Review: Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1 by Chris Yost and David Lopez


Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1
Writer – Chris Yost
Pencils – David Lopez
Inks – Andy Owens
Colors -Rachelle Rosenberg

“So the mission is clear. We have to take down Spider-Man.”

The Superior Spider-Man is assaulting his allies. Daredevil, Cloak and Dagger, Gravity, and many more are being attacked by Spider-Man. These actions draw the attention of the Avengers, who he’s already on thin ice with, and so the Avengers (finally) set out to wrangle Spider-Man.

The genius of The Superior Spider-Man (on the creative side, not Otto’s actual genius) is that we’re never quite sure where he stands. Even his darkest moments have a glimmer of heroic intent. He’s not a villain, he just operates under a different set of morals and goals. And that’s what makes Superior Spider-Man Team-Up so fun.

A throwdown with the Avengers isn’t exactly a selling point in this era of Marvel. Everyone deals with the Avengers, and there’s been no shortage of infighting among Marvel’s rosters since Civil War in 2006. It’s the twist that sets the hook for your attention, and that twist and last page reveal set the hook deep.

Chris Yost’s script reads like the best of Spider-Man (any Spider-Man), with witty dialogue, snappy monologues, and a ballistic tour de force of Marvel New York City. The cameos he brings in are more than a nostalgia play, they are a celebration of Spider-Man with the perverse Superior twist thrown in. The villain who show their faces hint at even stranger things to come in the classic Spidey way. David Lopez’s line work is a great fit for this book, bringing a clean and just over the top style that befits Spider-Man and his supporting cast. Andy Owens adds dramatic touches to the action. Colorist Rachelle Rosenberg works with a bright and bold look that suits the art and story. She loves her blues and oranges and uses them to accomplish some great mood setting.

The only downside is the cover price. The story is a quick and light read, despite it’s quality, especially at $3.99. Still, Yost’s arc plays well with Dan Slott’s story, and if you enjoy the Superior title, this is a must add for your pile. I’ve enjoyed when other writers share their vision of the Superior Spider-Man, and with this art team, this book should be as solid as the original title.

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