specific acronym of “ATM” you’re referring to.


James Sawyer: How do you respond to the rumors that you once wrestled under the name the Calgarian Crush with your signature leglock the Toronto Maple Leaf? And does it offend you when I mix up my Canadian stereotypes and locations?

BD: The copyright lawyers of Calgarian Crush and the Toronto Maple Leaf have advised me NOT to respond to those rumours, and no – actually, in true Canadian fashion, I’m obligated to apologize to YOU for you mixing up your Canadian stereotypes and locations.

Sorry, eh. I’m off to have poutine and Tim Hortons with my head hung and that Charlie Brown music playing.


Chris Sanders: We give and we give and then we give some more. you basically get a mention every single podcast whenever we reach the mark henry portion of the show and then you still want more from us. Here’s a question: are all Canadians needy or is it just you?

BD: Apparently not needy enough, because you couldn’t get your partner to show up and ask a question. You’re lucky I’m even responding to this next question without your other half being willing to participate.

It was you, Leonard. You broke my heart.

That was a scene from Godfather.

You should watch it, if you haven’t.

It’s a very dramatic scene.


Bob Lawblaw: I have four questions for you, Blair.

Blair: Nice Arrested Development name. Go!

1. Who is the mother of the WWE PUSSBOT 3000?

WWE PUSSBOT 3000 (Positive Universe Superstar Sycophant), for those who don’t know, actually used to be “STD” (Stereotypical TNA Douchebag), a robot that myself and Swayze built to enjoy TNA back when I was on TNA recap duty. We got the idea that it had to be a robot because obviously no funciontal, literate human being could have enjoyed TNA back then. After TNA got done skullfucking my bloated and rotten corpse into the liquid magma core of the Earth, we shut him down and put it in Swayze’s basement. When I was getting burned out on the last recap tour earlier this year, myself and Sanders decided to dig him out of there and reprogram him for WWE.

We went too far, though. He’s now fully sentient, and completely out of control. You can even catch him on Twitter now @Pussbot3000. For the record, neither me or Swayze run this account – I do know who does, but I’m sworn to secrecy.

?2. Are you ever going to continue your Hart Family Legacy series?
The only one I really never did (in the generation that came from Stu) was Bret. The thing is, at the time I had done the series, I kind of covered most of Bret’s story in the other instalments (and used up almost all of my Hart jokes). I suppose that since then, Bret has gone back to WWE so I could do it. We’ll see if I get the inspiration.

3. Will Swayze ever write another column for the Pulse?
Myself and CB have been bugging him for over a year to do this. The truth is though, if someone doesn’t want to write, they probably shouldn’t – because it won’t turn out to be as good if it’s forced. So if he doesn’t want to write, he shouldn’t. We only want him to write so badly because we know how funny he is.

Back in the day, Swayze recapped his journey through the story mode of a WWE game for the site we used to work for, in character of the wrestler. I swear it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever read on a website. Unfortunately, those articles are lost now, although he recently gave me hope that he’d attempt this again. If he does, you’re doing yourself a massive disservice if you don’t check them out.

4. Who is the next person that everyone here will be wrong about?
Great question. I would have said Curtis Axel, but it doesn’t seem like as many people have jumped on his bandwagon as did for Shaemus, Miz, Mark Henry, or Ryback (just to use the most recent examples). So it’s tough to say at this point, especially since Punk is on top now and they seem to be pushing guys like Bryan and Ambrose.

Maybe the general population of wrestling fans (at least around here) are getting less naive or manipulatable, maybe WWE has just pushed too many guys that turned out to be nothing now that fans are less apt to believe that someone is a big deal just because WWE says they are… or maybe the next guy they’ll be wrong about just hasn’t reared his ugly head yet. I don’t know.


Martin Shaw: Yeah, I never said I’d go easy on you – why the change from Blair A. Douglas to just BD? A lot of wrestling writers use fake names because they’re ashamed of the fact they write about wrestling. If that’s the case, why return in the first place? What keeps drawing you back?

