Rabblecast #326 WWE Performance Center, TNA Cuts Continue

The bell has been rung and WWE’s new Performance Center is now open for business for the current and future developmental roster(NXT). The 26,000-square-foot training center will provide the following: : In-ring Training Room, Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation, Strength and Conditioning, Promo Room, and Editing/Production Suites. At a cost of $2.3 million, will this be an investment into WWE’s future? Or will this produce WWE’s version of “Create-a-wrestler” leaving the roster full of carbon copies?


TNA roster cuts continue. The most recent releases of Matt Morgan, Luke Gallows(D.O.C. of Ace’s & 8’s) and Tara would not normally call someone’s attention. Couple this with last week’s releases and now talk of “internal restructuring”, one can’t help but wonder what is going on behind the scenes of TNA Wrestling. If contracts are being revised, wouldn’t it make sense to start with the big names(i.e. Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff…) rather than nickle and dime the actual workers on the roster?


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On this week’s show:

  • WWE Money in the Bank 2013 news and injury report
  • Will Bruce Prichard accept a restructured deal with TNA?
  • Ring of Honor’s 16 Man Tournament fully revealed
  • “Insane Clown Posse Theater” to air on Fuse TV


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