Update On The Jesse Sorensen/TNA Drama

According to Twitter posts made last night by Sorensen, he did not set up the GoFundMe.com page or make the remarks found on that page about Dixie Carter and TNA. He wrote:

Just to be clear it was not me that posted the donation site or set it up. I’m thankful for my time at TNA & for the opportunities given. — Jesse Sorensen (@JessySorensen) July 24, 2013

This whole donation page thing has gotten way out of hand the page was made my a concerned friend of mine because I had planned on dropping — Jesse Sorensen (@JessySorensen) July 25, 2013

out of my competition.I personally never asked for anything from anyone but do appreciate the help of a friend & the fans who donated to it. — Jesse Sorensen (@JessySorensen) July 25, 2013

Harrak’s Hit: This also comes after a disastrous “Twitter Q & A” Dixie Carter held where she was bombarded with questions about Sorensen and tremendous negative feedback. She has yet to comment publicly about his release.

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Source: Twitter