BD: Funny story – when Matt Michaels brought me on originally to do Impact, he did so about an hour before Impact that week took place. I didn’t have a log-in or anything yet, so he just told me to e-mail him the recap and he’d post it, and we’d get me a log-in for next week. When I did so, he posted it under the name that was on the emails we were sending back and forth – aka, my real name. I asked him if I could go by B.@.D, which was my alias on the site I worked for beforehand (which you’ll remember), but he said they prefer to use real names, or at least something that sounded like a real name. (This is when I should have looked at “CB” on the sidebar and been like “Hey, wait a god damn minute here.”) But I thought “fair enough”, but then about a week later one guy threatened to “wash my mouth out with Cena’s balls” and told me that anyone who’d enjoyed something I’d enjoyed should be shot. This type of thing, while it didn’t take place every week, did continue with some regularity, including someone once telling me that Matt Morgan would “fuck me until my ass bleeds”.

If I were smart, I’d have changed it right then. Anyone who’s a regular here, I have no issues with knowing my real name – it’s all over Facebook anyway. And TNA interns defending Crimson and Gunner, Scott Keith’s own personal troll frequenting my work, and someone telling me I’d caused the financial collapse because I work in finance (yes, this happened) are one thing, but between the more aggressive types from the paragraph above, and some of the e-mails I’ve received as a result of my work that you probably wouldn’t believe if I told you, it just seemed like a smart idea.

A reader once e-mailed me a couple of links to Bleacher Report and 411 forums, and there were two regular commenters on both who were MASSIVE Shaemus and Mark Henry fans. Know what their names were? Blair and Swayze. Neither myself nor Swayze have ever commented on a Bleacher Report nor a 411 article. Weird, no? More alarmingly, one time a friend sent me a link to a Facebook profile – mine. Except that it wasn’t mine. It was someone else with pictures lifted directly from my actual Facebook profile, and the only information in the “About Me” section was that I worked for Pulse. Creepy.

It wasn’t ever anything that was a MASSIVE concern, but better save than sorry, and better late than never, right? Some people are crazy (the hardcore TNA fans concerned me more than the WWE fans because there’s obviously a screw or two lose there already), and you never know. But if one of these odd impersonations or the strangely violent-sounding people are going to do something weird like hack me or show up at my door with Swayze’s face stapled to their heads because I think Shaemus and Matt Morgan are terrible, I’d at least like them to have to do some work to get to me, rather than me just handing them my address and bank PIN.

Besides, you must admit my real name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue as easily as “BD” does. I should sue my parents.


Martin Shaw: Why do you think some writers feel the need to deliver what’s basically the same column every week, with the same opinions as almost every other writer out there and on the exact same subject? Do they place some sort of importance on themselves, believing that someone out their is waiting for their column alone, or do they lack faith in their previous work and fell the need to constantly cover the same points until they think they’ve achieved something?

BD: I can’t really tell where you’re going with this, or even if it’s aimed at me or not. If it isn’t, then honestly, I’ve been guilty of the same thing. I get a lot of flack for continuing to bring up the Shaemus thing, but honestly, I kept (and keep) bringing it up because it’s honestly fascinating to me. I’ve had such a good time watching that guy over the past couple years PURELY because of the general reaction to the guy back then, and the general reaction to him now.

Also, some columns are weekly not only on a scheduled basis, but on a content basis as well. What I mean by that is, if the nature of a column is to go over stuff that happened during a given week, and not much happened in a given week (or more of the same happened) then of course you’ll see some overlap. My columns aren’t like that, but some here have been. Lots of columns handle maybe a single news-worthy incident either on or off the show, and some columnists may have similar opinions on it, but often there will be something unique about their own take on it anyway.

I don’t know – I read all the opinion stuff most weeks on here. I guess I just haven’t really seen that many incidents (although I have seen some) of what you’re talking about, so maybe I just haven’t noticed, or missed your point.


Martin Shaw: Will certain sections of the Pulse community ever come to terms with the fact that we’re actually a group of people who were left with no place to talk about wresting after the demise of the DDT/WO/Powerbomb/Spinebuster community, and not a bunch of “trolls”, “hacks”, “haters”, or “shit stirrers”?

BD: Wow, listing all the different versions of our little community really brings to light how many times James shut it all down and re-opened it. The original DDT was a lot of fun, we had some hilarious stuff and some good discussions on there.

You know, to be honest I think that any of the vitriol we received upon me bringing several of you to the site is mostly gone now. It’s still present in a couple of individuals who may like to toss around terms like “IWC Hivemind” and “mark” whenever they’re disagreed with, but I can count those people on one hand now, unlike before.

