CB’s Slant: Cashing in on Daniel Bryan’s Rise to the Top

Last night on Raw, Vince McMahon and Daniel Bryan went head to head in a promo I’d like to call the battle of The Boss vs. Yes!

Every time McMahon tried to belittle Bryan’s stature and peg him as a half-pint troll who lacks “ruthless aggression”, the audience reaction was audibly, palpably in Bryan’s favor.

Some people have even said “Yes!” is the new “What?!”, and that this Bryan – Vince program is similar to the Austin-McMahon saga not just in its plot but in its ability to truly captivate every crowd they play in front of.

After years of failed attempts to recreate the magic of Austin vs. McMahon, well, you can consider me captivated.

Daniel Bryan has obviously risen to the top echelon of WWE, and now it’s time for everyone involved to cash in at SummerSlam…

…including Randy Orton.

After all, there is a whole lot of money in the chase when someone is as red hot as Daniel Bryan, and at SummerSlam, I expect two things to happen:

1. Daniel Bryan beats John Cena to become WWE Champion, and the crowd goes absolutely nuts as they celebrate;

and 2. At the peak of celebration, Randy Orton slithers in, cashes in, and becomes WWE Champion himself.

Yup, this is the heel turn that everyone has predicted month after month after month, finally coming to fruition in a way that really makes sense and keeps this blazing hot story going throughout the rest of this summer and beyond.

Daniel Bryan can then stake claim to being a legitimate WWE Champion, while Vince McMahon can dismiss Bryan’s victory over Cena as a short-lived fluke.

And with Orton standing tall, the chase begins again…

That’s all from me — CB.

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