Most of it was probably due to the difference in demographics for the two sites. The only reason you guys came here instead of going anywhere else is that this is where I chose to hang my hat before our old hangout got shut down. DDT was an underground site, and this is… not that. On DDT, if we were having a debate about Orton, and if, say, you disagreed with Swayze on Randy Orton, Swayze would say something like “well you’re an idiot, Orton sucks and everyone knows it. No one likes him.” and people would continue to talk about it, all in good fun, going back and forth with each other, without anyone taking it personally. Here, people were like “THAT’S A PERSONAL ATTACK AND YOU’RE A MARK, THIS IS HATE SPEECH.” and other childish things like that.

When I decide to have some fun and go that route (although I can’t do it near as well as you guys can), I’ll get the same thing. If I say that “no one” cheers Shaemus, I’ve had it pointed out that it obviously isn’t the case that “no one” enjoys Shaemus – when “no one” is obviously a figure of speech. The best part about those is that the people pointing it out quite often make way more literal errors. I just never point them out, because… you know, who cares. It’s the way people talk. Read an article on ANY website and you’ll see it.

Me, I’ve never understood that mindset. Who cares who’s politically correct or how someone talks when you’re debating WRESTLING. Of all things. When Swayze first got here, I sort of understood why some people may not have known how to take him because they weren’t used to him like we were – but now? Dude has been here for years. He’s having fun. Stop taking stuff so personally on a wrestling website and have some fun with him back.

Again, it bears repeating – we’re talking about wrestling here. Fucking relax.

But even though it’s still present, I’d say what you’re talking about is here maybe 10% as much as it used to be. A lot of that has to do with (you know who) not being here anymore, and a lot of it came out of the BS that he started originally anyway – but more than that, people aren’t afraid to get into debates or present their points of view on columns now, which I think is a great thing. There’s been a ton more comments and back-and-forth (good and bad) over the last couple years, and I think that’s great. I know you aren’t a fan of the more aggressive back-and-forths, but I think that reflects on the commenters specifically and what they’re saying, not on Pulse itself, and I think that people keep coming back to talk about stuff is great.

I know that when I’m on the subway or have a few minutes, I’ll usually check out the comments during the day. It’s fun. Jesus, in my book it beats a lot of other stuff that some people choose fill their spare moments with.

Most importantly, it seems like people have a lot more fun on here than they used to – and I’d like to think we have at least something small to do with that.

All Pulse needs now is that damned video game recap from Swayze… YES, I SAID IT AGAIN. YOU HEARD ME SWAYZE. GET OUT THE DAMN CONTROLLER. (Trust me people, if you see it you’ll be glad I pushed him to do it.)


CB: DDT will come back one day, Reject promises 😉

BD: I’d not be surprised.


Cynical Bastard: Do you think that delusional commenters will ever get over themselves and their own personal demons long enough to realize that this is not only one of the most drama and bullshit free sites remaining on the intarweb, but also stop poisoning the well here by imagining nonexistent persecution and responding to such?

BD: You know, I remember when I didn’t know who the fuck Penny was, and someone kept comparing her to someone that often commented on either Interinactivity or my TNA recaps. I asked who she was, and someone told me. But I think we said her name too many times or something, because then she manifested. Thanks a lot, whoever made that comparison.


Cynical Bastard: Also, will Starcade ever figure out that I am neither CB/CB40 the IPW writer, nor am I FDSwayze, and will he stop trying to call me out on articles that CB40 wrote, and that FDSwayze argued with him on, that I had nothing to do with?

BD: I’m not psychiatrically trained (although I do own a couch) and even if I was I couldn’t begin to diagnose someone over text written on a wrestling website. (And, speaking of Penny, if I was delusional enough to think I could, then I’d be her.)

So, I don’t know that Starcade will ever get his shit pushed in properly, but until he does, at least we know how many cop cars (he says) were needed to take him down. So just make sure when you call 911, you tell them to send NINE cop cars, and not a cop car less. Fucker is like Jack Bauer, apparently.


Cynical Bastard: Also, will FDSwayze ever stop feeding teh trollz?

BD: I think you have it backwards – the trolls need to stop feeding Swayze. Not the other way around. The man never tires.


Cynical Bastard: I enjoyed the flashback to an old rant about the Hardyz. Also, that poor fucking dog. Also, please, do a regular recap of something. Wheeler has abandoned us, and I feel as though the two of you are similar enough that you could provide a similarly stimulating recap. Maybe better, maybe not, I’m not here to judge, just to be entertained. Just give us something approaching FYC quality (and I’m sure you’re capable of that).

BD: I appreciate that dude, I really do. Thank you.

But at this point, I think I’d rather be that poor fucking dog.

The odd recap, when the mood strikes me… no problem. That’s fun. On a regular basis? I’m not wired for it anymore, man. The TV shows seem to be getting a bit better in terms of match quality from what I’m reading, but in general seem to be about as predictable as they ever have been. 3 hours is too fucking long, and TNA is too fucking insane. I have NO idea how JC or Scott Keith tackle WWE and TNA every week. Saints and martyrs, they are. They’d have found me wandering through French Guiana in a Miz t-shirt with no memory of how I’d gotten there, hopped up on 5-hour energy shots, broccoli in my socks, muttering “GIVE ME GUNSTORM OR GO TO HELL” (props to whoever it was that came up with that quote, it’s hilarious) by this point.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing a recap for people to enjoy – I truly do, and I think it’s really cool that even a small number of people enjoy what I have to offer. THAT part is great. WATCHING the full TV shows is where the pain lies. Wheeler didn’t abandon you, he abandoned WWE TV on a regular basis… and, I’m sure you’ll agree, not without good cause. I’m right behind him on that.

Shit man, when I quit TNA on a regular basis, I did it IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ACTUAL RECAP. I think AJ went down to one move from Gunner when AJ was main-eventing a PPV that Gunner wasn’t even on that weekend, and I was like “Fuck this show. I’m never doing this stupid shit again.” The show wasn’t even half over. And they STILL published it. And since then, they went through at LEAST 3 or 4 Impact recappers before they somehow convinced Keith to jump on them… in ADDITION TO ALREADY DOING RAW.

Again, saints and martyrs.

But I did promise CB I’d do those 3 TNA recaps at some point – an Impact, a PPV, and the following Impact was the deal. And Crimson and Matt Morgan are gone now, so I may as well get in there while the getting is good, right? Although maybe if I wait a bit, they’ll fire Gunner and Anderson too? When is their next non-pre-taped PPV, anyway?


Cynical Bastard: Also, thank you for the honorable mention, and I look forward to disagreeing with you in the future. Cheers!

BD: No problem, mate. Thanks for chipping in and supporting the columns all these years.

And also… that poor fucking dog.


Caleb Hamilton: Great to see Interactivity back, even if it’s for just a moment! Love your work and your blunt, honest opinion. WRITE MORE!!!!

Cynical Bastard: I always enjoy Interinactivity, and I’m always disappointed about it’s irregularity.

BD: I appreciate that, gentlemen. I think I’ve already explained how I feel about doing “That Being Said” recaps now, and although I had a great time doing “Interinactivity” after so long, it really capsulized just HOW many of these issues I’ve talked about before. My opinions on this stuff don’t often change, with the odd exception like Del Rio. I could see doing Interinactivity when something new comes up that people are talking about, where I could take comments and snipets from articles all over the site on that single topic, but I don’t know that it’s great for a regularly scheduled dose when I’ve talked about so much of this stuff before. It’s always been tough for me to do “Air Up There” traditional-style articles, especially since we have more than a couple fine gentlemen already doing those. The only thing left is “New Rules”, which I do have fun doing when I can think up some good jokes or something.

So, maybe I’ll find something to bust one of those articles out on, or maybe the next thing I do will be totally different that I come up with. We’ll see. Although, I’m pretty sure CB is still gonna hold me to those TNA recaps that I was originally supposed to do earlier this year, so that may be the next thing you see from me. I don’t remember the last time I watched even a scene from TNA though, so that might be fun. Matt Morgan and Crimson are still kicking ass over there, right?


ANYWAY. That’s it for this week-long Interinactivity! I want to thank everyone for participating in this. I said it already, but I didn’t expect this much response, and had a ton of fun writing this. I haven’t done one in a long time.

This has been “Interinactivity”. Thanks for reading and see you when I see you..

I’ll be in my trailer.


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